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  1. 1. NorwayBy: Kyrollos & 0mar
  2. 2. Location:Where is Norway? - IcelandMapNorway lies in NorthernEurope, 2hrs flight fromLondon/England, 6.5 hrs fromNew York/USA.On this map you can see whereIceland is in Northern Europe.You can click on the plus sign andmove with the arrows to the leftand make the island bigger, thenyou see the major cities and ifyou click satellite on the topright, then you can see the fjordsclearer too.Norway is in Scandinavia and lies
  3. 3. • Population: 4.6 million.• Capital: Oslo• Name: Norway• Language: Norwegian• Religion: mainly Christians• Currency: 1 Norwegian Kroner (NOK)=100 orey
  4. 4. History:Norwegians, like the Danes and Swedes, are of Teutonic origin. The Norsemen, also known asVikings, ravaged the coasts of northwest Europe from the 8th to the 11th century and wereruled by local chieftains. Olaf II Haralson became the first effective king of all Norway in 1015and began converting the Norwegians to Christianity. After 1442, Norway was ruled by Danishkings until 1814, when it was united with Sweden—although retaining a degree of independenceand receiving a new constitution—in an uneasy partnership. In 1905, the Norwegianparliament arranged a peaceful separation and invited a Danish prince to the Norwegianthrone—King Haakon VII. A treaty with Sweden provided that all disputes be settled byarbitration and that no fortifications be erected on the common frontier.
  5. 5. Jens Stoltenberg• Jens Stoltenberg’s Second Government was appointed by the King on 17 October 2005. It is a majority government representing the Labor Party, the Socialist Left Party and the Centre Party. Jens Stoltenberg was born in Oslo on 16 March 1959. He is married to Ingrid Schulwerud. They have two children.• Mr. Stoltenberg is Candidates Economize (economist) at the University of Oslo from 1987.
  6. 6. OsloOslo, the Viking city, the culture city, the wintercapital, the city of rolling green hills andspectacular fjords is the capital city of Norway,aptly credited with many adjectives. The citybreathes adventure with rich history pulsingthrough its veins. Soak in the beauty of the VigelandPark and feel the wind in your hair as you ski downthe jewelled snow clad slopes of Oslo.
  7. 7. SummerLate June to early August is when the weather iswarmest and the days are long and bright.Temperatures in July and August can reach 25°C -30°C. At the same time there is hardly any humidityin the air.Sea temperatures can reach 18°C andhigher, making swimming a popular pastime.The warmest and most stable weather usuallyoccurs on the eastern side of the southernmountains, including the south coast betweenMendel and Oslo.WinterIn winter much of Norway is usually transformedinto a snow-clad paradise.The lower inland areas, both in the southern andnorthern parts of Norway, can have very low meantemperatures in winter. Temperatures can reachbelow -40°C .
  8. 8. #1 Hockey#2 Soccer#3 Martial Arts#4 Cycling#5 Skateboarding#6 Winter Sports
  9. 9. FAMOUS Food:Brunets - BrownCheeseCarlsberg - CheeseRømme - sourcreamLaks - SalmonOrit - TroutFisk - Fish
  10. 10. For us, the top attraction in Norway is the North Cape. A quarter of amillion tourists visit the North Cape each summer, making it oneof Norways top sights. The North Cape is a monumental naturalexperience offering breathtaking views, unusual climaticconditions, the dramatic cliff itself...and of course the fact thatone is standing atEuropes northernend. Youll findthe NorthCape in theregion ofFinnmark.
  11. 11. This is a top attraction in Norway that takes place no matter what the weather is.It also made the list of the ! Walk toward the Royal Palace in Oslo and witness the "royal" event at 1:30 pm - 2:10 pm daily.
  12. 12. The beauty of the Geirangerfjord with its waterfalls &cliffs is hard to surpass. And if you havent seen theGeirangerfjord, then you really havent seen allof Norway. On a map, youll find the Geirangerfjord about halfway between Trondheim & Bergen. Popular activities include, hiking, fishing, and boating.
  13. 13. Hope You Had A Nice Trip
  14. 14. Welcome Back To Egypt
  15. 15. Created ByKyrollos & Omar Grade 4A Teacher Mayada SourcesWWW.Google.Com