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Why Video Interviewing Will Never Replace the Handshake: Find out how leading corporate recruiters are using video interviewing as part of their on- and off-campus recruitment efforts.

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Why Video Interview

  2. 2. #whyvideointerview Welcome Your Moderator Our Audience Vice President, Marketing and  Product Management  11% HR Strategy 20+ years integrated 22% HR Manager  marketing, channel  communications, and technology  29% Recruiterswww.mbafocus.com  10 years educationaljrapp@mbafocus.com publishing industry; led digital product development including  18% Operations LMS integration and gated delivery  20% Not specified
  3. 3. #whyvideointerview Your Presenters Dave Hoy, Co-founder, MBA Focus Randy Bitting, CEO, InterviewStream  Role with the organization  Named as one of Inc. is operational, ensuring Magazines 30 under 30 that MBA Focus is providing Americas Top quality products and Entrepreneurs in 2007. services to all partners and  Co-founder of clients. InterviewStream, Bitting’s  Immersed in the MBA passion and innovativewww.mbafocus.com recruiting business since www.interviewstream.com product development hasdhoy@mbafocus.com 1990, helped pioneer the randy@interviewstream.com established him as a1.614.791.9000 first MBA resume database 1.877.773.3164 thought-leader in virtualinfo@mbafocus.com products that were info@interviewstream.com engagement for the past distributed to recruiters. ten years.
  4. 4. #whyvideointerviewAbout MBA Focus At the front of business leadership recruitment  20 years of innovation and thought leadership  An exclusive closed network of schools and employers employers  70+ top schools, international  Global Focus® a searchable database of 75,000+ MBAs
  5. 5. #whyvideointerviewAbout InterviewStream History of innovation  Established in 2003  400+ clients, in over 120 countries, over 400,000 completed interviews— more than any other provider! Best candidate experience  Winner of 2010 W3 awards  Video-based platform  Video, text and document analysis
  6. 6. #whyvideointerviewOur Goals for Today1. Five questions to ask before implementing a video interviewing strategy2. When to use pre-recorded and/or live video interviews3. How to build a positive, branded candidate experience using video4. Time saving tips and techniques for on-campus recruitment
  7. 7. #whyvideointerviewOur Format• Explore• Tips• Recommendations• Q&A
  8. 8. #whyvideointerviewBrief History of Video Engagement 8
  9. 9. #whyvideointerview2008-09 Recession Drives Adoption 52.1% of companies expected to decrease hiring Travel budgets slashed Companies and Career Services forced to do more with less Video interviewing for pre-screening candidates takes off Social media and acceptance of video by candidates explodes 9
  10. 10. #whyvideointerviewBenefits of Video Interviewing Speed up screening process Increase recruiting productivity Reduce time-to-hire Improve quality of hire Share and collaborate Deliver a stronger employment brand Eliminate or significantly reduce travel costs 10
  11. 11. #whyvideointerviewTop Benefits Eliminate or significantly reduce travel costs Reduce time-to-hire Expand recruiting reach 11
  12. 12. #whyvideointerviewSave More Than 86% *Source: 2011 Corporate TravelJust the facts… Without With Index, Business Travel News **Source: salary.com 07/11, Video Interviews Video Interviews based on average HR director salary, higher-level salaried employees not calculated ***Average two-day loss inHARD COSTS: 6 candidates, 4 employees productivity when traveling VPs not using InterviewStream. Costs based on filling 1 position -Air, Car, Lodging, Meals * $7,340 $0 includes 6 candidates and 4 VPs travel costs. InterviewStreamVideo Interviewing $0 $300 Hard Costs based on Premium Plan (volume discounts available) Sub Total $7,340 $300SOFT COSTS: 6 candidates, 4 employees ** Total Savings UsingPhone Pre-Screening & Scheduling $748 $544 Video InterviewsIn-Office Visits *** $ 0 8 Sub Total $1,836 $408 $952 Over 86%GRAND TOTAL $9,176 $1,252 12
  13. 13. #whyvideointerviewWider Reach. Stronger Relationships.  Remove time barriers associated with international recruitment  Make it easier to identify talent for niche roles  Build stronger relationships earlier in the interview process
