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Presentation at 6th Massachusetts Green Career Conference

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  1. 1. Department  of  Fish  and  Game  
  2. 2. Overview  of    DFG    Programs  &   Responsibili;es     •  Commissioner’s  Office    -­‐  Policy  guidance  and  coordina0on;  work  with  other  agencies,  the   legislature,  the  public;  administra0ve,  legal,  human  resources  and  fiscal  support.     •  Division  of  Ecological  Restora;on  (DER)  -­‐    Restore  and  protect  the  Commonwealth’s  rivers,   wetlands  and  watersheds  for  the  benefit  of  people  and  the  environment.   •  Division  of  Fisheries  and  Wildlife  (DFW)  -­‐  Conserva0on  and  management  of  MassachuseCs'     inland  fauna  and  flora,  including  stewardship  of  all  wild  amphibians,  rep0les,  birds,   mammals,  and  freshwater  fishes,  as  well  as  endangered,  threatened,  and  special  concern   species,  including  na0ve  wild  plants.       •  Division  of  Marine  Fisheries  (DMF)  -­‐  Development  and  promulga0on  of  the   Commonwealth’s  regula0ons  governing  commercial  and  recrea0onal  fishing  ac0vity   conducted  in  the  marine  environment.   •  Office  of  Fishing  and  Boa;ng  Access  (OFBA)  –  Provides  and  maintains  boat  and  canoe  access   sites  at  approximately  275  loca0ons  on  coastal  waters,  great  ponds,  and  rivers  throughout   the  state.        
  3. 3.   Examples  of  Restora0on  Projects       •  Over  1,000  acres  of  coastal   wetlands  restored   •  Over  200  miles  of  stream   con0nuity  restored   •  73  ac0ve  projects   •  Over  75  restora0on  projects   completed   •  Over  30  dam  removal  projects   in  design  and  permiRng   •  5  ac0ve  urban  river   revitaliza0on  projects   •  Assis0ng  on  largest  salt  marsh   restora0on  project  on  eastern   seaboard  (1,110  acres-­‐  Herring   River,  Wellfleet)  
  4. 4. Herring  River  Estuary  
  5. 5. Muddy  Creek  Restora0on,  Harwich  &   Chatham,  MA   Exis;ng  Condi;on   Proposed  Condi;on  
  6. 6. LAND  AND  HABITAT  PROTECTION  PROGRAM   •  DFG  and  DFW  jointly  administer  a  land  and  habitat  protec0on   program.    Tradi0onal,  yet  highly  effec0ve  tool  to  promote   biodiversity.     •  Protected  over  200,000  acres  of  open  space  chosen  for  ecological   value,  presence  of  state-­‐listed  species,  exemplary  natural   communi0es  and  recrea0onal  opportuni0es.   •  Example  -­‐  Acquisi0on  of  the  largest  conserva0on  restric0on  on   private  land  every  purchased  by  MA  (3,500  acres)  at  Brushy   Mountain  in  LevereC  and  Shutesbury.  Home  to  many  wildlife   species,  including  black  bear,  moose,  and  bobcat,  as  well  as  forest   birds  such  as  scarlet  tanagers  and  warblers.       •  Land  Stewardship  Ini0a0ve  –  Habitat  management,  boundaries,   signage,  baseline  monitoring.    
  7. 7. Paul  C.  Jones  Working  Forest   (Brushy  Mountain)  
  8. 8. Regulatory  Ac0ons  to  Protect  Fish  &  Wildlife   Recent  or  proposed  regulatory  ac0ons:     •   DMF  holds  public  hearings  to  set  marine  fisheries  seasons  and   quotas.       •  Marine  fisheries  regula0ons  and  management  is  ofen  complex  and   controversial,  and  necessitates  interstate  and  regional  approach.     •  DFW  works  with  DEP  to  develop  streamflow  criteria  under  the   Water  Management  Act.     •  Proposed  WMA  regula0ons  will  beCer  protect  aqua0c  life  from  low   flows  condi0ons.    
  9. 9. OPPORTUNITIES  FOR  CITIZEN  INVOLVEMENT  –  WILDLIFE     hCp://     •  Ci0zen  science  opportuni0es   –  Help  with  wild  turkey  surveys  from  June  1-­‐August  31st     –  Report  rare  wildlife,  plants  and  vernal  pool  observa0ons   •  Volunteer  educa0on  and  outdoors  skills  opportuni0es   –  Angler  Educa0on  Program   –  Hunter  Educa0on  Program   –  Linking  Landscapes  for  MA  Wildlife.  Report  wildlife   roadway  sigh0ngs  and  mortali0es.     hCp://    
  10. 10. OPPORTUNITIES  FOR  CITIZEN  INVOLVEMENT  -­‐  MARINE  FISHERIES   hCp://   •  DMF  works  with  volunteers  to  collect  biological  informa0on   and  fish  scale  samples  for  recrea0onal  finfish  like  striped  bass,   summer  flounder,  scup  and  black  seabass.    Used  in  age   studies  and  stock  assessments.    For  more  info  contact   •  DMF  works  with  watershed  groups  to  collect  info.  on  river   herring.    Volunteers  conduct  10  minute  visual  counts  of   passing  river  herring  during  spring  runs.    Data  is  processed   using  sofware  to  provide  es0mates  of  spawning  popula0on   size.    For  more  info  contact  
  11. 11. OPPORTUNITIES  FOR  CITIZEN  INVOLVEMENT  -­‐  RIVERS   hCp://   •  DER  works  with  local  watershed  groups  to  establish  flow   monitoring  sites  where  volunteers  are  trained  to  read  a  flow   gage  and  enter  weekly  readings  into  the  on-­‐line  database.   hCp://     •  Contact  your  local  watershed  associa0on  for  more  info.   hCp://­‐ assistance/watershed-­‐contacts.html      
  12. 12. PARTICIPATE  IN  THE  LEGAL  PROCESS   •  ACend  public  hearings  on  proposed  regula0ons.    Comment   during  the  public  comment  period!    We  appreciate  public   input.     •  Upcoming  hearings  and  open  public  comment  periods  are   found  on  our  website,  usually  on  the  homepage  of  the   applicable  division  or  program   •  hCp://    
  13. 13. COMMONWEALTH  EMPLOYMENT  OPPORTUNITIES  WEBSITE   h"ps://     Mary  Griffin,  MA  Dept.  of  Fish  and  Game