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Presentation at 6th Massachusetts Green Career Conference

Published in: Career
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  1. 1.   COMMUNITY  GARDENING   “Victory  Gardens”      thriving  for  decades  and   the  demand  for  more   grows!  
  2. 2. Urban  Agriculture  
  3. 3. Urban  Agriculture   IniAaAves   •  1.  Increase  access  to  affordable  and   healthy  food,  par?cularly  for   underserved  communi?es.   •  2.  Promote  economic  opportunity  and   greater  self-­‐sufficiency  for  people  in   need,  including  increasing  the  capacity   of  Boston  residents  and  business  and   grow  and  distribute  local  and  healthy   food.   •  3.  Increase  educa?on  and  knowledge   around  healthy  ea?ng  and  food   produc?on,  par?cularly  among  youth.   •  4.  Increase  partnerships  with,  and/or   between,  local  and  regional  food   producers   •  5.  Increase  healthy  food  supplies  to  local   schools,  organiza?ons,  ins?tu?ons  and   corner  stores.  
  4. 4. MassachuseLs  Urban  Farming   Conference    
  5. 5. Mill  City   Grows  
  6. 6. Gardening  the  Community  
  7. 7. City  of  Sommerville    
  8. 8. Resources  and  Links: