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Data security problems


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Data security problems

  1. 1. Data security problems<br />Mathew Wembridge<br />
  2. 2. Questions<br />What are the main issues or problems highlighted in the articles above.<br />Customers’ bank details sold on eBay- A data processing firm sold a computer through a third party that contained million of bank costumer details.<br />‘Greatest cyber-heist in world history’- A hacker has used a Trojan horse program at a Best Western hotel to steal records that have been alleged to more then 8 million customers.<br />Memory stick with 84,000 prisoner records lost in U.K- A contractor of PA consulting has lost a memory stick with over 84,000 prisoner records.<br />
  3. 3. Questions<br />What are the possible consequences for each organisation?<br />Customers’ bank details sold on eBay- There is nothing really the organisation can do because the computer has been sold. But it may lose credibility for the companies security measures.<br />‘Greatest cyber-heist in world history’- The Best Western Hotel chain could lose customers and credibility for their security measures.<br />Memory stick with 84,000 prisoner records lost in U.K- The PA consulting company would probably never get a job with the government again after failing to follow protocol.<br />
  4. 4. Questions<br />3. What are the consequences for the individuals/consumers affected by the breaches?<br />All individuals/consumers now have to deal with their personal details being accessed by individuals they have not given consent to viewing their details. For the individuals who have their bank details stolen they now have to change all their bank details so their money isn't stolen.<br />
  5. 5. Questions<br />4. If these events occurred in Australia, would their be any possible legal implications?<br />I don’t think if these events happened in Australia that there would be any real difference we have the same sort of privacy laws as countries such as America and Britain.<br />5. Use the internet to find a recent example where personal information has been found leaked or misused in similar ways to those described in these articles.<br />
  6. 6. Example<br />Turkish Hackers Steal Thousands of Email, PayPal, Bank Acct IDsby Hana Levi Julian<br />Follow Israel news on and . Turkish hackers have stolen the details of thousands of Israeli bank, credit card and Pay Pal accounts, and posted the information online. According to the Israeli We-CMS blog, the information was posted on to the message board of a Turkish Internet forum. By Sunday morning, the We-CMS blog itself was found “suspended” when Israel National News attempted to access the site. In addition to the details of at least 32,561 Israelis, more than 140 passwords to Israeli government web sites and more than 300 passwords to Israeli academic web pages were swiped as well. Globes business news service reports that many of the email addresses and passwords obtained by the Internet terrorists included accounts on Face book, Gmail and Microsoft Live Messenger. Most of those had been hacked since the flotilla clash between IHH terror activists and Israeli Navy commandos aboard the Turkish Mavi Marmara ship in May. Erez Wolf, owner of the We-CMS, warned reporters, “The hackers used the information in their possession to enter accounts on other web sites. Assuming that many surfers use the same email, same password and same user name to register on all the sites that require registration – because it's easier to remember – the email and password from the hacked site will be the same one that gets them into others... like Pay Pal. From what I've been able to learn on the forum, the hackers penetrated the Pay Pal accounts of Israelis, and their bank accounts, and also were able to obtain credit card details as well.” Wolf added that surfers have been debating the use of the information on the Turkish message board where the passwords and user names were posted in an Excel document. The discussion, said Wolf, is focused on whether or not it is permitted under Islamic law to use the stolen data. Some of the writers have contended that as enemies of Islam, it is permitted to wreak whatever havoc is possible to Israeli users, citing social, criminal and religious arguments. Several quoted passages from the Koran that referred to the disposition of assets belonging to infidels (heretics). The Excel file was downloaded from the Turkish web site and handed over to the Israel Police, who were unavailable for comment Sunday morning.<br />
  7. 7. Questions<br />6. Summarise what you find.<br />Turkish hackers have stolen the of thousands of Israeli bank, credit card and Pay Pal accounts, and posted the information online. Some groups have stated that as enemies of Islam, it is permitted to wreak whatever havoc is possible to Israeli users, citing social, criminal and religious arguments. <br />
  8. 8. Questions <br />7. Comment on possible causes and effects what you found on those involved.<br />Some possible causes and effects would be loss of personal information and private details from the victims. The perpetrators may be likely to get away with the crime as it is being claimed as an act of war.<br />8. Explain why personal details need to be protected, including potential consequences of personal information being misused.<br />Personal information need to be protected so consumers or individuals do not have to deal with there private information being sold or used against them to cause personal harm to there social and emotional status.<br />