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Architecture College Eran Israelov Period 4


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Architecture College Eran Israelov Period 4

  1. 1. College Fair Project By Eran Israelov Period 4
  2. 2. Major Questions What is an architect? What is the average salary of an architect. What’s the best kind of architect? What qualities do you need in order to be an architect? Where’s the best state to work as an architect? What kind of architects are there? Could you get financial for aid dorm? What is the highest salary an architect can get? What are the best colleges/universities that have a major/degree in architecture? Are there any scholarships you can receive while trying to get a degree in architecture?
  3. 3. ArchitectureAn architect is a person who is trained in planning, design, andoversight of the construction of buildings. So they basicallydesign buildings.
  4. 4. Qualities of an architectAn architect must have many qualities.An architect has to be very patient, he has to be very creativeand has to be resistant to boredom. He also has to have mental stamina, be good at math, and hasto be able to put passion in his work because if you don’t havepassion then you will just have a plain and boring design whichwe have a lot now a days.
  5. 5. Salary and Type of Architect The average salary of an architect is about $76,750 a year. The highest salary and architect can get is about $120,000. There are many different types of architects like the designer, the project manager consultant, business owner, and even instructor. The best type of architect are the ones that make it on the top ten percentile.
  6. 6. Best locations and colleges/universities for architecture  The best locations to work as an architect are large place like California, New York, Texas, even the sunshine state Florida.  There are many great colleges/universities for architecture like UF, UM, University of Texas, Harvard etc.
  7. 7. Scholarships for architecture. There are many scholarships for architecture but you have to prove that you disserve it. You have to be willing to take on a challenge you need some experience and you defiantly need some good grades. You may also get financial aid for a dorm but it depends on your income.
  8. 8. College Questions What kind of GPA do you need to attend the University of Florida? How long will it take to get a degree in architecture? Will I have hands on experience? How many people a year apply to UF a year? How many people actually get in? Is it better to live in a dorm or house? What does it take to get to UF? Will UF be able to make a schedule that will fit me? What rank is UF in architecture? Can you get in state tuition?
  9. 9. Requirements In order to attend UF you need a 3.6 GPA or higher. If you want to get in to UF you have to be unique, you also need a lot of community service hours, great grades, and some after school activates. You have to show how you stand out from all the other students that apply for the University of Florida.
  10. 10. Getting In In 2009 27,850 people applied for UF. Only 10,294 people actually get in. The records for 2010 and 2011 are identical to the rates in 2009. So about 2 out of 5 people would get in to UF.
  11. 11. Things About UF UF will give you hands on experience so they can improve your knowledge and experience for after you graduate. Its better to live in a house especially if you live in the state. If you want a degree/major on architecture it will take about 2 to 5 years. So far the University of Florida is one of the top three schools for architecture. UF can fit into anyone schedule as long as there willing to work hard for what they want and earned. In order to get in state tuition you need to live in the state for over 12 months and be a resident.
  12. 12. Scholarships Questions Are there scholarships for architecture? What kind of scholarships there? What colleges provide scholarships in architecture? What are the benefits of getting a scholarship? What is required to get a scholarship? What will be provided if I receive this scholarship? Are there full paid scholarships for architecture? Will colleges provide a dorm with the scholarship? How many students get a scholarship in architecture? Do the students with scholarships succeed after college more than the ones without the scholarships.
  13. 13. Architecture Scholarships There are many scholarships for architecture but you must meet the requirements. In order to get a scholarship you must apply for financial aid. You must be enrolled as a full time student. You have to have at least 3.0 GPA and meet the donor specified criteria.
  14. 14. Type of Scholarships There’s the top three most known scholarships the ethnicity scholarship, which is given out by the basis of religion and ethnicity. Theres skill based scholarships, which is based on your athletic abilities. Then theres the most common scholarship which is the merit scholarship which focuses on your academic skills.
  15. 15. College Scholarships Almost all the colleges have scholarships for architecture like UF. The benefits of getting a scholarship is that your tuition, books, and even primary living expenses are covered. Getting a scholarship is very difficult to hold on to but the rewards are worth it.
  16. 16. Information About Scholarships Full paid scholarships are available in architecture but are very hard to receive, you must a resident of the state , have excellent grades, have some after school activates and community service hours complete. Your parents have to have an income of $40,000 or less. So you basically have to be an overall excellent student to get this scholarship and you will be excepted to do a lot of work in college/university in order to maintain this scholarship.
  17. 17. Information About Scholarships You can receive a dorm with scholarship but it depends where you live and your income. Almost everyone applies for scholarships unless their like loaded with cash. Everyone wants a scholarship no matter what your applying for. The students that get the scholarships are most likely to succeed then the ones without one because they are more dedicated and they earned their scholarships with hard work and dedication.