Resons for failure of pakistan in finding osama


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Resons for failure of pakistan in finding osama

  1. 1. “Reasons for Failure of Pakistan Government in finding Osama Bin Laden. “ <br />In view of present scenario of “Failure of Pakistan Government to detect Osama” residing one of its cities. In such condition it is the responsibility of Intellectuals of Pakistan to try to analyze the past history of Pakistan and find out that why Pakistan was stable in the era of Quaid-e-Azam and General Zia, and was a most stable and strong country of the region in spite of all adversaries and enmity of British Empire, India and Soviet Union and why it has become so much unstable and uncontrollable in the era of General Musharaf and Mr.Zardari in spite of support of World Super power USA, NATO and other nations.USA spreading extremism and anarchy in Pakistan.<br /> People of Pakistan know very well that USA record with reference to use of Nuclear Bomb on Japan to Vietnam war and victimization of people of Palestine to occupation of Afghanistan and opposition of revolution in Iran to invasion of Iraq on the basis of biased and bogus reasons is by any standard is not praise worthy.<br />The way USA is extra judicially and mercilessly murdering religious Muslim community in FATA area of Pakistan, and opposing to librations and freedom movements of Muslim areas of Palestine, Kashmir, Chechen region and support of occupants (India, Israel and Russia) of these areas by military and other means by USA is more than sufficient that USA is in fact not their well wisher and in fact a biased country and victimizer of them.<br />On one side USA demanding Pakistan military to flow their blood against militants on other side even not ready for provision of night vision goggles and even information about drones attacks.<br />On one side USA using Data, information, intelligence provided by Pakistan and using inhuman and barbaric tactics to torture arrested militants handed over by Pakistan to USA even by ignoring and violating USA own rules, regulations, ethics and laws. <br />On one side searching Pakistani government officials at airports very harshly and in misbehaving way before entering in USA but itself even not providing any information about its CIA agents involved in murdering common people under the disguise of diplomats.<br />On one side USA blocking aid to Pakistan military units who killed in a YouTube video clip to militants, but on other side itself involved in extra judicially, boastfully and mercilessly murdering unarmed Osama Bin Laden by using excessive military force in the presence of his innocent children and housewives in his home where not a single gun and explosive was present. What was the charge against his innocent children.<br />If USA was able to detect Osama by using advanced technology of satellites and by utilizing intelligence data and information provided by Pakistani agencies, then the best possible way was to arrest Osama Bin Laden in peaceful and non violent way by involving Pakistani security agencies and to penalize him through civilized judicial process.<br />On one side Americans becoming champions of human rights on other side becoming so mad that celebrating the death of children and women and throwing dead body in the sea like Hollywood barbarians. <br />USA is killing the militants extra judicially and violently by using Drones and Choppers in Pakistan but the consequences and results of such acts are that in protest relatives of murdered people by ignoring all teachings and guidelines of Islam and ethics are making suicidal attacks in mosques ,bazaars, shrines and Police stations and killing innocent people who have nothing to do with the crimes of USA and Pakistani corrupt rulers, and threatening to kill every one who supports USA, ultimately further destabilizing and deteriorating the region and Pakistan, By using this policy USA making Pakistan a scapegoat and unstable state and spreading war and anarchy in Pakistan to make itself safe and secure, This is extreme selfishness and in fact cowardness. <br />USA should help in solving the problem of Kashmir and Palestine to divert Muslims youth towards constructive activities and not to divert and throw them towards war and conflicts by keeping these small lands occupied by India and Isreal, Otherwise there will be no end of this nuisance of enmity and hatred among nations.<br />Foolish Dictator Ship of Pervez Musharaf:<br />Bringing War in Afghanistan and Pakistan:After 9/11 When he was waiting for help of USA for strengthening his dictatorship, he helped those enemies of Pakistan who were having desire to bring war and destruction in Afghanistan and Pakistan, while in fact that was a golden opportunity for convincing to USA and world that solution to the problem of extremism in Afghanistan should be left to both governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and at other hand it was a convenient opportunity for creating a union between Pakistan and Afghanistan for countering terrorism for the purpose of avoiding the war in the region. but due to his dictatorship these goals were not possible, specially when India the main enemy of Muslim unity in South Asia pressurized Pakistan, by giving unnatural offer of Air bases in India to USA for aggression against Afghanistan while in fact by this offer it was not possible for USA to attack Afghanistan, by this offer, India just aim was to force Pakistan to become an ally of USA against Afghanistan, so that a hatred may be created between Pakistan and Afghanistan, This foolish General was unable to comprehend this policy of India, due to which so much civilian atrocities are going on in this region even today and this region has become the most destabilized region of the world.War against Afghanistan was opposed by civilian, military intellectuals, Corps Commanders and people of Pakistan, but dictator was having no care about that. and was interested in his personnel interestWar against Afghanistan has caused a huge destruction in Afghanistan and large number of Pakistani civilians and military personnel’s have been killed.