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Pallavi Mande GCC 2018


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Presentation at the Massachusetts Green Careers Conference on October 4, 2018

Published in: Environment
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Pallavi Mande GCC 2018

  1. 1. Charles River Watershed Association Building Blue Cities and Climate Resilient Communities Restoring our neighborhoods through re-engineering our watersheds Pallavi Kalia Mande Director of Blue Cities October 2018
  2. 2. • Overview and approach • Implementing Blue Cities • Demonstration projects, public education and advocacy • Career opportunities in environmental non profit(s) Watershed Planning, Design and Engineering
  3. 3. In Massachusetts, average annual runoff increases from 4.2” to 23” and groundwater recharge decreases from 21” to 6.3”. Impacts of Urbanization on Natural Water Cycle
  4. 4. Blue Cities goes beyond “green” building, embracing blue-green infrastructure design with the aim of restoring the natural water cycle in the built environment Blue Cities Initiative
  5. 5. Blue Cities Initiative …function like this! Try to make this…
  6. 6. Blue Cities Analysis and Design Process Existing Conditions Analysis and Data Compilation Neighborhood/ Subwatershed Assessment and Surveys Issues and Opportunities Analysis Concept Design and Visualization Recommendations for Green Infrastructure Retrofits
  7. 7. Blue Cities Projects • Environmentally Sensitive Urban Development – Blue Cities Guide- North Allston, Zakim North and LMA – Mystic River Collaborative Project – Blue Cities National • Sub-watershed / Neighborhood Scale – Franklin and Bellingham Sub-watershed Restoration Plans – Sub-watershed Plan for Broadway, Chelsea – Green Streets Guide for Allston Brighton, Boston • Site Scale Demonstration Projects – Peabody Square Greening, Dorchester – Everett Street Pilot Project, Allston – Waltham Watch Factory, Waltham – Chester Avenue and Crescent Ave, Chelsea – Porous Alley Retrofit, Boston – Edenfield Avenue Greening, Watertown
  8. 8. Neighborhood / Street Scale • Green Streets Guide for Allston Brighton, Boston MA Blue Cities Projects
  9. 9. Blue Cities Projects • Site Scale Demonstration Projects – Everett Street Pilot, Allston – Peabody Square, Dorchester – Waltham Watch Factory, Waltham – Mace Apartments, Chelsea – Porous Alley Retrofit , Boston – Edenfield Avenue, Watertown
  10. 10. Everett Street Pilot
  11. 11. Everett Street Pilot
  12. 12. Everett Street Pilot
  13. 13. Waltham Watch Factory
  14. 14. Crescent Ave / Mace Apartment Retrofit
  15. 15. Porous Alley Retrofit 15
  16. 16. Source: 1-90 Interchange DEIR Opportunity for Infrastructure Resiliency
  17. 17. The Existing Infrastructure Reality
  18. 18. Future Climate Change Scenarios for North Allston-Brighton
  19. 19. A Vision for Resilient Infrastructure and Place-making
  20. 20. Charles River Watershed Association For more information Visit us at Email: Career Opportunities