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Presentation at 2016 Massachusetts Sustainable Campuses and Communities Conference

Published in: Environment
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  1. 1. sarah g hastings ☀ tiny house (fair & 190 ft²) the efforts toward light living, legalized.
  2. 2. sarah g hastings ☀ 1)  Tiny house movement 2)  Tiny house regulation 3)  My tiny house in Hadley
  3. 3. /ˈtīnē/ /hous/☀ a home of 400 square feet or less, either on wheels or a more permanent foundation. sarah g hastings ☀ *different than RVs, mobile homes, and campers*
  4. 4. sarah g hastings ☀
  5. 5. now?WHY sarah g hastings ☀ B r i t a i n 1 8 5 0 A m e r i c a 1 9 1 5 A m e r i c a 1 9 4 0
  6. 6. now?WHY sarah g hastings ☀ punching clocks COLLEGE DEBT climate change mortgage insurance mental health minimum wage FREEDOM HAPPINESS senior citizens nursing homes roommates nutrition down time lack of community bills humility overconsumption
  7. 7. community environment wellness finances picture:BIG sarah g hastings ☀
  8. 8. I’ve been living tiny for 1 year: sarah g hastings ☀ •  Close community and friendship •  Independence •  Emersion into farming & agriculture •  Financial stability •  Personal growth (health, creativity, resourcefulness) •  Overwhelming opportunity to share ideas and network
  9. 9. Where do I… put it? A m e r i c a 1 9 4 0 sarah g hastings ☀
  10. 10. sarah g hastings ☀ ZONING is the way the governments control the physical development of land and the kinds of uses to which each individual property may be put. Hadley allows interior accessory apartments But does not currently allow detached apartments. Amherst allows detached accessory apartments by permit, but they must be between 350-800 square feet.
  11. 11. My bylaw proposal would allow a single family home to have either an interior accessory apartment or a detached accessory apartment up to 410 square feet. sarah g hastings ☀
  12. 12. sarah g hastings ☀ BUIDLING CODE Massachusetts adopted new building codes in January 2016. These codes allow for homes as small as ~200 square feet. International building code TINY HOUSES CAN BE TO BUIDING CODE!
  13. 13. sarah g hastings ☀ h-p:// Built on a trailer Parked with a foundation -gravel -concrete -straw bail -jacks Built with integrity T.H.O.W. (Tiny Houses on Wheels)
  14. 14. sarah g hastings ☀ SEWAGE? Title 5 (sanitary code) allows composting toilets. It’s true! Tiny houses can also tap into existing septic tanks. GREYWATER? Many tiny house residents do not want to attach to sewer or septic. Luckily, Title 5 has a permitting process for grey water gardens through the DEP. Many alternative sanitary systems have been approved for piloting through Mass DEP.
  15. 15. sarah g hastings ☀ Greywater Garden Example By Greywater Gorillas in Oakland, CA
  16. 16. sarah g hastings ☀ Homes like this could work here.
  17. 17. sarah g hastings ☀ Tiny Home Communities could work in the Urban Environment
  18. 18. sarah g hastings ☀ Rhizhome
  19. 19. sarah g hastings ☀ Rhizhome 2013 2016
  20. 20. sarah g hastings ☀
  21. 21. sarah g hastings ☀
  22. 22. sarah g hastings ☀
  23. 23. sarah g hastings ☀ Experienced carpenters, timber framers, and professionals Who I consulted in-person for construction: Expert tiny home builder, Abel Zimmerman in Olympia, Washington Tiny house residents in New Hampshire
  24. 24. •  building code •  health code •  zoning code •  code enforcement •  economics •  marketing •  grant writing •  banks and mortgages sarah g hastings ☀
  25. 25. sarah g hastings ☀ illegal
  26. 26. sarah g hastings ☀