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MOTIVA DMC North Cyprus


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MOTIVA DMC North Cyprus

  1. 1.<br />1<br />
  2. 2. NORTH CYPRUSNeverEndingSunshine<br />TheislandCyprus is thethirdlargestisland in theMediteranean in terms of area. There is no doubtthat it is thebest-knownisland of theregionbothforitsnaturalrichnessandforitsunparalleledbeauties. Therearenumerousassumptionsregardingtheorigin of thename’Cyprus’. Thepalacerefferedto as alasia in thewrittenEgyptianandhittiteworks is actuallyCyprus. Anotherrumor is thatthis name was rom the name of thedaughter of thefamousking of CyprusKinyras. Anotherone is thatthe name mighthavebeenderivedfromthehennablossom. Having a landarea of 9251 squarekilometers, Cyprus is situatedtotheeast of theMediterranean;  <br /> it is 70 km away fromTurkey, 110 km from Syria and 420 km from Egypt. North Cyprus is about one-third of the area of the entire island. TurkishCypriotslive in TheSouthernpart of theisland of Cyprus. NorthernCyprus holds about one-third of the island; its poplation is about 260 thousand .<br />Thecapitalcity of North Cyprus is Nicosia, andothermajorcitiesareFamagusta (Gazimagusa), Kyrenia (Girne), Morphou (Guzelyurt) andTrikomo (Yeni Iskele).<br />How to get to North Cyprus<br />As the state is not recognised by any international organisation, its Ercan Airport is not recognised by the IATA. This means all flights (including charters) must touch down in Turkey before continuing to Ercan. Scheduled flights on Turkish Airlines ,Atlasjetand Pegasus connect via various destinations in Turkey. Also you can use Larnaca Airport on South Cyprus and transfer to North Cyprus. <br /><br />2<br />
  3. 3.<br />3<br />North Cyprus<br />Famagusta<br />Nicosia<br />EFES<br />SIRINCE WINES<br />
  4. 4. Kyrenia Tour  (full day)Inthis tour, we’ll first take you to theSt. Hilarion Castle. Theviewfromthecastle is absolutelymagical! No wonderthattheStHilarionCastlewasoriginallybuilt as a watchtowertogivewarning of approachingArabPirateswholaunched a continuousseries of raids on Cyprusandthecoasts of Anatoliafromthe 7th tothe 10th centuries. Afterthat, we’lltakeyoutoseethebeautifulKyreniaCastleandtheShipwreckMuseum. Onceyouhaveyourlunch, whataboutvisitingtheBellapaisAbbey [pictured]. BellapaisAbbeybuilding is regarded as a masterpiece of Gothic art, andthemostbeautifulGothicbuilding in theNear East. The village itself also now very famous and possesses a wonderful scenic spot on the foothills of Five Finger Mountain range.<br />FamagustaTour  (full day)Placesvisited in this tour are the City Walls and Othello’s Tower (built in the 12th century during the Lusignan period), St Barnabas Monastery [pictured] (is now used as an Icon Museum), and the Roman City of Salamis.<br /><br />4<br />
  5. 5. Nicosia Tour  (half day 9am - 2pm)Being the only remaining divided capital left in the world, Nicosia still retains its old beauty and character with narrow roads and blend of cultures. Sites that we shall visit include walls of Nicosia, Selimiye Mosque (St Sophia Cathedral), closed Grand Bazaar (Bandabuliya) and Great Inn (Buyuk Han) of the Capital.<br />Karpas Peninsula  (full day)If you only have limited free time and you can only take one excursion we recommend that you take this one, this peninsula is definitely the best part of North Cyprus yet to be explored by many! In this tour we will take you to Bogaz fishing village and later on visit the fifth century church of Ayia Trias (sipahi) with its wonderful mosaics. We will have the lunch at a village tavern with traditional Cypriot foods. After that, we will head to the Dipkarpas village where Turkish and Greek Cypriots still live together and you will be able to see the Apostolos Andreas Monastery. The monastery, situated on the point known as the Cape of Saint Andrea, is dedicated to Saint Andrew. In this tour, we are sure you will enjoy seeing some wild donkeys, fauna and flora, and you can swim at one of the wonderful beaches (weather conditions permitting).<br /><br />5<br />