  14. 14. #whyvideointerviewTwo Types of Virtual Interviews Choose Pre-Recorded when you need to…  Screen high number of candidates quickly  Differentiate on one or two qualifying questions  Deliver a strong employment branding message  Choose Live Video when you need to…  Go beyond the standard phone screen  Widen search to include geographically diverse talent  Reduce travel costs and work within a limited budget 14
  15. 15. #whyvideointerviewThe Recruitment ProcessVirtual Interviewing Pre- Phone Live Phone In PersonRecorded Video Connect/ Only best-fitScreen Clarify Engage Confirm candidates 15
  16. 16. #whyvideointerviewComparing Interviewing ProcessesTraditional vs. Virtual 16
  17. 17. #whyvideointerview TIP: Everyone prefers the personal touch, so let your candidates know how your company uses video interviewing as a part of their overall hiring process.Best Practice
  18. 18. #whyvideointerviewCandidate Experience Familiarity with platform  Relaxed delivery Video, Text & Document Analysis  Better than text-only Flexible and convenient  Candidates complete on their own time In a recent SoloCup survey of students who were interviewed using InterviewStream’s pre-recorded video interviewing, 97% of students found the interview platform convenient to complete. 18
  19. 19. #whyvideointerviewCandidate Experience Company brand  Are you giving off the right “VIBE”  Brings a “cool factor” to the interview process Quality of hire  Identify candidate fit earlier  Retention Visual feedback  Assess non verbal cues Arie Ball  More professional than a phone screen VP of Talent Acquisition Sodexo, Inc. 19
  20. 20. #whyvideointerviewTIP: Record a unique intro and questions that areconsistent with your company’s overall employmentbrand. Give candidates specific details about whythey should join your company and what you haveto offer them as a MBA candidate.Best Practice
  21. 21. #whyvideointerviewVideo Interviewing as part of yourMBA Recruitment Process Extend your recruiting reach outside of core schools 2nd round interviews (OCR follow-up) Involve international hiring managers (live) Just-in-time hiring 21
  22. 22. #whyvideointerview The MBA Recruitment Process Virtual InterviewingBranded On- Pre- video campus recorded Telephone Live Video In PersonoutreachEngage Confirm/ Only best-fit Connect Screen Clarify candidates Collaborate 22
  23. 23. #whyvideointerview #whyvideointerviewTIP: Live video interviews may be more TIP: Live video interviews and be moreappropriate for management may leadership roles.Always consider your audience and leadership roles. appropriate for management when choosing Always consider your audience when choosingbetween live and pre-recorded video interviews. between live and pre-recorded video interviews. TIP: Live video interviews may be more appropriate for management and leadership roles. Always consider your audience when choosing between live and pre-recorded video interviews.Best Practice
  24. 24. Video InterviewingPre-recorded demo
  25. 25. #whyvideointerviewDeveloping a Video Strategy
  26. 26. #whyvideointerviewYour Video StrategyFive Questions to Ask1. What is our current process? How can video best be utilized as a part of this process?2. For what types of positions/candidates will we utilize video?3. How can we utilize video to meet or maintain our employment brand objectives?4. What are the associated cost-benefits?5. Who will adopt and champion this strategy within our company? 27
  27. 27. #whyvideointerviewFinding the Right SolutionConsiderations  Reliability/security of technology and data  Flexible interviewing options  Question set/library & delivery methods  Training and implementation  Customer support  Cost and hidden fees 28
  28. 28. #whyvideointerviewImplementing Your Video Strategy Conduct a pilot  Niche recruitment, such as campus recruiters/MBA recruitment Evaluate  Quantify ROI; Identify improvements to HR, organizational processes and performance  Rollout to Talent Acquisition team Expand  Strategy to include career fairs, internal mobility, and redeployment 29
  29. 29. #whyvideointerviewQuestions & Answers
  30. 30. #whyvideointerview #whyvideointerviewContact Todd Erdy to get started: 614.339.2080 – todd.erdy@mbafocus.comOr visit https://www.mbafocus.com/VirtualInterviewing.aspx for more informationThank you!For more information about video interviewing or video recruitment strategies,call 614-791-9000 or visit: https://www.mbafocus.com/whyvideointerview.aspx
  31. 31. Contact Todd Erdy to get started: 614.339.2080 – todd.erdy@mbafocus.comOr visit https://www.mbafocus.com/VirtualInterviewing.aspx for more informationGet Started!To schedule a demo contact Todd Erdy614-339-2080 – todd.erdy@mbafocus.com