Kalabagh dam a symbol of victimization of punjab by other provinces.


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Kalabagh dam a symbol of victimization of punjab by other provinces.

  1. 1. “ Kalabagh Dam: A Symbol of Victimization of Punjab By Other Provinces”.With the large number of deaths and destruction due to floods, continuous shortage ofelectricity in the country and continuous shortage of water at the time of need in rest ofyear has made the lives of people of Pakistan completely intoleratable. Now every onehas started questioning the role of state and governments for bringing their lives in such amiserable condition, therefore it is necessary to analyze the root causes for all thesemiseries and painful condition from which people of Pakistan are suffering.Pending Kalabagh Dam:Pending Kalabagh and other dams are main root cause for most of the problems ofpeople of Pakistan, but in fact its situation and location just makes it the future pumpingheart of Pakistani nation, due to its importance and ability to solve the most of theproblems of People of Pakistan, enemies of Pakistan are very proactive in makingopposition to this dam ,and the enemies of Pakistan are making use of tactics ofethnocentrism and provincialism for opposing this dam, so that people of Pakistan cannever ever be able to solve their problems.Civilized nations of the world build and maintain large reservoirs of currency in banks,fuel oil in tanks, gas in pressurized tanks, food and other items of needs in ware housesand cold storages, but the enemies of Pakistan are not allowing the storage of water indams which is one of the most basic necessity of humans, plants and animals, and justwant that there should be no water management and development on the only and solelife line of Pakistan which is River Indus and they just want that its water shouldcontinue to waste in the sea.Victimization of Punjab:The politicians of three smaller provinces of Pakistan are very active in victimizing andmaligning the people of larger province of Punjab and are trying to force their vindicativedesires and ill wishes on the largest provinces of Pakistan against their interests, Theseenemies are very proactive in two provinces of Pakistan, one is Sind and other isPuktunKhwa. Politicians of these two provinces always had played a negative role in thelife of Pakistan. In fact the largest genocide of 3.0 million people of Pakistan committedin 1971 in East Pakistan was planned by General Yahya Khan and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
  2. 2. both were belonging from these two provinces. Moreover these two provinces are themain hub of disease of ethnic and hatred base provincial politics.Sind:Some facts about this province are:Before floods politicians of Sind used to say that there is no water in the system forKalabagh Dam, and now after floods they are saying there was flood of 3.0 MillionAcre feet, therefore Kalabagh Dam having capacity of 1.0 million Acre feet wasunable to stop flood, from such hypocrisy every one can sense the effects of diseaseof provincialism, while infect even storage of just ½ million acre feet in KalabaghDam was more than enough to break the peak of flood, it was the super flood whichwas required to control and not that of normal flood, as now Kalabagh Dam is notexisting people should face such disasters without any mercy in coming years also.Hypocrisy and hegemony of Politicians of Sind is also obvious from following factsSind producing more crops each year with more consumption of water at the same timepoliticians making propaganda that Punjab is stealing water.Sind producing rice crop in most of its arid and barren areas with no rain fall but stillthere is shortage of water and making propaganda that Punjab is stealing water.Sind increasing irrigated land near coastal area in Badin and at the same time makingpropaganda that there is intrusion of sea in Badin as Punjab is stealing water.Sind wasting one crore acre feet of water in sea but still there is shortage of water andmaking propaganda that Punjab is stealing water.Sind opposing any project on River Indus like Kalabagh Dam and any other project butstill demanding more water.According to politicians of this province there is shortage of water for Chasma JehlumLink Canal, For Kalabagh Dam, for Thal Canal, and as a whole For Punjab,but there is lot of water to waste in Arabian sea at Thatta and Badin,There is lot of water to grow rice in the Larkana so much that ruins of Moen Jo Daro aresuffering from problem of water logging, the problem from which these ruins have notsuffered during last 4500 years.