  6. 6. Nicosia- The Capital of Cyprus<br />Nicosia has beenthecapital of Cyprus since the 11th century. Encircled by strong fortress walls built by the venetians in the 16th century and renowned for its fabled past, today’s Lefkosa (Turkish name of the city) blends its historic past brilliantly with the bustle of a modern city.<br />Kyrenia - The Crown Of Cyprus<br />The northern part of the island falling between the five finger mountain range and theMediterranean harbors Kyrenia (Girne), the city that has the biggest tourism potential. Having a width of 2.5 km andlength of 150 km alongsidethefivefingermountainrange, theKyreniadistirict has a vitalimportanceespecially in terms of tourism, withnumerousaccomodationfacilitiesandrestaurants.<br /><br />6<br />
  7. 7. Famagusta - An OpenAir Museum<br />TheNorthernpart of theislandfallingbetweenthefivefingermountainrangeandtheMediterraneanharborsKyrenia (Girne), thecitythat has thebiggesttourismpotential. Having a width of 2.5 km andlength of 150 km alongsidethefivefingermountainrange, theKyreniadistirict has a vitalimportanceespecially in terms of tourism, withnumerousaccomodationfacilitiesandrestaurants.<br />Guzelyurt-The Citrus Paradise<br />TheMorphoudistrict, locatedtothewest of theisland, possessethemostimportantwaterresources of theisland. Morphou is situatedwithintheorangegroves. Surroundedbylemonandorangegroves, instead of walls, thisbeautifulcity is famousforitsorange festival heldannually. Thecapitalcity of thecitrussector, thesecondmostimportantsource of income of northCyprusaftertourism, is thiscity.<br />Karpaz& Iskele - A Nature’s Paradise<br />Formerlyknown as Trikomo (ThreeHills),thetown of Yeni Iskele is actuallyestablished on top of therehills. Not knownwhenwas it establishedandwhoestablished it, thissettlement is 18 kilometersnorthtoFamagusta.Yeni Iskeledisrict is quitebusyfromtourismpoint of view.<br /><br />7<br />
  8. 8.<br />9<br />NORTH CYPRUS HOTELS<br />Acapulco Resort&Spa Hotel<br />The Savoy Ottoman Palace<br />Cratos Premium Hotel<br />
  9. 9.<br />9<br />CYPRUS HOTELS<br />Kaya Artemis <br />Noah’s Ark Deluxe Hotel<br />Merit Crystal Cove<br />
  10. 10.<br />10<br />RESTAURANTS<br />Kybele Restaurant <br />Ambiance Restaurant <br />**These restaurants can be used for Gala Dinner organisationsand events.<br /> Set Menü is including 4-5 course with unlimited local beverages.<br /> Unlimited Local Beverage includes; Wine, Beer,Raki, Soft Drinks and Mineral Water with <br />Tea and Coffee.<br /> **Kybele Restaurant is located in the old monastery called Bellapais Monastery (Abbey De La Paix from 12th century, picture on the left top)<br />
  11. 11. North Cyprus Tour<br />Paragliding; As yousoarlike a birdovernorthcypruswiht a paraglider,<br />theumbrellaslinedup on thebrightwhitebeachandthecolour of<br />theturquoiseblueseamakesyoufeellikeyouarelooking at a gaint<br />touristbrochure.<br />Ornithology; it is possibletoeatchupto 347 differentspecies of bird<br />in Cyprus. Hovewer, only 46 of thesearenative of Cyprus, and 7 of <br />thesearetheendemicsubspecies. <br />Trekking - Hiking; hikingtours on theKyreniamountainrangeare<br />organizedby a number of centers in theKyreniaarea. <br />HorseRiding; thereareseveralstablesoferingridinglesseons in<br />thenicosiaKyrenia an Famagustaareas. Somestablesalsoallow<br />customerstohirehorsestotakeout.<br />Cycling ; not everyonewantstoexplorenorthCyprusfrombehind<br />thewheel of a car. The fit andstrongwillfindthatthe TRNC offers<br />severalmountainandcountrysideroutesandtrackto be explored<br />Fromthesaddle of a bicycles.<br /><br />11<br />
  12. 12. AtaturkCad. No:22/4 SahrayıceditKadıkoyIstanbul - TURKEY<br />+90 216 355 70 25<br /><br /><br /><br />12<br />