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Matt Arner MAS 2018


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Presentation for 2018 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference in Plymouth, MA

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Matt Arner MAS 2018

  1. 1. Solarize Programs: Building Partnerships to Benefit Communities Matt Arner Founder and President
  2. 2. About SolarFlair: • The largest independently owned solar installer in New England • Based in Ashland, MA • The Leader in running Solarize Programs: Over 25 communities
  3. 3. Town & State Sponsored Solarize Programs run by SolarFlair
  4. 4. Our Mission at SolarFlair is to: ● Empower individuals to make a switch to clean energy for powering their home, business, or institution ● Reduce our dependence on carbon based fuels such as oil and coal ● Reduce the effects of global climate change ● Provide an opportunity for individuals that are passionate about these issues to make a tangible impact on the energy usage of the communities in which we live Over 1500 solar projects completed
  5. 5. Goals of Solarize Mass Lower prices; Increased adoption Competitive Pricing Reduce Marketing & Acquisition Costs Outreach and Education Simplified process Solarize Pricing is typically 20% lower than the market saving the homeowner $3000 for an average project
  6. 6. ● MassCEC/DOER ● Town and Installer RFPs ● Engage tech. consultants ● Marketing/Education ● System Rebates/SRECs ● Installer ● Free Site Assessments ● Tiered Pricing and Ownership Options ● Contracting ● Rebate Application ● Installation ● Home/Business Owners ● Sign up for a site assessment ● Talk to neighbors / business colleagues! ● Community ● Installer Selection ● Solar Coach ● Volunteers ● Outreach
  7. 7. Most towns have doubled the number of solar installations in their town with a Solarize program
  8. 8. Before Solarize…
  9. 9. After Solarize
  10. 10. Leadership Opportunity • Community groups are leading the grassroots shift toward clean energy and energy independence
  11. 11. 126 Self Storage Ashland, MA Leadership Opportunity • Local businesses support local programs
  12. 12. Matt Arner 508-293-4293