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Robin organ gcc 2016


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Presentation at 8th Massachusetts Green Careers Conference on September 29, 2016 by Robin Organ.

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Robin organ gcc 2016

  1. 1. Robin Organ Execu0ve Director
  2. 2. Linda Gancitano, Dri.wood Middle US DOE Green Ribbon School Elaine Fiore, Beachside Montessori Village School US DOE Green Ribbon School Broward County Public Schools IntenDon of this presentaDon is to Inspire
  3. 3. How Low Can You Go Challenge? Energy video
  4. 4. How Low Can Dri6wood Middle School Go? $0 $50,000 $100,000 $150,000 $200,000 $250,000 $300,000 $350,000 $400,000 $450,000 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 $ 97,662 saved over 7 years
  5. 5. Dri6wood Middle Energy Reduc<on Ini<a<ves •  DMS Chillers-Energy Team •  Energy Audits •  You’ve been Chilled! •  Track data •  Posters, morning and aOernoon announcements •  Chill the Polar Bear Mascot
  6. 6. 2013-2014 Pilot 2014-2015 2015-2016 Tri-County Broward, Dade, Palm County 1 Month 3 Months Nov.15-Feb 28 3 Months Nov.15-Feb,29 64 Schools Par0cipate 82 Schools Par0cipate 74 Broward,17 Palm Beach(92 Dade) -380,000 KWH Reduc0on -1,502,000 KWH Reduc0on -1,325,927 KWH Reduc0on (2,700,810 kWh Dade) $ 34,255 Cost Savings $ 143,587 Cost Savings $126,725 Cost Savings ($ 243,072 Cost Savings) 577,676 lbs. CO2 emissions reduced 2,283,275 lbs. CO2 emissions reduced 2,015,674 lbs. CO2 reduced (4,105,771 lbs. CO2 reduced)
  7. 7. Future Possibili<es: *Florida, Massachuse^s, Oregon, California *250+schools par0cipate in the HLCYG *Every NBA Team sponsors surrounding school districts in the HLCYG in reducing CO2 and raising awareness
  8. 8. Contests and Themes to Change Behavior •  How Low Can You Go? Energy Challenge •  Are You S.E.K.C? –Stopping Excessive Kilowa^ Consump0on •  H.E.R.O Bracelets- Helpful Energy Resource Officer •  Buy in from staff – Incen0ve Program •  Lists favorable behaviors •  Incen0ves •  Recogni0on •  Social Media •  Pledge •  PSA-morning announcements •  Environmental Tips •  Assemblies
  9. 9. •  h^p:// •  Facebook •  Twi^er:#HowLowChallenge
  10. 10. Palm Beach County Schools, charter and private schools will submit a snapshot of their November 2014 - February 2015 FP&L bills indicaDng monthly kWh usage to A photo of their November 2015 - February 2016 FP&L bill will be submied by March 1, 2016.
  11. 11. Linda Gancitano, Driftwood Middle School US DOE Green Ribbon School Elaine Fiore, Beachside Montessori Village School US DOE Green Ribbon School Broward County Public Schools
  12. 12. SUSTAINABILITY Mass. Voca0onal Technical School Ini0a0ves WHAT ARE WE DOING? •  NEVER ENOUGH! NEVER FAST ENOUGH! •  Blackstone Valley Tech, Upton-First Green School-Building Project/2015 Green School included solar, water conserva0on, effec0ve posi0oning of windows to make efficient use of natural light •  Solar-installa0on Training Installa0on training has been incorporated into electrical, plumbing and HVAC programs •  Drama0c reduc0on in the use of hazardous substances used in voca0onal training Most programs are now using water borne products i.e., inks, finishing, parts cleaning •  Drama0c increase in the proper disposal of hazardous substances used in voca0onal training Programs that generate hazardous waste such as waste automo0ve oil, frying oil must u0lize a properly licensed vendor to remove and properly dispose of the substances. •  First Energy Star rated House built by students Keefe Technical School, Framingham •  Green Building Construc0on of an on campus building to use as a trainer for instruc0on on the zero energy concept using alterna0ve energy and state of the art insula0on, materials and products.
