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Presentation at 2016 Massachusetts Sustainable Campuses and Communities Conference

Published in: Environment
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  1. 1. @greenschoolsorg
  2. 2. Green Schools Impacts: (since 2007) •  Educated more than 6,000 schools through Environmental Educa?on •  Educated more than 500,000 Students na?onwide •  Developed and recognized 583 Green Student Leaders •  Contributed more than 14,060 hrs. of Environmental Service •  Reached more than 1.5 million individuals through Social Media
  3. 3. “Green Schools’ innova1ve programming will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve water quality, expand alterna1ve transporta1on, and help our kids become the next genera1on of environmental leaders” – US Secretary of State, John Kerry @greenschoolsorg
  4. 4. A Means To Use Exis?ng Resources to Achieve Current Na?onal Goals… Proud Sponsors of the US Ed-GRS Improves Economic Health & Stability •  Improves the school facili>es and create jobs. •  Conserves measures save schools money. •  Prepares us for the green economy. •  Strengthens the na>on's energy security. •  Conserves cri>cal natural resources. @greenschoolsorg
  5. 5. Is your school the next Green Ribbon School? @greenschoolsorg
  6. 6. EXPLAIN OUR SPACE IN MOVEMENT… Student today…White House to Act On Climate/ [COP 21] 21st Century Educa>on…Mindful of People & Planet •  hVps:// v=X2BjQiidZFI
  7. 7. We believe in the power of YOUTH VOICE and we work to provide a plaorm for developing the Next Genera?on of Environmental Leaders UN Speech: Earth Guardians hVps:// v=27gtZ1oV4kw (almost a million views) Xiuhtezcatl pronounced (Shu-tez-caht) has been speaking to crowds at conferences, schools and demonstra=ons from the Rio+20 United Na=ons Summit in Rio de Janeiro to addressing the General Assembly at the United Na=ons New York and Paris and will be at Green Schools Summit...May 26th & Green Difference Awards…May 27th .
  8. 8. Review postcard… •  Pathways •  Na?onal Green Schools Society @greenschoolsorg
  9. 9. Na?onal Green Schools Society [NGSS/NJGSS] NGSS is an Environmental Honor Society specially designed for students in Grades 2-12. NGSS honors and develops bright, civic-minded, environmentally literate ci>zens, in your schools & communi>es! Start a Chapter of NGSS Today! Na?onal Green Schools Society [Grades 9-12] Na?onal Green Schools Society - Junior [Grades 5-8] Na?onal Green Schools Society – Elementary [Grades 2-5] NGSS Handbook Includes: •Introduc=on •Point System •Officer Informa=on •Induc=on Ceremony •Student Awards •Special Projects •Fundraising ideas and more… •Honor Stoles can be ordered for Gradua=on. •Includes everything you need to start and run a student-led environmental organiza>on •Includes unlimited Student Members @greenschoolsorg
  10. 10. One Earth •  hVps://
  11. 11. The Green Difference Awards Since 2007, The Green Difference Awards have honored and empowered environmental excellence, innova?on, and stewardship led in schools, organiza?ons, and communi?es. Schools, administrators, students, clubs, organiza?ons, and outstanding environmental leaders of all ages and from across the na?on are recognized for their outstanding contribu?ons to the Green Schools movement. Since 2007, Green Schools, Inc. has inspired and recognized Best Prac?ces and Excellence throughout our na?on. This recogni?on program allows environmental leaders to not only be recognized for their efforts, but to share exemplar models and ini?a?ves in hopes of sparking The Green Difference in others. @greenschoolsorg
  12. 12. The Green Student Leadership Summit Each spring, Green Schools hosts its Annual Massachuseks Green Schools Summit. Now in its 8th year, the Massachuseks Green Schools Summit connects stakeholders from government, educa?on, business, community, nonprofit organiza?ons, and leaders of all ages interested in Green Schools & Communi?es. OBJECTIVES -Engage in cross-sector dialogues -Learn from thought leaders of all ages -Go back to your school and community armed with knowledge and resources to Green Your School WHO SHOULD ATTEND -Municipal and state government officials and staff -K-12 & Higher Educa>on staff and faculty -Students (suggested for Middle School aged students and above) -Businesses -Non-profit organiza>ons -Community Members -Parents -Everyone interested in the Greening Schools environmental transforma>on @greenschoolsorg
  13. 13. For more informa?on go to: Robin Organ-Execu?ve Director 508-272-9653 @greenschoolsorg