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Camille gaillard college Project Period 4


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Published in: Education, Economy & Finance
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Camille gaillard college Project Period 4

  2. 2. Requirements All 4 years of high school SAT test or ACT 18 units total Essays
  3. 3. College Questions 1. What GPA do you need to have to for UF? 3.69 2. What is the difference between college and university? A college is educational institution and university is a group of colleges. 3. What is the cost of UF? $5,657 4. What else does UF look for besides grades? They look for community services, SAT scores, sports, and clubs. 5. How many years do you attend college for? 4 years 6. Is FIU public or private? public 7. Is UF public or private? public 8. Why is it more expensive if you live out of state to attend a college? Because your state does not give any money to that state or school. 9. What degrees does UF have to offer? Bachleors, Masters, Doctoral 10. How many apply to UF and get accepted? 5,00 apply only 3,000 get accepted.
  4. 4. Major Questions 1. Do you need to go to college and University? Depends on your major. 2. How much does a cosmetologist make a year? From $15,000 - $41,00. 3. How much does a therapist make a year? $70,019 - $72,007. 4. What is one of the best cosmetology schools in Florida? AVEDA 5. What is one of the best schools for a psychologist? Michigan State University 6. Is it better to live on campus or home? Depends if you live in state or not 7. How many years of school do you need to become a cosmetologist? Up to a year 8. How many years do you need to become a psychologist? From 5 up to 7 years 9. What challenges do I face in this major? Some little pay 10.
  5. 5. Scholarship Questions 1. What GPA do you need to have to receive a scholarship? 3.0 and higher 2. Is it easy to get a scholarship? No, you have to work hard for one. 3. How many people receive a scholarship? Many apply for one but only a few receive them. 4. Do you need to do specific things for a scholarship? Yes, depending on what the scholarship asks for. 5. How do you avoid losing your scholarship? Keeping up with your work 6. Is it possible to loose your scholarship? Yes. 7. Do all colleges accept scholarships? Yes most of them do. 8. How many scholarships does a college take? Depending on the college 9. How do you receive financial aid? Apply, and if they accept. 10. Why do people apply for scholarships? Because it helps them pay for it, and makes it more affordable to them.
  6. 6. Part 9 To do list for college Make sure you know your budget Make sure everything is fine with your financial aid Have everything packed and ready to go Contact your roomate to get to know them Make sure you have all the books you need to get Have your shecdule of your classes and know which ones your attending Start working on your college essay
  7. 7. Interview  Who helped you choose your major? Nobody I decided what I wanted to do on my own.  Are you currently working on your chosen major or field? Yes  Would you make the same career choice today? Why or why not? Yes, I love what I do.  Has your career field changed since you graduated? If so, how? Just a little but only because of the economy problems.  What is the best advice you would give me after I graduate from high school? Just do what you want in life if it makes you happy.
  8. 8. Scenarios 3 & 4 Scenario 3 In my opinion it wasnt all that girls fault she just having fun since her whole life has been spent up with her strict parents and never aloud out, but she should tell the boy and see if they want to keep it or not. She should also go study more and go back to being a bit more shy with herself. After all that’s what I would do if I were put in that situation. Scenario 4 Lala shouldnt tell the R.A. but she should tell Monique and confront both of them at the same time she shouldn’t have to leave the school because of Monique. They just need to have a talk about what occurred with Chase. If I were in that position I would do that to.