<br />Destruction of Pakistan.War against a neighbor Muslim country, has seriously damaged Pakistan Islamic Ideology, and it is simple that without adherence to ideology, no country in the world can survive, this is the reason that now Pakistan is facing serious problem in each and every sphere of life, Institutions of Government and Military, Parliament and Judiciary are now facing serious problems as all these pillars of state have been seriously damaged by dictatorial policies.Damage to Army: Due to operations against its own population, Pakistan Army has lost all support of people, this is the reason that due to policies of this dictator, daily so many soldiers and Police personnel’s are loosing their lives, Instead of protecting and helping to each other, Army and people of Pakistan are cutting throats of each other, Due to operation in FATA, Baluchistan, and operation of Lal Mosque, serious damage to image of army has occurred. This dictator did not know that only relation and link between different areas and sections of people of Pakistan is that of Islam, All energy and motivation of Pakistani nation comes from Islam, without that even survival of Pakistan is simply impossible, but this dictator was having no care of that, This is the reason that army and security forces have lost all motivation, and anti social elements are committing freely their crimes. Mr. ZARDARI (The most corrupted leader of world):<br />Mr. Zardari corruption cases are pending in the courts from Islamabad to Switzerland, who became one of the richest person even after passage of 10 years of his life as prisoner,<br />Mr. Zardari is so much corrupted and careless that he is only concern about terrorism in other parts of world like Mumbai and USA but he is not concerned about terrorism, target killings, suicidal attacks and victimization of common Pakistanis which is going on in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan on daily basis.<br />Politics and Policies of Mr. Zardari are just concentrated on the use of disease of ethnocentrism and provincialism for his survival and for the main objective of making money and taking the revenge of her wife from the people of FATA and NWFP, Mr.Zardari is an incompetent person for the post of president, he has become president of Pakistan, just due to greed and selfishness of the members of Parliament, as his own party was not having even simple majority in the Parliament and Mr. Zardari is taking the revenge of her deceased wife from people of FATA, and his policy is just killing and more killing of religious people of FATA and NWFP, Thousands of civilian peoples and army soldiers have been killed but there is no tears in his eyes he wants more deaths more attacks and more violence, therefore instead of making any effort for peace he is just saying that he wants victory he want to kill extremist Taliban, he say there is no option except war, he is desiring War in his own country with his fellow country men. , on one side he is using Pakistani security forces for killing tribal’s area people and on other hand helping and persuading USA to kill these tribal’s people, so that tribal’s people in reaction will do violent protest and attacks on USA and Pakistan Security forces in reaction and then Mr.Zardari will be able to claim that these are terrorist. By this vindictive policy Mr.Zardari Just want to satisfy his sense of revenge of the death of her wife, it is true that her wife was killed by some extremist elements due to her irresponsible statement that she would allow USA troops in FATA for operation against Talibans but now it is not correct to kill all religious people of FATA and NWFP in reaction to death of Benazir Bhutto, it will be justified to judicially penalize to those who have killed Benazir Bhutto.<br />Reasons for Success of Religious Leaders and Failure of others:All success of Quaid-e-Azam and General Zia-ul-Haq were due to trust of Pakistani Nation on them due to their commitment with Islam, Muslims and Pakistan, in proving that commitment both were very proactive while present rulers are devoid of such characteristics, due to which today tribal people who have helped Pakistan in liberating 1/3 of Kashmir, and Mujahideen who helped Pakistan in Afghan Jihad are now attacking Pakistan security forces and national assets.Due to Quaid-e-Azam commitment and support for Islam and Muslims,he was able to compete both British Empire a World Super of that time and India second largest country of the world. In the same manner General Zia was able to give the defeat to Soviet Union a world super power,just by sensing the psychology and religious culture of people of Pakistan.While recent non-religious and ethnocentric rulers such as Musharaf and Zardari nor have any Ideology and neither have any courage to go in masses and are even unable to control the affairs of the Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad and the city of Rawalpindi where the General Head Quarter of Pakistan Army is located, because these rulers have chronically failed in proving their sincerity with Islam, Muslims and the people of Pakistan ,Which was proved on the day of Death of Benazir Bhutto, when workers and supporters of these non-religious leaders committed each and every crime against the innocent and peaceful citizens of Pakistan, both Musharaf who was in power at that time and Zardari who was the successor of Benazir chronically failed in protecting the assets and citizens from their violent supporters, therefore now how people of Pakistan can support and trust such selfish and deceptive leaders.It is the responsibility of world leaders specially western nations to analyze the situation scientifically, because even for Western Nations Jinnah and Zia , were more beneficial while it is quite obvious that Musharaf and Zardari who are just using guns to gain their objective will just fail, and Musharaf already had failed and the situation is highly volatile at present, therefore it is the need of time to encourage those people to come forward who can solve the crisis of Afghanistan and Pakistan peacefully with Ideological Warfare and not with deceptive politics and Guns.