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  1. 1. Building Solar Power Systems Presented by: Matt Arner President of SolarFlair
  2. 2. About SolarFlair • Largest family owned solar installer in Massachusetts • Over 500 commercial and residential solar projects installed • Based in Ashland, MA • 40 employees SolarFlair Headquarters in Ashland, MA
  3. 3. Current Job openings at SolarFlair • Licensed Electrician • Electrical Apprentice • Project Manager • Design Engineer • Residential Sales • Commercial Sales Join the SolarFlair Team
  4. 4. Careers in the solar industry in Massachusetts • Not all solar companies are the same • Consider the size and ownership of the company and how this will impact your career opportunities SolarFlair at a solar open house
  5. 5. How can you stand out? • Entry-­‐level certification courses with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners • Clean Energy Internship program at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center • Free Online webinars and videos at
  6. 6. Contact Info: Matt Arner President SolarFlair 190 Pleasant Street Ashland, MA 508-293-4293 SolarFlair Rooftop Project at GE