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XAT Introduction and Basic Understanding


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XAT Introduction and Basic Understanding

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TOXAT http://xat.mbaglue.comBy
  2. 2. XAT Sections• XAT Exam has 3 sections in total.• These sections keep changing as the exam is evolving. Currently it has DM, QT and English.•
  3. 3. Preparing for QT• QT is like CAT Exam only.• Not much different and CAT preparation can take care of most questions.• Selecting questions is important.•
  4. 4. Preparing for DM• Most tricky section. It gets hard to tackle as the cases may be subjective.• Choose ethical options.• Visit for further details about the xat exam.
  5. 5. Preparing for English• Well balanced section having various kinds of questions. Good to solve and have for students.•
  6. 6. XAT Paper Conclusion• Hard paper, students need to prepare really well for getting their positions.• Visit for detailed instructions and facts.