<br />Corrupted Police Force of Provinces is making Pakistan a failed state:<br />Maintaining the law and order is the responsibility of Provinces in Pakistan and Provinces are very proactive in demanding provincial autonomy but their performance in Provincial subject of maintaining Law and Order is zero and in fact X , In spite of Donations of Billions of Rupees from Federal Government and International Organizations provinces has chronically failed in delivering any thing to common people, It is very important to analyze the performances of provinces in view of continuous deteriorating situation in Pakistan, specially killing of ethnic minorities in Baluchistan province by majority Balouch ethnic group ,denial of rights of Identity and land ownership of ethnic minorities in city of Karachi and province of Sind by majority of Sindhi and Urdu speaking people, the disease of Provincialism and ethnocentrism is spreading and spreading without any stop, the details of disease of Provincialism and ethnocentrism and failure of provinces in serving common citizens with fairness due to Provincialism and ethnocentrism are as follows:• Provinces are using subject of Police as Jobs Banks for their ethnic and provincial supporters instead of recruiting people on merit for maintaining law and order.• When any person is recruited in police a huge amount of money is taken from that man as bribe.• When any one retires from police department he is required to pay money as bribe for the processing of his pension documents.• Even no proper training is given to policemen for maintaining law and order by provincial governments.• Even no proper training is given to policemen for their own safety by provincial governments.• Policemen are performing their duties without wearing any protective helmets and bullet proof jackets.<br />Provincial Police force is not interested in arresting criminals and anti social elements but in fact they are the main supporters of such criminals.<br />Provincial Police force is not interested in using modern techniques and creative tactics in capturing criminals, but they are mainly interested in money making and making friend ship with criminals. <br />• Due to provincialism, ethnocentrism and racialism prevailing in structures of provinces, policemen are not committed with their duties and do not have any motivation for prevention of crimes and evils.• Due to provincialism, ethnocentrism and racialism, Policemen are involved just in making money by taking bribes from common and noble people.• Policemen are frightening noble citizens for taking bribes from them, but are friends of criminals involved in narcotics trade, social and immoral crimes.• Due to no commitment with any moral and ethical Ideology and due to disease of provincialism and ethnocentrism, criminals and terrorists are committing their crimes freely and police Department is totally inefficient in protecting the life and property of people which is obvious from following examples.1) Merciless killing and massacre in Karachi on 12 May 2008, in which police and provincial government were found helping the criminals, and officially no investigation was made by provincial government against such delirious crimes.2) Loot and arson on 27 December 2008, on the day of death of Benazir Bhutto, free hand was given to criminals for each and every type of crime by provincial governments and police and Railway and transport of people of other provinces was main target of these criminals, and later on all cases against these criminals were removed by Chief Minister of Sind.<br />3) 0n 27 December once again police of province failed event to protect the property of people and free hand was given to criminals in committing their crimes.<br />In case of snatching a car or Motor cycle when people go for registration of FIR to police, even then police ask for payment of bribe when the person is himself suffering from great trauma.<br />Moreover whenever people ask provincial police to help them as their duty and responsibility police never help to people.<br />From the unique example of Osama bin Laden event it is quite clear that Provincial Police Force is not after criminals and terrorist, but they are after common people to squeeze money, They never do house to house search to catch criminals ,in fact Police force of Pakistani Provinces is very coward and selfish they never dare to touch elite and military persons, That is the reason that Osama was living in a very comfortable way in a upscale residential area, Which was the basic reason for non detection of him by police and security forces.<br />Usually in Pakistan criminals wear security forces dress and use vehicle colored like military vehicles to hide them selves so that no one can touch them, this tactic was also used by Palestinian hijackers in eighties when they hijacked a Lufth Hansa aero plane by using this technique. <br />Similarly elite like to reside like Osama bin Laden in Defense societies where they completely become unaccountable and undetectable and even military persons have perception some one high ranking and respectable military person is living there. <br />Provincialism is blocking the progress of Pakistani nation and creating problems in the development and establishing in fair and just system due to making of decisions on biased ethnic and racial basis by corrupted Provincial governments.<br />Written By:<br />M.AKRAM KHAN<br />Karachi, Pkaistan:<br />