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Mayor Fuller MAS2019


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Presentation for 2019 Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference in Cambridge, MA

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Mayor Fuller MAS2019

  1. 1. Newton’s Sustainability:
 Newton Power Choice
Mayor Ruthanne Fuller City of Newton
  2. 2. u Population: 88,000 u Size: 18.3 sq miles u Medium Density Residential; Low Commercial and Institutional land use u 20% Open Space Newton, MA
  3. 3. Newton Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2013 Metric Tons Per Year
  4. 4. Greener Energy
 ➢Municipal aggregation ➢City of Newton purchases electricity for customers ➢More renewable power than the utility company ➢Fastest way to lower a municipality’s greenhouse gas ➢Customers can Opt-Up to 100%, Opt-Down or Opt-Out
  5. 5. u Lower cost: u60% Renewable $16/month u100% Renewable “standard” $13/month
  6. 6. Opt-Out Program by State Law
  7. 7. Need help?
  8. 8. Solar Over $650,000 saved in FY2018 alone, $5M over 20 years
  9. 9. Solar 29 Municipal Solar Locations Generates 21% - 42% of municipal energy use