  3. 3. There is lot of Indus water to waste in Manchar Lake, Kurlee Lake so much that nowthere is need to waste the water of these lakes in sea.There is lot of water to sink coastal areas of Badin and Thatta under Indus water.There is lot of water so much that we are pouring sweet water on saline Mangrove plantsof sea.In present scenario according to Sind polticians it is not justified to use water forgeneration of electricity and preservation of water for future use and prevention of floodsby building Kalabagh Dam, but it is justified to waste about one million acre feet water inthe sea and that is also not from its share but from the share of other provinces so thatpeople of Punjab could be thrown in poverty and darkness due to shortage of water andelectricity.Sind will not allow other provinces of Pakistan to take one bucket of water andwill not allow to grow one straw of grass, but will like to waste water in the sea as fishesof sea are very chronically thirsty.The credit stands with Sind that despite obtaining ample water and ample crops it’salways ready to victimize and malign Punjab, Kalabagh Dam, Thal Canal, and ChasmaJehlum canal, it’s making good use of politics of balckmailing and water.Preservation and storage of water in Kalabagh Dam will increase agricultureland,generation of electricity ,and will prevent wastage of sweet water and fertile sand inthe sea .Advanced nations of the world are recycling and treating drain water for reuse whilepolitician and Government of Sind is wasting and polluting sweet water into the sea.USA and India have large number of rivers and fresh water reservoirs but instead ofwasting their water in sea they are using saline water of sea for agriculture and otherpurposes but we Pakistanies have just one river and even then we are wasting that one bythe foolish politicians and Government of Sind.Israel and Saudi Arabia are using water of Sea by desalination for their use so much thatsea is drying and drying day by day but we Pakistanis are wasting our sweet water intosea what a unique type of crime and foolish act.Only by taking out water from sea can stop sea intrusion and by discarding more andmore sweet water into sea will aggravate the problem of so called sea intrusion.
  4. 4. Government of Pakistan is leaving no stone unturned for sinking delta dwellers people ofBangladesh and Island dweller people of Maldives under sea by wasting about 10Million Acres feet water of River Indus from the catchments area of whole of Pakistan inthe sea and is not preserving and storing that water in dams like Kalabagh and Basha, onone side people of Pakistan are suffering from acute wastage of water and electricity andon other side Government is wasting sweet water in the sea which is not only causing searise and erosion of coastal land for whole of subcontinent, including Bangladesh andMaldives but is also harmful for saline habitat fishes and saline and sea plants likeMangrovesOn one side there is shortage of water in Pakistan on other side in Sind there is wastageof water,cultivation of crops such as rice,sugar can and banana which are highlydependent on water and at the same time demanding wastage of water in sea andobjecting even on preservation of water in Kalabagh, on use of water for agriculture inPunjab, if there is shortage of water then why Sind is cultivating rice,bannana andsugarcane which are highly water dependent, if Punjab is not giving water then fromwhere the water of Kulree ,Mancahr lakes have arrived, if Punjab is not giving water thenhow from Larkana to Thatta area is suffering from problem of water logging.Sind wants Punjab to obey its desire for wastage of water as it is mentioned in 1991 wateragreement, Punjab Should stop its people living along river Indus from Kalabagh toSadiqabad not to use water for irrigation because Provincialism is more important thanHumanity.As Sind, Balochistan and Pukhtunkhwa are against Kalabagh Dam because as per Sindlogic Thar Coal is better than Kalabagh as Kalabagh will emmit BLACK SMOKE andThar Coal will emmit fresh air full of Oxygen.And as per Balouchistan Vision GAS and coal extracted from Balouchistan are one of themost clean source of energy and Kalabagh will pollute air and land resouces and peoplewill drown in Kalabagh and no one is dying in the coal caves of Balochistan.PuktoonKhuwa:And as per wisdom of Politicians of PuktunKhwa, Tarbella Dam in Pukhtoon Khuwa isso important that three rivers of Punjab were sold to India by Frontier belonging presidentGeneral Ayoub for construction of Tarbella and Pakistan can be broken for royalty andrevenue of Tarbella dam but Kalabagh dam is not good looking as it is in Punjab and alldams should be built well within the Pukhtonnkhwa from Basha to Attock, but asKlagabagh Dam is on the border of Punjab therefore it should not be built.
