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Foods To Boost Immune System presented by Matthew Stalker


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Matthew Stalker shares some foods that can help boost your immune system. You especially want to eat these this flu season.

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Foods To Boost Immune System presented by Matthew Stalker

  1. 1. _’; :Systen; |, Q Boost lmrnu<ne / "‘ ' Incorporate the following foods into your diet this seasop to help'fight off » the flu and and other illnesses MATTHEW STALKER
  2. 2. 1. Yogurt Yogurt is a great source of probiotics - healthy bacteria - that keep your intestines and stomach functioning regularly
  3. 3. Containing beta—glucan — a form of fiber - that contains antimicrobial vie; -ft s: ‘ 3”“ 7""Zt', "*Z; c.“3.5.'2’, ',‘§js""- . ' antioxidant ! :.auru€£. §‘x. '9.". *‘. 9.2-- " properties 2. Oats and Barley
  4. 4. 3.. Garlic Containing allicin, garlic helps fight off infection and bacteria
  5. 5. The amino acid, L—theanine, highly 4,, Tea present in black and green tea, help fight off viruses
  6. 6. When chicken is 5. Chicken Soup cooked, fl releases cysteine, an amino acid, that mimics the bronchitis drug acetylcysteine, of cells in the bronchial tubes, causing sickness. ;
  7. 7. Matthew Stalker matthewstalker. com