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Profiting through promotions with sainsbury's business direct


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A presentation detailing the varied ways that Sainsbury's Business Direct can help you to build your brand and business though promotions and incentives.

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Profiting through promotions with sainsbury's business direct

  1. 1.’s 1000s of ways toboost your promotionsPartnering with Sainsbury’s for yourpromotions & incentivesSainsbury’sGift Cardsoffer 1000sof choicesFood, Furnishings,DVDs, ElectricalsEarn Nectar points whenyou use your Card in store
  2. 2.• Sainsbury’s Business Direct – The B2B Specialists• Who we work with• Some examples• Why do companies choose Sainsbury’s as their promotions partner?• Our Brand• Our Products• Our Customers• Next Steps
  3. 3.’s Business Direct – the business choice• We’re the specialist B2B division of Sainsbury’s• We’ve been working with businesses for over 20 years• We’re recognised for excellent customer service, business support andaccount managementMeet theSainsbury’sBusinessTeam
  4. 4. range of Cards to suit different business needs• Standard: Everyday Shopping, Gift Card, Set Value Cards, Dual Cards formultiple users• Specific: Food only, Champagne Celebrations, Electrical/Audio Visual,Business Expense, Petrol Management, Joint BrandedPicture of cards
  5. 5. we work with• Leading brands (like BT, Sony, Carphone Warehouse)• Plus SME’s, sports and membership bodies, charities, education, publicsector
  6. 6. our cards are used• We provide the solutions for:– Marketing:• Sales Promotions• Incentives• Loyalty• Renewal and Subscription• Member Offers– As well as:• Staff Rewards and Motivation• Insurance Replacement• Fundraising: for schools, charities and sports clubs• Council and Social Welfare
  7. 7. Promotional PartnersBT Sony Halo MarketingBusiness AreaBroadband TV Sales Agency working withCar DealershipsObjectiveIncrease switching to BTBroadband and newsubscription take upIncrease sales of TVs over a4 month periodIncentivise MOT, Sales andServicingPromotions MechanicsSainsbury’s Gift Cards wereprovided as an incentive withevery new broadbandcontract. Orders were placedas required and our teamshipped out the Cards on theday of order.Sony offered a Sainsbury’sGift Card on purchases instore of key TV models priorto the World Cup. TheBusiness Team handledfulfilment to individualcustomers on the day oforderSainsbury’s Gift Cards usedas an incentive for Ford MOTand servicing.“Its great for us to be able tooffer versatile incentives likeGift Cards from a trusted brandsuch as Sainsburys. We alwaysknow that a Sainsburys GiftCard will go down well with ourcustomers and as a result theyare an important part of ourincentives portfolio”
  8. 8. do companies choose Sainsbury’s?• Our brand: companies want a brand partner that fits their own brand• Our product choice: our Cards can be used on 1000s of products; in fact anaverage store has over 30,000 products from food, furnishings, gifts,electrical, music and DVDs, alcohol, white goods• Our stores: we have over 1000 stores nationwide, so we are where yourcustomers are• Nectar Points: can be earned on all purchaseswith Gift Cards in store• Our dedicated business team: we understand business• We can provide in bulk or arrange fulfilment for our promotionpartners• We have transactional websites to facilitate promotions• We can tailor our Gift Card products for different business needs• We can provide reporting and your own online order history andaccount management
  9. 9. Brand – Sainsbury’s stands for:• Choice – 1000s of products can be bought with a Sainsbury’s Gift Card• Quality and Trust• Value and Service
  10. 10. are our customers?• We have over 18.5 million customers each week visiting our stores• They have higher than average disposable income with a strong belief inquality and value• They are aspirational and have discerning tastes
  11. 11. profile % - Family Status
  12. 12., Sex, Financial Status %• Higher than average High Disposable Income and A,B,C1,C2
  13. 13. Cooks26% of customersCustomers who are most likely to prepare mealsthemselves at home with the use of freshvegetables, meat, herbs and spices. They tend tochoose products which are generally healthy,organic and Free-range. They prefer Fair-trade andEco-friendly products, and have more adventuroustastes than the average Sainsburys customer. Atypical basket tends to include Taste The Differenceproducts and premium branded items.Health Conscious14% of customersCustomers who are most likely to buy food with ahigher nutritional value or have particular dietaryrequirements. It is more likely for these customers tobe discerning in the way they purchase to ensureproducts are healthy for them. They are more likelyto buy reduced fat, Organics and Free From items.They are a loyal customer group who generallyspend more on food and non-food than the averagecustomer.Traditional customers16% of customersAre the most likely to have traditional tastes at mealtimes. They tend to buy products that make uptypical British meals such as Sunday roast oranother variant of the ‘meat and two veg’ theme.They are less adventurous in their tastes and tend tochoose well established British brands such asColmans, Bisto and Oxo rather than trying morecontemporary alternatives.Quick and Easy customers12% of customersAre the most likely to buy meals that require little or nopreparation such as hot counter food, sandwiches orready meals. Although less likely to buy into non-food,CD’s and DVD’s are their preferred non-food products.They tend to be younger shoppers who shop moreregularly at Convenience stores and spend less pervisit than the average Sainsburys shopper. Theirloyalty is low, indicating that their main grocery shop isdone elsewhere.Hectic Households19% of customersCustomers who are interested in preparing mealsquickly. They tend to choose products that aremarketed towards children such as snack foods andcartoon branded foods. For cooking main meals theylook for items that require little to no preparation suchas frozen vegetables or ready to eat meals. Onaverage they spend slightly less than other customershowever they are more likely to purchase non- foodproducts such as toys, games and electronics.Economy customers14% of customersAre the most likely to buy Basics range products andlow priced items to keep within a limited budget. Theyare less adventurous in the kitchen, buying intoproducts such as the canned and packaged foods orfrozen ready meals. Although they visit morefrequently, their grocery basket size tends to bemuch smaller and they are less likely to buy into non-food. They are also less loyal customers, indicating atendency to shop around for the best prices.Sainsbury’s Shopping Groups
  14. 14. not call us to discuss your promotionor incentive needs?Oliver Stephens, Business Development DirectorCall: 0870 0101 351Email: steps.We’ve got the brand, the products and the expertise.