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Steven Bandarra, Jenny Isler, Liz Tomaszewski 2013 masccc


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Worcester State University
Clark University

Published in: Education, Technology
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Steven Bandarra, Jenny Isler, Liz Tomaszewski 2013 masccc

  1. 1. Sustainability  Success  Stories  Steven  Bandarra,  Worcester  State  University    Liz  Tomaszewski,  Worcester  Polytechnic  Ins=tute  Jenny  Isler,  Clark  University  2013  Sustainable  Campuses  Conference    DCU  Center,  Worcester,  MA                                                                                                            April  24,  2013  
  2. 2. Steven  Bandarra  Sustainability  Coordinator    
  3. 3. Two  LEED  Building  with  Two  More  Being  Built  Two  Solar  PV  Arrays  and  One  Co-­‐Gen  Unit  This  year  will  be  the  6th  Annual  Sustainability  Fair  2012  was  a  big  year  at  WSU:  -­‐  Garage  retrofiRed  with  all  LED  ligh=ng  -­‐  New  “Garden  for  All  Ages”  community  garden  -­‐  Published  our  first  ACUPCC  Climate  Ac=on  Plan  -­‐  Made  Biodiesel  with  Green  Chemistry  Club  -­‐  RecycleMania  Sustainability Success at WSU
  4. 4. Originally started in 2007, restarted in 2013.Composting Program•  Collaborative effort with WSU Office of Sustainability andChartwells•  Started in January of 2013 and scheduled to run Septemberto May•  Biodegradable bags used to keep toters relatively clean•  Currently diverting 2 tons of waste per month
  5. 5. Move Out Donation Drive•  Started last year with 3 student volunteers•  Diverted 17% of move out waste in first year•  Second year run by student Intern•  Now called Ditch the Dumpster•  Over 50 volunteers so far•  Yard sale first week in fall•  Goal is to purchase a Hydration Station
  6. 6. Sustainability at WPIAccomplishments•  Sustainability Plan in process•  4th Annual Campus Sustainability Report•  Sustainability in academics, research,projects•  LEED Construction•  Community engagement•  Recognized as one of Sierra Club’sCoolest Schools and Princeton Review’sGreenest Colleges      
  7. 7. WPI Project-Based Learning
  8. 8. WPI Project-based Learning    
  9. 9. Campus Sustainability Report    
  10. 10. Jenny IslerSustainability Coordinator
  11. 11. ►  GHG 12%►  2.0 MW Cogen►  $1.5M EE Investment►  70% ‘old is new’ JSC►  Awards: MassRecycle, EPA,DOT, Sierra, Princeton, etc.► Real Food► Green MBA
  12. 12. ORGANICS DIVERSIONWATER BOTTLEFILLING STATIONSREMOVING TRASHCANSWVO TO BIOFUEL$20,000/yrprojectswith impact18 apps in1st round7 projectsfunded
  13. 13. Jenny IslerSustainability CoordinatorThank you
  14. 14. Steven  Bandarra,  Worcester  State  University    Liz  Tomaszewski,  Worcester  Polytechnic  Institute    Jenny  Isler,  Clark  University>      Thank  You!