Victimization of judiciary to make pakistan a failed state.


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Victimization of judiciary to make pakistan a failed state.

  1. 1. “Victimization of Judiciary to make Pakistan a Failed state”.Only solution for fixing the problem of any failed state is to strengthen the accountabilityand Judicial system of that state, but unfortunately rudy rulers of Pakistan who even donot have basic ability to work with others are continuously and persistently victimizingthe Accountability and Judiciary system of the state to make Pakistan a Failed state.Damage to Judicial system By Dictator Pervez Musharaf:This under graduate General has caused serious damage to Judicial system of Pakistan,He was not knowing that in history when a dictator throw away any judge on street due tofair practices of justice then that Judge becomes the greatest judge of history, In Karachion 12-05-2007, so many civilians were killed just to damage and abuse the Judicialsystem of Pakistan.Victimization of Judicial System of Pakistan by PPP Government:Criminal and corrupted leaders of PPP, most of them are former prisoners of immoralcrimes are continuously creating hurdles and problems for already crippled and damagedsystem of Justice in Pakistan, Due to failure of all state institutes and Organizationspeople of Pakistan are living painful lives but rulers are having no mercy on them, in factthey want to make judiciary a subordinate institute which should make decisions as pertheir desires and wishes, following are few examples of victimization of judiciary bypresent rulers • Use of Immunity against his crimes by President, which clearly indicates that he is not sincere and do not believe in equality of all in the eyes of law and thus showing an example to people, how to insult and undermine Law and Justice system of the state. • Corrupted and rotten head President want to creat corrupted system and rotten body by appointing National Accountabililty Burea Chairman (NAB) without going through process of accountability, and now using disease of Provincialism as a tool for justification of his menial act. • Interference in the appointment of judges without consulting Chief Justice, which clearly indicates that he wants to irritate the judiciary. • Creating deliberately crisis with Judiciary, which clearly indicates the he is not sincere and interested in the stability of state. • Using issue of Seniority in appointment of Judges in Supreme court for confrontation with judiciary clearly indicates PPP desire to blackmail judges, where was the issue of seniority when PPP was selecting a child for the post of PPP Chairman, what a insult for grey and white haired PPP leaders sitting as subordinate in front of a College student Bilawal. • President has not consulted even not informed to Chief Justice before issuing notification for appointment of Judges in Supreme court, similarly as he had not consulted even not informed to President of PPP Mr. Ameen Faheem before
  2. 2. appointing Prime Minister of Pakistan, are these the ethics of working in a civilized society.Moreover with such menial mentality now Prime Minister is blackmailing the judiciaryby giving threats that Judges could be removed from their seats, its means that byremoving Judges these criminal politicians will do a great job as their spiritual leaderMr.Pervez Musharaf has done a great job by blackmailing and victimizing judiciary, Butit is expected that Judges will face all such tactics with bravery and patience and willsacrifice their personnel interests, posts and facilities for the sake of justice and humanitylike Imam Abu Haniefa, and Imam Abu Hanbal against these criminal and tyrant rulers.So that a history could be made in which names of these judges will be written withgolden words. It is also the responsibility of world leaders to prevent further anarchy and failure ofstate, to make efforts to strengthen the Judicial system of Pakistan, and not allow topeople like Mr. Zaradri against whom cases are pending in European Courts, todestabilize Pakistan by victimizing and abusing the JudiciaryWritten By: M.AKRAM KHAN NIAZI.Karachi,Pakistan.