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Presentation at 6th Massachusetts Green Career Conference

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  1. 1. Tamika  Jacques   Director  of  Workforce  Development    
  2. 2. •  Accelerate  clean  energy  technologies,   companies  and  projects   •  Create  high-­‐quality  jobs  and  long-­‐term   economic  growth     •  Support  municipal  clean  energy  projects   •  Invest  in  residen@al  and  commercial  renewable   energy  installa@ons   •  Cul2vate  a  robust  marketplace  for  innova@on   Our  Mission  
  3. 3. Boston,  MassachuseCs   Wind  Turbine  Tes@ng  Facility  
  4. 4. •  Named  #1  in  energy  efficiency  in  the  United   States  by  the  American  Council  for  an  Energy   Efficient  Economy  for  the  3rd  year  in  a  row   •  Growth  rate  of  solar  by  175x  since  2007   •  Growth  rate  of  wind  by  30x  since  2007   MassachuseDs’  Leading  the  Clean   Energy  Charge  
  5. 5. •  11.8%  growth  since  2012   •  5,557  clean  energy  firms   •  79,994  clean  energy  jobs   •  Clean  energy  growth   outpacing  the  general   MassachuseCs  economy   by  10x   MassachuseDs’  Clean  Energy  Economy   is  Large  and  Growing  
  6. 6. •  More  land-­‐based  wind  installed  in  2012  than   all  other  years  combined   •  Crea@on  and  expansion  of  MassCEC,  the  first   U.S.  agency  to  combine  investments,  job   training  and  incen@ves   Leading  the  Clean  Energy  Charge  
  7. 7. •  Internship  for  MassachuseCs  college  students  at   MassachuseCs-­‐based  clean  energy  companies   – Placed  over  871  interns  at  more  than  225   companies  since  2011   – 54  students  have  gained  full  or  part-­‐2me   employment  at  host  companies     – Record  number  145  companies,  1000  interns   applied  in  Summer  2014   Workforce  Development  Programs  
  8. 8. How  Does  This  Work?   •  Outreach  –  Community  Colleges,  Four  Year   Ins2tu2ons  and  Graduate  Ins2tu2ons,  Clean   Energy  Employers   •  Marke2ng  –  Press  Release,  ADending  Career   Fairs,  Presenta2ons  made  by  MassCEC,   Internship  Events      
  9. 9. Summer  2014:  Companies  by  Region       Western:    BPVS  ,  Berkshire  Photovoltaic  Services,  Co-­‐op  Power,  Cozy  Home   Performance,  Diversified  Construc@on,  Homestead  Engineering  Inc.,  NESEA,   Northeast  Biodiesel  Company  LLC,  Sandri  Inc.,  Solu@a  Inc.,  Sungage  LLC,  The   Day  Cycle     Central:      Boston  Power,  CellTech  Power  LLC,  Conserva@on  Services  Group,  Moss  Hollow   Solar,  Second  Genera@on  Energy     Northeast:    Cooperstown  Environmental,  GanneC  Fleming  Inc.,  Groom  Energy  Solu@ons,   Johnson  Controls  Inc.,  Nexamp,  The  Bioengineering  Group  Inc.     Southeast:    Clean  Energy  Innova@ons,  New  Power  Labs  Inc.,  Northeast  Windpower  Corp.   (Aerostar,  Inc.)        
  10. 10. Summer  2014:  Companies  by  Region Boston/Greater  Boston:    24M  Technologies  Inc.,7AC  Technologies  Inc.,  Altaeros  Energies  Inc.,  Boreal   Renewable  Energy  Development,  Boston  Green  Building,  Cambrian  Innova@on,   Clean  Asset  Partners,  ConEdison  Solu@ons,    Digital  Lumens,  Distributed  Energy   Research  &  Solu@ons  Inc.,  EnerNOC  Inc.,  FastCAP  SYSTEMS  Corpora@on,  First   Wind,  FloDesign  Wind  Turbine  Corp,  Free  Flow  Power,  Ginkgo  BioWorks,  Green   Guild  of  MA  LLC,  Greener  U,  HeatSpring  LLC,  Heliotronics  Inc.,  Iblogix,  Konarka   Technologies,  kWhOURS  Inc.,  Lime  Energy  Co.,  Manifold  Products  (OutSmart   Power  Systems,  LLC),  MassEnergy,  Mavel  Americas,  Metal  Oxygen  Separa@on   Technologies  Inc.,  Paradigm  Partners,  Promethean  Power  Systems,  Qteros  Inc.,   Resolute  Marine  Energy  Inc,  Retroficiency  Inc.,  Satcon  Technology  Corp.,   SolSolu@ons,  SunEdison  LLC,  Sun  Drum  Solar,  Sustainability  Roundtable  Inc.,   Sustainable  Edge  (Beebe  Engineering  and  Management  Group  LLC  ),  Sustainable   Energy  Advantage  LLC,  Transforma@ons  Inc.,  Wagner  Solar  Inc.,  WindPole   Ventures,  XL  Hybrids,  Zapotech  Energy,    
