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Timothy Castner GCC 2018


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Presentation at the Massachusetts Green Careers Conference on October 4, 2018

Published in: Environment
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Timothy Castner GCC 2018

  1. 1. Rebuilding the School to Career Pipeline Timothy Castner Nashoba Regional High School
  2. 2. Planting Seeds of Possibility: Hoping for Future Harvests
  3. 3. Goals - Agenda ◉ A thought from Thomas Berry ◉ Wearing Many Hats ◉ Patience and Preparation ◉ Working with a Partner ◉ One Intern’s Story ◉ Education for Transformation and Social Justice ◉ Hopes and Obstacles
  4. 4. Thomas Berry Can we integrated scientific and religious ways of knowing and telling stories? “What we are concerned with is the shaping of the human world itself, establishing a civilizational discipline, molding a language that can carry our deeper interpretation of human experience, activating a communion with the divine,
  5. 5. Thomas Berry and providing an educational program in which succeeding generations can achieve an expanding life pattern along with an interpretative vision of reality. All of these creative functions need to be fulfilled while we are establishing an encompassing human community that can relate effectively with the living and nonliving systems of the planet.” Evening Thoughts 65-6
  6. 6. Wearing Many Hats
  7. 7. Patience and Timing A desire to connect Farm to School Grant (Failed) Beginning Farmer Grant (Failed) Beginning Farmer Grant II (Awarded)
  8. 8. Grant Components 4 Summer Student Interns 1 Grant Coordinators Curriculum Connections Summer academies for teachers Book Groups for Teachers Materials for Library and Pollinator Garden
  9. 9. World Farmers ◉ Founded in 2010 ◉ Supports and advocates for ethnically and agriculturally diverse farmers from farm to market ◉ Runs the Flats Mentor Farm Program ◉ Piloting an International Program to increase market access for both farmers and consumers
  10. 10. Flats Mentor Farm ◉ Since 1984 has supported over 190 Hmong families. ◉ Currently supports over 250 refugee farmers from Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean ◉ Provides technical assistance, hands-on experience, and mentoring on crop production, marketing, and building and developing independent sustainable farming enterprises ◉ Offers Cooperative Marketing and a Collective Land Space for co-learning and mentorship
  11. 11. Flats Mentor Farm located on 70 acre parcel of land adjacent to the Fish & Wildlife management reserve
  12. 12. Paul Theriault ◉ Video Production ◉ DECA PROJECT ◉ Office Support ◉ Marketing ◉ Farmer’s Market Evaluations
  13. 13. Developing Confidence ◉ DECA Project- on Promotion ◉ Nashoba Foods Class Demo ◉ Nashoba News ◉ Chieftain Press ◉ Documentary Video (Journalism) ◉ College and Beyond?
  14. 14. Hands on Experience At The Flats and Beyond
  15. 15. Refugees as Role Models ◉ Read excerpts from books and articles about refugee issues ◉ Developing relationships with farmers ◉ Stories of grit and resilience ◉ Farmers and staff provided Mentoring and inspiration for students.
  16. 16. Risks, Roadblocks and Rewards • Liability Insurance: Who Owns the Risks? • Dedicated Staffing: Who administers? • Incorporation into District and Building Goals and Vision • Culture that Promotes and Rewards Vision and Risk Taking • Developing and Nurturing Relationships and Connections
  17. 17. The End ◉ Questions ◉ Comments ◉ Suggestions