Daniel Restrepo College Research Project Period 3


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Daniel Restrepo College Research Project Period 3

  1. 1. Daniel RestrepoPeriod.3Intensive ReadingCollege Research Paper
  2. 2. Daniel RestrepoPeriod.3Intensive ReadingCollege Research PaperCollege Questions1.Is there an easy way to get free financial aid?Probably the easiest way to receive free financial aid is through grants, scholarships and maybeeven awards.2.where is one of the biggest university located?One of the states being New York & Ohio.3.whats the differences between colleges and universities and how are alike?Colleges tend to be more affordable while universities usually cost more. And they are bothalmost based on the same agenda, except universities tend to offer more academic choices.4.does every university require SAT/ACT?Not necessarily all of them, but a wide range of them usually do.5.how much is the average salary of taking on a pharmaceutical career?$113,845 a year (average)6.what are the benefits of a military academy?Having accessibility to a highly structured environment, and most things are able to be paid forif taken the career.7.how much is the average salary of a military career?They all vary.8.what are the benefits of a university?Usually if dedicated, one can go extremely far and end up making something of oneself.
  3. 3. Daniel RestrepoPeriod.3Intensive ReadingCollege Research Paper9.do all colleges only look at academies?Not most of them, but some may require them.General Topics1.what are some requirements needed for scholarships?It all depends on what the scholarship is about, usually requiring high grades or committedschool time.2.are there any scholarships that involve personality?A good amount3.how many years are required to attain a criminology scholarship?Atleast 4 years of training4.is it possible to obtain a scholarship as a freshmen?It requires an abundance of goals and achievements.5.is there a limit on scholarships?Not at all6.whats the least expensive college in florida?Santa Fe college (Gainesville)7.do scholarships involve grants?They usually go hand-in-hand8.how many scholarships does Miami-Dade college offer?An abundant amount9.do Florida scholarships ever involve free financial aid?Most of the time, more can be found in university though.
  4. 4. Daniel RestrepoPeriod.3Intensive ReadingCollege Research Paper10.does Jacksonville university involve a high variety of scholarships?Definitely, along with a lot others.Major Questions1.what is a major?A major is a concentration of courses that give a student basic knowledge of a field of study.2.how many majors can I have?As many as one can study for.3.what are some benefits of college majors?Anyone who notices that a person has attained a major, puts not only a good impression, butalso increases chances of attaining a good career.4.how can I prepare for majors?One first needs to be studious and determined and have some passion studying towards whatone really wants.5.how do I choose a major?Usually about seriously taking the time and exploring some talents or viewpoints about oneselfand putting that towards an interesting major.6.what are atleast 3 good majors?Philosophy, foreign language, and pharmacy.7. do I have to pay for majors?Most of the time for actual classes, but that usually ends up paying off by actually taking up themajor.8.name 3 high paying majors.Engineering, medicine, and biology.9.lowest paying majors?
  5. 5. Daniel RestrepoPeriod.3Intensive ReadingCollege Research PaperSocial work, theology, and horticulture.10.why should I get a major?As said before, majors (depending on what) can be a life changer in a sense that one can excelin the major itself, leading up to a lifelong dream or career. 3 ChoicesPart 5 (Cont.) after my research on colleges and careers, I’ve come up with the fact that I stillwant to take on a pharmaceutical career. Reason being is because I personally think it suits mebest considering that I’ve shown a lot of potential in covering up my past issues concerningslacking off and lack of studious and responsible motives. Pharmacy motivates me because ithas been one of America’s highest paying jobs so far, and it pays extremely well. Pharmacyeven pays past (on average) $50 an hour, even higher than that. To me, it’s motivated me eversince my 8th grade year, and I still continue to want to be able to go after and pursue thepharmacy career. Even though it does take a lot of work, the amount of years aren’t too long tocomplete. What I would recommend for someone wanting to pursue a specific career is thatone should first have a small list of careers that come to mind. Then, they should check(personality wise) which career suits them best because it’s tough to have a successful career,and turn away from it all right in the middle of it, so one should want a job that they woulddefinitely keep. Next they should research how each career path and the career itself works.Just to be prepared for what’s to come. Once you have picked out what you wanted, you haveto actually be motivated enough. It isn’t just one morning you wake up and decide to be doctoror a lawyer, picking and going for a career takes time and a lot of patience. But if you’redetermined and mentally ready for it, the rest is basically to go and be told what to do.
  6. 6. Daniel RestrepoPeriod.3Intensive ReadingCollege Research PaperPart 6- Research Article“This year’s GCSE’s and A-levels, the public examinations British students take at ages 16 and18, and which determine whether they are admitted to university, have been thrown into anuproar after a newspaper filmed examiners telling teachers which subjects were likely to comeup and even which questions to expect.The Daily Telegraph sent undercover reporters to 13 seminars organized by the four companiesthat administer the exams. The companies, which charge teachers up to £230, or $360, toattend these seminars, were supposed to be offering “guidance,” but instead one historyexaminer was filmed telling teachers, “We’re cheating,” and an examiner in English saidstudents needed to study only 3 poems rather than the 15 in the syllabus.The educationsecretary, Michael Gove, said the reports “confirm that the current system is discredited.” In astatement Mr. Gove said he had asked Glenys Stacey, the new chief executive of the examsregulator Ofqual, to investigate the companies’ conduct and report back within two weeks.Ofqual said it was considering ordering the companies to withdraw certain questions or evenentire examinations.”— D.D. GUTTENPLAN
  7. 7. Daniel RestrepoPeriod.3Intensive ReadingCollege Research PaperPart 8Dropping out shouldn’t even be considered an option. Reason being is because dropping out isbasically signing your own grave in the future, considering the fact that most jobs don’t eventake anyone who dosent have a a high school diploma. Either way, dropping out from highschool makes people look real bad, considering that people who drop out are known to be veryslacky or someone who just straight up gives up too easily. And not only that, dropping out canbe a huge issue in the future, simply because jobs out there seek for diplomas, and if they don’tsee any high school diplomas, jobs won’t pay you as much as you really need. Dropping outinvolves 2 options work at low paying jobs, have problems getting hired and depend on government checks for the rest of your life b) go back to school later on in life when things seem harder and are more troublesome in which the situation ends up with you not having a head start to finance for your life but be behind and struggling. Preparing for college is a must. If theres one thing that no one likes, is the fact that anything that is looked upon on last minute, can be super stressful, especially not taking in and not looking over colleges. Colleges should be planned out early (around junior and senior year) the satisfaction from knowing that you’re prepared is amazing. Considering that life in college and
  8. 8. Daniel RestrepoPeriod.3Intensive ReadingCollege Research Paper beyond isn’t as monotonous as it seems to be. College and life after college is simply that much of a big deal and a great life changer. Either making you or breaking you.