  11. 11. •  Workforce  Capacity  –  Funding  for  clean  energy-­‐centered  science,   technology,  engineering  and  math  (STEM)  program  for  par@cipants   throughout  the  Commonwealth.  The  ini@a@ve  targets  MassachuseCs   voca@onal-­‐technical  high  schools,  colleges,  universi@es  and  community-­‐ based  non-­‐profit  groups  to  help  train  par@cipants  for  careers  in  clean   energy  .  The  program  aims  to  boost  the  number  of  high  school   graduates  pursuing  STEM  majors  in  college  and  include  curriculum  and   course  development,  professional  development,  internship  and   appren@ceship  programs,  hands-­‐on  instruc@on  training  and  dual   enrollment  programs,  in  which  high  school  students  are  able  to  take   college  courses.     Workforce  Development  Programs  
  12. 12. v Brockton  High  School   v Northeastern  University   v Greater  Lawrence  Voca@onal  High  School   Provided  an  opportunity  for  students  to  be  paid   while  learning  about  clean  energy.   Learn  and  Earn  2014  
  13. 13. •  The  Pathways  Out  of  Poverty  program  provides  grant  funding  for   job  training  programs  that  help  low-­‐  and  moderate-­‐income  earners   build  careers  in  the  clean  energy  sector  and  aCain  financial  self-­‐ sufficiency.   •  Pathways  Out  of  Poverty  provides  funding  for  green  collar  job   training  offered  by  clean  energy  companies,  community-­‐based   nonprofit  groups,  educa@onal  ins@tu@ons  and  labor  organiza@ons   throughout  MassachuseCs.   •  Programs  funded  under  this  ini@a@ve  are  those  that  provide  job   training,  cer@fica@on  of  relevant  educa@on  and  career  coaching  to   low-­‐  and  moderate-­‐income,  incumbent  un-­‐  or  under-­‐employed   workers,  out-­‐of-­‐school  youth,  veterans  and  individuals  from   families  with  mul@genera@onal  poverty.   Pathways  Out  of  Poverty  
  14. 14. •  Jewish  Voca2onal  Services  –  $250,000  –  Jewish  Voca@onal  Service  (JVS),  in  partnership  with  Ben  Franklin   Ins@tute  of  Technology  (BFIT)  and  Bunker  Hill  Community  College  (BHCC),  builds  new  pathways  from  JVS’   college  transi@on  program  for  adult  learners,  Bridges  to  College  &  Careers,  into  college-­‐credit  level  courses   in  clean  energy  and  science  technology  engineering  and  math  (STEM)  fields.   •  Berkshire  Community  College  –  $81,188  –  Berkshire  Community  College  (BCC)  offers  transi@onal   programming  to  connect  higher  educa@on  for  low-­‐income  disconnected  youth,  as  well  as  unemployed  and   dislocated  workers  with  the  Berkshire  County  employers  who  need  workers  skilled  in  clean  energy  and   green  technologies.   •  New  Bedford  Economic  Development  Council  –  $250,000  –  The  Bridge  to  Greener  Futures  project     provides  mo@vated,  low-­‐income,  disconnected  youth  with  academic,  occupa@onal  and  life  skills  that  lead   to  college  and  careers  in  clean  energy  with  an  emphasis  on  offshore  wind.  MassCEC  is  currently  overseeing   the  construc@on  of  the  na@on’s  first  marine  commerce  terminal  in  New  Bedford  equipped  to  serve  as  a   staging  area  for  offshore  wind  projects.   •  Co-­‐Op  Power  –  $181,045  –Trains  individuals  from  Gateway  Ci@es  and  Economic  Target  Areas  in  Hampden,   Hampshire,  Franklin  and  Greater  Boston  for  entry-­‐level  posi@ons  as  weatheriza@on  installers,  providing   the  workers  mentors  and  on-­‐the-­‐job  training  with  employers.   •  Worcester  Youth  Center  –  $112,000  –  STEMming  the  Opportunity  Gap  (SOG)  is  a  three-­‐phase  program   partnership  between  the  Worcester  Youth  Center  (WYC),  Quinsigamond  Community  College  (QCC)  and   the  Central  Mass  Workforce  Investment  Board  (CMWIIB).  The  program  engage  sout  of  school,   unemployed  or  underemployed  youth  ages  16  to  24  who  meet  low-­‐income  requirements,  introducing   them  to  clean  energy  concepts  and  pupng  them  on  the  path  towards  higher  educa@on  in  the  field.  
  15. 15. Tamika  Jacques   Director  of  Workforce  Development     hCp://     MassCEC  Clean  Energy  Group   @MassCEC