  5. 5. In every super flood city of Nowshera sink under water, but it is necessary to continue to rehabilitate that city again and again because that is the hub of smuggling,crimes and drugs where as Kalabagh dam should be blown with bombs. All provinces want Provincial autonomy but Punjab should open or close its canals , iirigate its land and construct Dams as per desire of other provinces and after asking from other provinces Because it is necessary for unity and prosperity of Pakistan as when there will be no agriculture,no electricity and no water then Pakistan will be more united and more prosperous. From above facts it is quite clear that three provinces of Pakistan are openly involved in victimizing to alone fourth province of Punjab. Failure of Punjab Govertnment:Government of Punjab has chronically failed in protecting the rights of people of Punjab.Which is evident from the fact that it has not made any efforts for the construction ofKalabagh Dam while Govt of Sind is very proactive even in wasting the water of river Indusin Arabian sea.If Punjab govt can not protect the rights of people living alongside riverIndus,it will be better to separate out those areas from Punjab,so that those people can protecttheir rights themselves. From NFC award it is evident that Punjab Govt has sacrificed therights of people just for pleasing those who always hate punjab. Moreover Punjab Govt hasnot raised any concern about the suffering of people of Punjab in Baluchistan,Karachi andSind. Thar coal project will have adverse effects on each and every livingorganism,atmosphere,enviroment in Punjab but Punjab Govt foolish leaders has not shownany concern about that project. Due to incompetent Punjab Government , situation has so much deteriorated that other provinces which are very vocal about Provincial autonomy are interfering in the affairs of Punjab by violating provincial autonomy of Punjab , for example Sind Province Government and Assembly has started to give suggestions to Punjab that which Canal should be kept opened or closed, which Dam (hydrel project ) should be constructed or not, and which land of Punjab should be cultivated or not, while Punjab Government is completely silent about such interference, while Sind Government is busy in wasting River Indus water in Arabian sea which is a sin and crime against humanity but Punjab government is making no objection about such wastage.
  6. 6. Punjab gopvernment and its water experts are also responsible for wastage of water inSind,As they never questioned or monitored that why Sweet water of Indus is being discardedin sea, which infact will be injurious and harmful for saline fishes and plants of sea.In Karachi it is very common observation that sea fishes do not survive in sweet watereven for Minutes.Punjab Government never questioned from Sind Government that why they are wastingsweet water for saline plants of Mangroos which very finely grow in saline water as oncoastal areas of Karachi there is no sweet water but highly dense forest of Mangroos arepresent there even in front of Karachi Port Trust.Punjab never questioned from Sind why large agricultuure area of Sind about 38 % issuffering from water logging.Punjab never questioned from Sind why Sind is demanding sweet water for coastal areaswhile there are so many varities of both wheat and other plants which even can grow insaline land.Politicians of other provinces want to make Punjab a crippled province but foolishgovernment of Punjab is not able to comprehend that, a sick ,crippled Punjab wil be aliability and not an asset for Pakistan. Allowing and accepting wastage of River Induswater in sea in 1991 by Province of Sind is a fatal and non forgivable crime of PunjabGovernment.Accepting wastage of River water in sea is like accepting wastage of wheat,rice,sugar andcotton in the sea.Lethargic Federal Government:Instead of understanding the mentality of enemies of PAKISTAN, Federal government iswaiting for the consensus on issue of water and dams, which is simply impossible,because these enemies will never agree on any point which will be for the welfare ofpeople of Pakistan.Federal government is 100 % responsible for the deaths anddestruction due to this flood, as that is not making decisions in the national interest and asper desires of people of Pakistan but inafct making decisions as per blackmailing of
