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Mayor mazzarella2015masccc


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Presentation at the 2015 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference

Published in: Environment
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Mayor mazzarella2015masccc

  1. 1. City of Leominster Working toward Sustainability for more than 20 years
  2. 2. Key planning documents created a strong beginning l  1998 – Growth Management Plan – a plan for every part of Leominster l  1998 – Leominster was one of the first communities to complete an Open Space Plan
  3. 3. Preserved over 2000 acres of open space – almost every parcel around our watershed
  4. 4. 26 miles of trails
  5. 5. Rehabbing and building playgrounds Fournier Park Southeast Third Street – coming this year
  6. 6. Sholan Farms
  7. 7. Sholan Farms l  167 acres l  Family farm dated back to 1740. l  In 2000, the Possick Family proposed a 161 house subdivision. l  Purchased by City in 2001 under Agricultural Preservation Restriction - APR l  City/state funded partnership totaling $4.75 million
  8. 8. A Farm stand in full swing l  Strong grassroots organization/community buy in made all the difference l  Today the farm includes 60 acres of production including apples, trees, blueberries and pumpkins. l  36 varieties of apples l  Run by more than 300 volunteers and 1 ½ paid staff people. l  Fully operational stand with range of merchandise.
  9. 9. Sholan Apples l  When the apples are ready – they are ready! l  36 Varieties of apples currently at Sholan l  Farm runs a u-pick operation August- October l  Apples also sold at the farm stand
  10. 10. An event for every season l  Twilight hikes (trail system connects to Sholan) l  Snowshoeing l  Festivals l  U pick l  Weekend entertainment/hayrides l  School tours
  11. 11. So much to do at Sholan Hayrides Scarecrow Festival
  12. 12. Apple Blossom Festival Working to ready the community gardens (2.5 acres)
  13. 13. Sholan and the City – marketing beyond our borders to attract new residents, businesses and visitors