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For Recruiters/Employers: Global Focus® MBA Recruitment


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Find top MBA talent faster and improve overall quality of hire with the Global Focus MBA recruitment system:

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For Recruiters/Employers: Global Focus® MBA Recruitment

  2. 2. What is MBA Focus ?2  For nearly two decades, the world’s top-ranked graduate business schools have counted on MBA Focus to provide their resume databases, job boards and office automation needs.  In cooperation with our school partners, MBA Focus has created exclusive recruiting products to help leading companies access top business leadership talent.
  3. 3. What is Global Focus ?3  Global Focus is a web-based software recruiting tool that connects leading employers with MBA students and alumni from the world’s top-ranked graduate business schools.
  4. 4. Access to Over 70 Top Schools4
  5. 5. 5  28,000 MBA Students  50,000 MBA Alumni  Every Fall, the new class of 1st-year  Passively & actively-seeking MBAs students seeking MBA internships answer profile questions and answer profile questions and upload resumes throughout the upload resumes year  Every Fall, the graduating class of  Registered graduates update their 2nd-year MBA students seeking full- profile as needed time employment update their profiles and resumes
  6. 6. Pinpoint the Perfect Candidate6 Filter candidates according to your exact specifications, including:  Function Preference  Function Experience  Industry Preference  Industry Experience  Work Authorization  Language Ability  Years of Experience  Years of Post-MBA Experience  Club Affiliations  Geographic Preference  Keywords
  7. 7. Centralized Recruiting Management System7  Centralize all sourcing, screening, outreach, tracking, and recruiting activities.  Global Focus® gives you one- click access to resumes, career profiles, job postings, critical campus deadlines, school contact information, and bench- marking to help you manage all of your recruiting tasks.
  8. 8. What else can you do with Global Focus ?8 With Global Focus you can also:  Conduct live and pre-recorded interviews, powered by InterviewStream®  Email candidates and market your employer brand among top talent.  Personally connect with international MBA students and alumni.  Streamline your outreach and recruiting calendar activities.  Post your jobs instantly to our vast MBA school network.  Maintain OFCCP Compliance.
  9. 9. Global Focus vs. Resume Books9 Feature Resume Books Global Focus No. of Schools 1 70+ No. of Candidates 100s 75,000+ Search Basic search within each class and school Advanced search across all schools Email Candidates Email candidates one at a time Batch email to many candidates at once Export Contact Info n/a Export candidate contact information Search Agents n/a Save searches and receive notifications of new matches Candidate Notes n/a Track and coordinate among multiple recruiters/offices Job Postings n/a MultiPost access allows one click broadcasting of job openings to all partner schools at once Video Interviews n/a InterviewStream access allows live and pre-recorded video interviewing from within the system Customer Service Generic customer service phone number and Dedicated account manager for user training and email address support
  10. 10. Why Global Focus ?10 Global Focus helps you:  Take control of the recruiting process  Gain access to an exclusive network of top-ranked graduate schools.  Identify and attract only world-class business and leadership talent.  Proactively source your next generation of leaders.  Save time and money.  Never miss high-potential and high-performing talent again.
  11. 11. Improve Quality of Hire11  No matter the state of the economy, the single most problematic issue in high-level recruiting is access to quality candidates.  Specialized job sites and services, especially those that cater mainly to $100K+ jobs, are more effective than large, public boards in this category of hire, especially to the degree that they ensure their candidates are screened. $100K+ High Level Recruiting: What’s Working and Why – Human Capital Institute 2009
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  30. 30. An All-New Recruiting Experience
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