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American Mass Media - Website Development Pitch Outline

Funny pitch outline.

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American Mass Media - Website Development Pitch Outline

  1. 1. Let’s be honest...
  3. 3. And when we say rock, we mean more like this kind of
  4. 4. Building a website is like getting married… You have to trust in our vision and expertise, in our judgement. That we will take care of you through thick (clicks) and thin . Or at least the next 8-10 years - according to statistics of how long the average U.S. marriage lasts.
  5. 5. Key things to notice are... 1. Most agencies tend to use their homepage as a focus around their company culture vs. displaying work. 2. Secondary message is usually about how large they are with visual cues to locations and careers, expressing growth and mass markets covered. 3. These providers try in any way shape or form to illustrate visually with timeline graphics or videos a legacy that has been built over time. 4. Also to note, is a HUGE trend in expressing thought leadership or insights to the industry with white-papers or videos to promote how they are leading the way in the industry. 5. Lastly, taking every opportunity to appear larger than life with investor relations - even if it was $10,000 can be jazzed up to appear epic. YOU GET THE PICTURE! Actually, let’s take a look at some examples…just to be sure! -
  6. 6. E X H I B I T A - Carat The world's leading independent media planning & buying specialist and the market-leader in digital and non-traditional media solutions. - Always in Advertising Age - Strong social media presence Things to notice: - Simple color scheme to evoke a calming in control impression - Simple repetitive messaging of tagline: Redefining Media
  7. 7. E X H I B I T B - Horizon Media At Horizon Media, business is personal. - It’s a smaller agency with two locations, so they play up the welcoming atmosphere of their beautiful offices with large high-quality photo’s displaying a place that you “want to be in” - Again, color scheme is simple - Copy is short, but poignant. Ultra heavy emphasis on company culture right from the home-page. - Display of work has a great exciting pop-factor, something to consider for your sample work items.
  8. 8. E X H I B I T C - Wieden + Kennedy Don’t say it, be it. #Wiedenisms -This company leads with their personality and work as the forefront of conversation. - Copy is barely present with the explanation to concise summaries explaining their work. - Display of work has a very precise and clean layout - expressing extreme precision of their artwork.
  9. 9. We need to turn AMERICAN MASS MEDIA from a rock into a shining, dazzling rock that people feel elite to be an employee for. - Authenticity created through a thorough analysis of branding + identity. Starting with an official logo/symbol to represent the brand. - A well-defined and creatively communicated creative culture heavily marketed across the site. - A deep explanation of why you are different. - You need to show dominance through a map charting locations, list existing employees, list available careers - A move away from red as a dominant color to an accent color. Re d is a color that communicates action, but more in a rash sense versus well thought-out planning. - Brochures for Services to Download to increase lead generation. - Email Sign-up to stay up to date with brand news - An actively written blog or Vlog
  10. 10. Of course, we don’t want to go over the top...
  11. 11. Things we want people to think about AMM We want to create an experience, that customers might even recall post website viewing. These guys do not mess around, they are professionals. These folks don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk! Wow! They must have some serious experts getting paid serious dollars for these high-dollar products! This is so cool - I wonder how much they had to spend on this!
  12. 12. <3 To set-up a meeting, please call Kit Kat ------> Katelyn Wujciga 312.330.7676 Let’s talk! ←----- The Main Fun Maker Corinne Meier - CEO 312.972.4692 (Text Messages Preferred)
  13. 13. Let’s go #MeierMania on your site.