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Roni Magzianov MDC FAU Period 5


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Roni Magzianov MDC FAU Period 5

  1. 1. Magzianov, Roni 5th Period 12/14/11
  2. 2. 1. Why do you need a degree?You need a degree because without a degree you wont get a good job.2. How do you start a business?You go to college and you get a business degree and build your own business.3. How do I get finical aid?You apply online for financial aid.4. Whats better a university or a public college?A university would be a better choice but if you cant afford a university than you can go to a public college.5. What could you do with a business degree?You could get a job in the business industry or start your own company.
  3. 3. 6. Who can help me with business?Your collage professor can help you out to decide who can help you out.7. What’s the best degree to get?There is no such thing as a best degree all the different degrees give you different offers in life.8. Do you need to be rich to get into a good school?No you don’t have to be rich to get into a good school you can get scholarship and get your collage paid for for.9. What is finical aid?It helps you pay for loans and scholarships for collage.10. What collage gets you a business degree?There’s a bunch of collages that get you a business degree you just have to go to the right school.
  4. 4. 1. What collage would give me the best business classes?• There’s a lot of schools that would give you good business classes it all depends on what you define good.2. What G.P.A. should I maintain in my business major?• You should maintain a 4.0 so you can stay in good shape.3. Is there a lot of competition in a business major?• Yes there is a 85% competition on a business major.4. What job can I get by being in a business major?• You can start your own company or work for a good business company.5. What classes do I have to take for a business major?• You have to take business 101 and 102.6. What collage has the cheapest business major?• You can’t find the cheapest school because there payment always changes every year.7. What university provides the best business major in Florida?• The best university would be UM.8. Is being in a business major helpful in life?• Yes it is helpful in life because you can make your own business and you can be very successful in life with a business degree.9. Would I get experience in a business major?• Yes you would there’s a lot of internships.10. Would I get an internship by being in a business major?• Yes you will there’s a lot of different kinds of internships in a business major.
  5. 5. 1. What’s the best scholarship to get? Scholarships always change there’s never a #1 scholarship.2. What scholarship gives you the most amount of money? Gold seal vocational scholars award3. What scholarship do you need for a business major? You can get any scholarship you can get4. What scholarship gives you the least amount of money? There isn’t a scholarship that gives you the least amount of money because they always change in payment.5. What do I need to get a scholarship? You need very good grades, you need to do a lot of community service, and you need to be a well behaved student.6. Where can I get a scholarship? You can apply online to a lot of different kinds of scholarships.7. Can I get a scholarship from any school? Yes you can get a scholarship from any school you just need to acquire the recommend stuff.8. Does every school accept scholarships? Yes every school does maybe just a few don’t but most schools do.9. Does every school offer scholarships? Almost all schools do it depends on what school you want to go to.10. How much money does a scholarship offer? It all depends on what kind of scholarship your trying to get.
  6. 6. Part 6•This article is basically telling you 4 steps to get readyfor an interview. I agree with the article because all thefour steps are very good.• Step 1 is prepare your appearance. If you comelooking ugly to an interview you won’t get the job.• Step 2 is prepare your knowledge about yourself.•Before the interview ask yourself what my bestcharacteristics are.• Step 3 is to prepare your knowledge about the joband employer.•Before the interview ask around the job or Google thejob and see what your getting yourself into.•(You don’t want to go to the interview and ask whatposition am I applying for. )•Step 4: The last step is prepare for the unexpected.Every interview has some stuff you will be unexpectedfor so don’t go in shy and nervous or they will eat youalive.
  7. 7. Part 91. Contact your roommate.2. Have everything you need purchased, packed, and readyto go.3. Have a solid understanding of your financial aidsituation.4. Make and understand your budget.5. Set yourself up to be physically healthy.6. Know how to get the most out of Orientation.7. Have a plan for keeping in touch with people back home.8. Have a strong time management system ready to go.9. Know how to keep yourself -- and your stuff -- safe whilein school.
  8. 8. Income of Collage Graduates and Income of High school graduates Part 7