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Pamela vernaus presentation

  1. 1. Pamela VernausManitoba Hydro, Energy Savings
  2. 2. Energy Efficiencyand RenovationsMHBA Renovation SeminarMay 1, 2013
  3. 3. Agenda Energy efficiency when renovating Power Smart Programs Low Cost – No Cost Tips
  4. 4. Things to consider Scope of the renovation Characteristics of your home Budget Larger savings opportunities
  5. 5. Savings Heating your home is the largest component ofyour annual energy bill (60%) Larger savings opportunities: Building envelope (insulation) Heating system Water heating is the second largest componentof your annual energy bill (12%)
  6. 6. Insulation Attic Recommended to R50 Flat attic - least intrusive insulation measure Cathedral ceiling – when replacing roof Walls - when upgrading the exterior of your home Filling empty cavities Adding rigid insulation prior to new exterior finish Basement Recommended to R24 – when renovating basement
  7. 7. Windows, Doors When replacing windows and/or doors purchaseENERGY STAR certified units Energy performance standard Widely available in Manitoba Non-energy benefits include aesthetics, healthierindoor environment
  8. 8. Heating System If you have an old, standard efficiency naturalgas furnace, you should consider replacing itbefore it fails Avoid emergency replacement in winter Time to make an informed purchasing decision Immediate energy savings*ALWAYS have a licensed gas fitter install gas equipment
  9. 9. Hot Water SavingsWater heating is the second largest component ofyour energy bill Two benefits to saving water: Energy bill savings for hot water Water bill savings When renovating a bathroom consider: Water-efficient showerhead (1.5 gpm) WaterSense labeled faucets (1.5 gpm)
  10. 10. Power Smart Programs
  11. 11. Power Smart Residential Loan• Borrow up to $7,500 ($5,500 for furnaces)• 4.8% annual interest rate (fixed for entire contract – up to 5years)• Loan covers– adding insulation, furnace or water heater replacement,installing ventilation, replacing windows & doors• *Special furnace/boiler provision:15 year term option (3.9% for up to 5 years and market ratesthereafter)• pre-approval is required through a contractor or retailer
  12. 12. Power Smart PAYS Financing• Monthly Payment is less than the measure’s estimated monthlyutility bill savings.• Financing is transferable from one homeowner to the next, orfrom a landlord to a tenant. A caveat is applied against theproperty.• Eligible upgrades:– Natural gas heating systems– Geothermal– Insulation– Water heating – drain water heat recovery systems– WaterSense toilets (when installed with an energy efficient measure)• pre-approval is required through a contractor or retailer
  13. 13. Power Smart PAYS Financing• Amount that can be borrowed is tied to estimated utility billsavings (energy & water):• Large savings = larger amount that can be borrowed• Small savings = smaller amount that can be borrowed• Terms of up to 25 years• PAYS On-line calculator used for the following:• Estimates the utility savings of a measure(s)• Provides the financing terms for a customer’s agreement• Must be used to attain financing approval for a customer•
  14. 14. Home Insulation Program Rebates• Attic Insulation - R50 or R28 for cathedral– Existing attic must have R30 or less - 2¢ / R / sq. ft.• Walls– Add a minimum R10 in wall cavities - 4¢ / R / sq. ft.– Add minimum R3.75 when re-siding - 10¢ / R / sq. ft.• Foundations - R24– Un-insulated foundations eligible only - 72¢ /sq. ft.• Projects must be pre-approved through a contractor orretailer
  15. 15. Water and Energy Saver KitEach Free Kit contains: Up to 2 low-flow showerheads (1.5 gpm); 2 low-flow bathroom faucet aerators (1.5 gpm); 1 low-flow kitchen faucet aerator (1.5 gpm); 3 meters of hot water heater pipe wrap; refrigerator/freezer thermometer.To order go to call 1-877-ECO-FITT
  16. 16. Refrigerator Retirement Program• Receive a rebate of $40• Your second fridge qualifies if it’s:• In working condition• At least 15 years old• Approximately 10 cubic feet or larger• Located at your primary service addressSchedule an appointment at retiremyfridge.caor call 1-855-5FRIDGE
  17. 17. Low Cost or No Cost Measures Furnace maintenance Programmable thermostat Caulking and Sealing Lighting: CFLs LED Holiday lights Motion sensors and timers ENERGY STAR fixtures
  18. 18. Additional Information Visit: Call: 480-5900 in Winnipeg Call: 1-888-MBHYDRO outside of Winnipeg