  13. 13. SUSTAINABILITY Mass. Voca0onal Technical School Ini0a0ves •  Training programs follow the new Mass. Building Energy Code –  Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC-R, Plumbing •  Environmental Science and Engineering Programs –  Significant increase in the number of schools now offering these programs that concentrate on energy conserva0on and proper use of natural resources. Upper Cape Tech now has a new State of the Art wastewater treatment plant that is being used as the focus of their environmental science program. •  Significant Reduc0on in the use of energy –  Auto on/off ligh0ng, be^er insula0on, use of solar •  Significant Reduc0on in the use of Water Resources –  Lower gallon auto on/off plumbing fixtures •  Increase in Recycling Programs –  Resul0ng in significant reduc0on in genera0on of daily waste. •  Use of Alterna0ve Energy Sources –  Solar, Wind, Bio Fuel •  Please note: This is not meant to be a complete lis0ng of all ini0a0ves. This is meant to be a hi-light only.
  14. 14. #greenschoolsorg Green Schools Project Highlights... Amanda’s Water Refill StaDon Project Right now Amanda is working on her Career Pathways Project in Partnership with Green Schools. Amanda hopes to be able to replace a tradi0onal water bubbler with the Elkay refillable water sta0on to eliminate thousands of water bo^les used in her school. Senior, Aly Riley, Tackled Water Bole Recycling at Mansfield High School Aly was frustrated with the amount of water bo^les used in her school every day. She set out to make a difference and that’s exactly what she did! Thanks to Aly’s projects, new bins were installed, a club was formed, events occurred and policies were changed!!!
  15. 15. Meet Haley: Green Schools Ambassador & CommunicaDons Officer! QuesDon: How can I raise awareness about green schools and water? Goals: To help the world understand how important Green Schools is to helping our environment and keeping our water clean. Procedure: I created a slide show and posted it on my website. I told people at my school about the cause and the slide show. Timeline: I have been working on many different varie?es of projects since the new school year started. I will be working through the end of the school year and un?l next year. Outcomes: Because of my ac?ons, people have become more aware of green schools and their important causes. I learned that by taking liEle steps you can accomplish a big deal. I also learned that there is only so much water on this planet and we can’t waste it. By: Haley Organ, 5th Grade Student Ambassador SEE HALEY’s PROJECT PROPOSAL
  16. 16. Meet Carol: Green Schools Graduate- Received Full TuiDon Scholarship! "Outside of my family, nobody has ever supported me as much as you have. You have given me countless opportuniDes to branch out and collaborate with others. You have given me chances to speak in front of others on issues that I am truly passionate about. Thank you so much! But most of all, I have to say thank you for inspiring me the way you have." "I am not sure if you know this, but I received a full tuiDon scholarship to Bryn Mawr from the Posse FoundaDon. I received it because they recognized me as a leader in my school and community. They saw potenDal in me to be a leader on campus at college. One of the main reasons I was recognized as a leader was because of GreenSchools and you! You allowed me to become a leader as an Ambassador. You gave me the opportunity to teach about my peers about Mountain Top Coal Removal, an issue that I was deeply moved by." -Carol Bowe (Green Schools Graduate)
  17. 17. Meet Lexie: Former Green Schools Ambassador President, Graduate & Intern! "I had been interested in environmental issues for about four years prior to gemng involved with Green Schools and wanted to start an environmental club at my high school, so I thought that partnering with Green Schools would provide me with the resources that I needed to both further educate myself and educate others." "My favorite moment with Green Schools was definitely working on my senior project because it was a synthesis of all of my efforts throughout high school, as well as a jumping off point for where I wanted to go in the future. This project gave me the knowledge and confidence to become extremely acDve on campus in regards to sustainability and environmental issues as well as created high demand and accountability that prepared me for the independence of college life.“ –Lexie Raczka (Green Schools Graduate)