IEEE Awareness By Midhun Mathew


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IEEE Awareness By Midhun Mathew

  1. 1. IEEE AWARENESS Midhun Mathew,IEEE Membership Sustainability Wing Rep., Second year B.Tech Student, MEA Engineering College,Perinthalmanna. Email ✉ : Tweet me @midhun1993
  2. 2. Identify these Legends !!!
  3. 3. The worlds famous entrepreneurs
  4. 4. Do you infer anythingspecial about them ???
  5. 5. The main thing to be sorted out is that : They all started these revolutionary ventures at their twenties
  6. 6. Most of the innovations,thoughts andother inventories arises to human at this age namely twenties
  7. 7. Here IEEE helps you !!! IEEE brings out the legendary talent in you. IEEE makes you technically current. IEEE industrialize you to be a better innovator. IEEE gives you a vast knowledge in the field where you are.
  8. 8. Please dont miss-understand that IEEE is only for EEEians !!!IEEE is the totality/summation of several technicalsectors,giving same priority for each and every field Its replica is the 35+ IEEE Societies
  9. 9. IEEE makes you technically current !!! e-Book Classics IEEE Member Digital Library (Access to) IEEE Potentials Magazine - Digital IEEE Societies IEEE Spectrum Magazine IEEE Standards IEEE Xplore Abstracts IEEE-USA e-Books Proceedings of the IEEE
  10. 10. Career resource and recognition !!! Career Asset Manager E Learning Library IEEE Women in Engineering Member Grade Elevation My IEEE Student Awards, Scholarships, Fellowships Student Competitions The Institute Newsletter
  11. 11. IEEE mini-grants !!!The IEEE is offering Grants of US $500 for students to help with student design projects with an industry standards component. IEEE Standards Education is also offering US $300 mini-grants for faculty members. Examples of Industry standards: IEEE 802.11 Standard for Wireless LANS, IEEE 11073 Standards for Heath Informatics, National Electric Safety Code, etc.
  12. 12. IEEE Challenges!!!IEEE challenges makes you noticed globally by manyprofessionals,recruiters,executives ...etc...Contests :  IEEE Xtreme 24-hour Programming Challenge  IEEE Robotics and Design Competitions  IEEE Student Paper and Ethics Competition IEEE also sponsors dozens of student awards,grants and scholarships
  13. 13. IEEE socialize you technically !!! IEEE member Net Local Meetings Online Communities
  14. 14. Continuing Education !!!IEEE Continuing Education Providers Program
  15. 15. Discounts !!! Car Rental Dell Discount Program Discount on IEEE Conference Discounts on IEEE Publications IEEE e-mail Alias Merchandise Mozy online backup National Society Member Discount Travel Services Wiley-IEEE Press Discounts
  16. 16. DELL discounts - EPP Plan IEEE have a tie up with dell to have a discount of 8% on all dell products via EPP (Employers Purchase Plan) Free shipping for all products Up to 30% discount on selected systems 10% discount on all mobile products
  17. 17. MSDN Academic Alliance IEEE maintains a tie up with Microsoft to have a free availability of RS 3,00,000+ worth software’s to all members via MSDN (Micro- Soft Developer Network) Academic Alliance Totally 150+ software’s including applications, OS, developer tools, servers, utilities ....etc..... Also access to private and guest versions of the above
  18. 18. Queries ???Any doubts regarding IEEE and its membership ???
  19. 19. For more ::: /benefits/benefits.htmlSo Please do your registrations quickly !!!
  20. 20. Thank you !!!