Rilene Joseph College Research FAU Period 5


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Rilene Joseph College Research FAU Period 5

  1. 1. Rilene Joseph 12/12/11 Period 3
  2. 2.  Admissions  Tuition  Room/Board  Acceptance Rate  Full-Time Undergrads  SAT  ACT  Honors College Programs  Student Life  G.P.A  Flex pay for food plan  Campus Housing
  3. 3.  Majors  Nursing  Requirements for the Nursing Programs  Top major  Credits  Classes Requirements  Background Check  RN and BSN Study  Dual Degree for BS and MS  Decision  Hours of the programs
  4. 4.  Scholarship Research  Personal Expensive  Abroad Expensive  Deadline to apply  Merit Scholarship  Financial Aid  Reduce fee/waivers for minority  Requirements to obtain a scholarship  Part-Time Students  Percentage for Scholarships/Grants  Scholarships Based On  Conclusion
  6. 6. The price of an In-Sate Tuition is $3,349.
  7. 7. The price of the room and board will be $9,582.
  8. 8. The acceptance rate for FAU is 46% many apply but few are accepted.
  9. 9. Our full-time undergrads are 12,107.
  10. 10. An average SAT score is 1440-1770.
  11. 11. An average ACT score is 21- 25.
  12. 12. Yes there are many majors that’s with the college majors.
  13. 13. The student life at FAU ispretty common and every one can get accepted. Theexperience provides students with knowledge and opportunities.
  14. 14. We have a brand new fitness center that is only for our FAU students andthose who stay’s on campus.
  15. 15. The meal plan comes with your tuition payment and there are different mealsyou can choose from for the whole semester.
  16. 16. Yes, but housingmanagement must be contacted for more information.
  17. 17. MAJORS
  18. 18. Minimum of 3.0 G.PA, 48credit hour, 60 Pre- Nursing Requirements.
  19. 19. Our nursing major is part of the top five in FAU but it’sgetting up there and it’s pretty good and hard to get in.
  20. 20. Classes varying in Anatomy, Physiology 1 with lab, Microbiology with lab, and etc. are some of the various classes that need to be metfor the nursing program here at FAU.
  21. 21. Yes, a background check and health check are requirements for theprogram but that ties in only in cases where clinical studies among the peers have to be done.
  22. 22. To study for BSN and RN it takes up to four years.
  23. 23. The BS and MS Program at FAUoffers a unique opportunity to study nursing at an advanced level.
  24. 24. All applicants will be notified in December of the precedingyear of the admissions decision by March 31st prior to the program start date in May.
  25. 25. You will spendapproximately 40 hours perweek in classes and clinical nursing practice.
  27. 27. Yes, through financial aid and also from the school’soffered scholarships you can pay for personal expenses.
  28. 28. Yes, we have the OIP studyabroad scholarships which offers students money to take abroad classes.
  29. 29. For freshman, the scholarship deadline is January 15th, and for transfer students the scholarship deadline is March 1st. Also, the meritscholarship pays for anything for those who qualify.
  30. 30. Yes, students are eligible toreceive financial aid while applying for scholarships.
  31. 31. Unfortunately, there are noscholarships offered for theminority in FAU but clubs for the minority are available.
  32. 32. You must maintain a standardG.P.A for particular scholarships.(not all scholarships ask for the same G.P.A)
  33. 33. All students aren’t given the same amount. It all depends on how much financial aid has given you for eachsemester, what classes and how manyclasses are being taken by a student. Money is given to not only part-time but full time students.
  34. 34. A percentage of 59% is given.
  35. 35. Scholarships are based on your academic and services that have been completed within the community.
  36. 36. In conclusion, FAU is a great school with ahandful of opportunities. There is so much to explore and embark upon and with an open mind and urge to learn much can beaccomplished. We here at FAU are all aboutthe challenge and taking on all the possible and impossible things in life. Empowering people one student, one clinic and one community at a time is our motto so let the spirit of the burrow owl fly with you.