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Christopher Rausch | Master Motivators | Presentation - Generational Leadership


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This workshop deals with the challenges of managing multiple generations in the workplace at once.

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Christopher Rausch | Master Motivators | Presentation - Generational Leadership

  1. 1. PresentsGenerational Leadership – Managing Multiple Generations
  2. 2.
  3. 3. About Me Master’s Degree – Organizational Mgmt 19 Years Leadership at PADI Master Motivators Continue Education  Books  Articles  Seminars  Podcasts  Blogs
  4. 4. ATTITUDE CHECK“You Are Only Limited ByThe Parameters Of Your Own Mind!” - Christopher Rausch
  5. 5. Today’s EventGenerational LeadershipLeadership SurveysMotivated & HappyTeams
  6. 6. GenerationalOpportunities
  8. 8. Comparisons Baby B’s Gen X Gen YNo Computers Intro Computers Only ComputersFace To Face Face To Face / Texting, Email, Technology Instant MessageMarried To Job Work/Life Social Activities BalanceStay At Same Switch Careers Many CareersCompany a Few Times and JobsWork – Work Work Recognition -Recognition Work
  9. 9. Comparisons Baby B’s No Computers Face To Face Married To JobStay At Same Company Work – Recognition
  10. 10. Comparisons Gen X (Latch Key Kids) Intro ComputersFace To Face / Technology Work/Life BalanceSwitch Careers a Few Times Work Work
  11. 11. Comparisons Gen Y (Millennials) Only ComputersCells, Texting, Email, Instant Message Social Activities Many Careers and Jobs Recognition - Work
  12. 12. Comparisons - Continued Baby B’s Gen X Gen YSuits Business Casual IndividualisticTeam Oriented Works Alone Very Team OrientedResists Change Accepts Change Wants Change13 Channels 200 Channels 900 ChannelsPong Atari 2600 Xbox 36085 Million 50 Million 76 MillionLoyalty Skepticism Not Loyal
  13. 13. Comparisons - Continued Baby B’s Suits Team Oriented Resist Change 13 Channels Pong 85 Million Loyalty
  14. 14. Comparisons - Continued Gen X Business Casual Works Alone Accepts Change 200 Channels Atari 2600 50 Million Skepticism
  15. 15. Comparisons - Continued Gen Y Individualistic Very Team Oriented Wants Change 900 Channels Xbox 360 76 Million Not Loyal
  16. 16.  Optimistic  Multi-tasking CivicDuty  Question Confident Everything  Tech Savvy Instant Gratification  Computers/Internet Sociable  Myspace Embrace Diversity  Facebook Entrepreneurial  YouTube  Cell Phones
  17. 17. Gen Y - What To Do Meet with them on a very regular basis  Provide a growth plan that suits their interests and goals Understand they are different and respect that entrepreneurial spirit Give them flexible work schedules (4/10, 9/80)  Telecommuting Provide an environment and time to volunteer for a social cause Set in place recognition programs (GAB’s)
  18. 18. What To Do - Continued Provide extensive introductory training and orientation Cross-train with other departments Provide detailed instructions and your expectations Ask for referrals for open positions  They want and will work with their friends anyway – this keeps them working at your Co.!
  19. 19. What To Do – Continued Primary source of communication  Cell Phones (Talking &Texting)  Email  Instant messaging  Blogs YOU need to teach them interpersonal communication skills – Face To Face!! Make them “owners” of their jobs - freedom
  20. 20. What To Do Continued Develop Mentor/Succession Programs  The “graying of PADI” Use Conflict Management Skills  X’rs and Y’s don’t see eye to eye Keep Your Skills Updated Regularly Make Them Accountable  Discipline must be consistent
  21. 21. Consider This:We Need PeopleIt Is Our ResponsibilityWe Can’t Change OthersAre A Lot Of WorkGive To Get
  22. 22. Best Leadership Practices & Principles PART 2 Motivated & Happy Teams
  23. 23. Introduction Leadership Survey Communication Skills Engaging Your Employees Recognition & Fun
  24. 24. "Before you are a leader,success is all about growingyourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." - Jack Welch
  25. 25. Leadership - Survey Perceptions Are Reality - The day I learned this concept Completely Anonymous Multiple Choice & Yes/No Questions Be Genuine About Your Intent Offer Lines For Comments
  26. 26. Survey Results Share with the team Ask for specific feedback on weaker areas Get to work!  Make it a priority!  Be consistent  Check in frequently Share with your boss and HR
  27. 27. Engagement Mission Statement “Ideas Are Free”  “If there was one thing you could change…? Procedures Education (Seminars, Articles, ROP, Books) Bi-Annual or Quarterly Reviews Work/Life Balance  Ensure they take vacations
  28. 28. Teamwork Cross-training Team Goals  Clear expectations Communication Skills  Conflict Resolution  Regular meetings Include In Hiring Process
  29. 29. Fun “Themed Days”  Sports Related  Hawaiian Shirt  Crazy Hair Day Joke Of The Day Tailgate Party Bowling Night
  30. 30. Recognition BE SPECIFIC!!  Text Them “Thank You…” Cater To Generation  Team Celebrations  GAB’s Time Off (Milestones)  Employee of Month  Anniversaries/Bdays  CRONI Award  Lunch With You  Contests  Sick Day Paycheck  Thank You Notes  Education Oppty’s  Post It – Public Place
  31. 31. Conclusion Attitude Attitude Attitude Listen To Your Staff Lead By Example Make Work Fun Recognize & Reward
  32. 32. Conduct A Survey What They Like  Rate our services What Improvements Suggested Services Gift Card “Eligible To Win”
  33. 33. Sample Survey Questions1. Number of mail deliveries received daily2. Timeliness of mail deliveries to your office3. Timely distribution of your office correspondence4. Information or training mail preparation5. Automated mail tracking devices6. Staff courtesy7. Staff knowledge8. Prompt attention to special request9. Overall quality of mail services
  34. 34. After The Survey “Green Light” Sessions  Buy In = Support and Success Post The Results Communicate Your Action Plan  Follow through!!! - Personal Packages Meet Regularly With Customers Suggestion Box
  35. 35. After The Survey Prompt Attention  Email & voice mails – posted pledge Proactive  Reports  Discounts  New Services Extended hours Ship personal packages
  36. 36. Difference = OpportunitiesAttitude ManagementCommunicationBe GenuineAsk Then Listen!