  7. 7. ethnic parties such as ANP,MQM and Jijye Sind who are traders of hatred and areenemies of innocent people from day first and are involved in target killing of noble andinnocent people of PakistanIt is the responsibility of Federal Government to direct Sind not to commit crime bypolluting river Indus water by wasting it in saline sea water.It is the responsibility of Federal Government to direct Sind not to waste water inprovince which is causing water logging in Sind and causing damage to land.It is the responsibility of Federal Government to direct Punjab and Sind government forconstruction of Dams like Kalabagh to preserve water and generation of electricity.It is the responsibility of Federal Government to make laws against polluting of Riverwater as Sind is polluting River Indus water,the life of 180 million peoples of PakistanIt is the responsibility of Federal Government to make laws against wastage of RiverIndus water as Sind is wasting River Indus water in Arabian sea.It is the responsibility of Federal Government to make laws against polluting of water,land and air as Sind is planning to do by polluting these by smoke of Thar coal.Sind Government should make arrangement for more and more extraction of water fromsea and desalination of sea water and use of sweet water in saline land should becompletely restricted, its very strange that Karachi city government is trying to installplants of desalination for obtaining sweet water from sea for city while Sind Governmentis wasting sweet water of Indus about one crore Acre feet water in the sea what a foolishact and what a crime against humanity.Those who adovcate wastage of River Indus in sea and oppose PRESERVATION ANDSTORAGE OF water at Kalabagh are infact the enemies of Pakistan.Logic that river water will stop the intrusion of sea is the most foolish Idea, on one sidethere is ONE MIGHTY SEA AND on other side there is a just one river coming fromarid zone,The river will infact rise the level of sea ultimately leading to sea to spread onland and will further cause water logging and salinity of land.The main forest of Mangroves of Sind coastal areas are located in Karachi but Sind is notproviding even drinking water to citizens of Karachi.
  8. 8. If there is problem of salinity and sea intrusion on coastal areas of Sind, there is need toeastablish salt Industry in that area instead of agriculture while by wastage of river waterin sea we are wasting sweet water and also wasting salt of the land which is an importantmineral and pouring river water in sea there will be just further rise in sea water and moreintrusion of sea water in all coastal areas.The simple logic is that those who do not want dams like Kalabagh to be built, they areenemies of the country or at least don’t want Pakistan to have vibrant economy and socialpeace. The forces and lobbies that opposed Pakistan and those that are stuck up in theirnarrow grooves of provincialism would not like Pakistan to become an economicallyviable country. The weak economy foments societal discontent and political instability.That is the spectacle that patriotic Pakistanis have been witnessing since the inception ofPakistan.Disease of Provincialism in Politicians of Khyber PukhtoonKhwa and Sind is mainlyresponsible for destruction by floods, power and water shortage mayhem and theresultant chaos in the society due to tormenting blackouts and long power outrages anddeaths due to floods. Balouchistan, Sindh and PukhtoonKhwa do not have any right tovictimize or dictate or make decisions about projects of one province Punjab on the basisof disease of provincialism and hatred. Punjab which have more than half population ofPakistan, its know very well that what is good and bad for them and there is no need ofany interference, instructions and dictations from other provinces in the affairs of use ofland and water resources of Punjab.Conclusion:It is the responsibility of international community (USA,EU,UK,India,China and otherneighbor countries) to persuade government of Pakistan to take care of its people andmake dams and flood control projects for countering shortage of water and electricityotherwise foolish rulers of Pakistan will always remain sitting by keeping their handsover hands in their foolish paradise waiting for centuries for consensus building for Damsin the presence of pus and poision of provincialism and like beggars themselves will donothing and suffering of people of Pakistan will continue forever along with floods,poverty, illiteracy, darkness, Corruption, provincialism, ethnocentriosm, terrorism andextremism.Written by: M.AKRAM KHAN NIAZI.
  9. 9. Karachi,Pakistan.