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Case study dpsg (1)

  1. 1. tm Case StudyEveryone Wins WhenRegistration is EasyThrough extensive social media campaigns, the Dr PepperSnapple Group (DPSG) has cultivated a highly active onlinecommunity, and attained more than 20 million fans across theirproduct Facebook pages for Dr Pepper, Snapple, 7UP, Sunkist Robert Stone Director of InteractiveSoda and Sundrop. These campaigns have clearly established Media, Dr Peppera strong interactive audience. Snapple GroupWith the growing popularity and use of social networks withintheir audience, Robert Stone, DPSG Director of InteractiveMedia, saw a greater opportunity to—“ interact with our consumers, on their own terms,by streamlining the process that initiates that Critical to our search was finding a smart solutionengagement with DPSG brands . ”In researching solutions, he quickly identified social login as a that we could grow with long-term. Janrain not only meets our needssolution to fit their needs. today, but will take us where we want to go. continued next page…
  2. 2. tm Removing Friction to Increase Engagement Stone knew that by removing any friction associated with a traditional registration form, they could help fans engage with their favorite brands more easily – on their websites as well as within their marketing campaigns. The first deployment of social login was on a popular, ongoing engagement campaign within the Facebook platform: the Every Bottle Wins! Campaign. This campaign runs right within the 7UP and Sunkist Soda’s Facebook pages and allows users to redeem codes and deposit credits for these brands, as well as Sundrop, A&W Root Beer and Canada Dry all without leaving the Facebook interface. Upon arrival at the Facebook app page, fans simply choose an existing identity like Facebook, Google, or Yahoo! to create an account or log in and get started. When fans use social login, DPSG gains a 360-degree view of these valuable consumers by unifying data from previous promotions, campaigns and website visits, along with rich permission-based social profile data. With these fan insights, DPSG is able to improve future campaigns and message targeting, provide a personalized experience on brand sites, and engage with fans in more meaningful ways.© 2012 Janrain Inc. | 888.563.3082 PG2
  3. 3. tm Winning Results In these efforts, DPSG is leveraging the Janrain User Management Platform to facilitate a seamless registration process for fans while gathering social profile data, and then storing that data in a hosted profile database to achieve the following results: • 93% of new fans affirmed DPSG’s decision to offer social login by choosing an existing identity to register at the Every Bottle Wins! page in order to redeem credits • DPSG developed a deeper understanding of their fan base by earning access to their interests and demographic data held within their social profiles DPSG has also implemented social login across their brand websites to allow new visitors to create an account, and welcome back returning visitors with a one-click login experience using a social identity to sign in. They have experienced that: • 77% of all new registrations leverage social login across all DPSG web properties • Use of social login across all brand sites has risen steadily over a four month period to 30% of overall logins, which includes a significant database of legacy fans that prefer this methodology© 2012 Janrain Inc. | 888.563.3082 PG3
  4. 4. tm DPSG set out to gain a deeper understanding profile data that fans have given them of their highly engaged base of brand permission to access. The industry leader is advocates. By deploying the Janrain User now armed with actionable user data to inform Management Platform, DPSG has converted their marketing efforts and provide meaningful, a high portion of their legacy fan database compelling campaign strategies to fans in to social login users, improved new user order to cultivate a growing, ardent following. registration rates and is storing rich social About Dr Pepper Snapple Group At DPS, it is our vision to be the best beverage business in the Americas. Our brands have been synonymous with refreshment, fun and flavor for generations, and our sales are poised to keep growing in the future. Our strategy reflects and builds upon our position as the leading flavored beverage business in the U.S.© 2012 Janrain Inc. | 888.563.3082 PG4