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  1. }  A multi-class, multi-racial movement for a sustainable and just energy future }  A consumer-owned member cooperative
  2. }  A regional network of local communities working to address energy priorities within each respective geographic area Franklin Cty Hampshire Cty Hampden Cty Worcester Boston Metro East
  3. }  Equitable and Just ◦ Economic Justice ◦ Environmental Justice ◦ Social Justice }  Sustainable ◦ Economic Sustainability ◦ Environmental Sustainability ◦ Social Sustainability
  4. 1.  Create community-owned green jobs and green businesses, especially in limited resource communities and communities of color 2.  Reduce our energy use by 80% 3.  Build community-owned renewable energy, district heating and co-gen resources that are available to everyone in a community
  5. Leveraged support from 472 member-owners in 6 Local Organizing Councils to: }  Support the start-up of 10 clean energy businesses }  Launch 3 Co-op Power Weatherization crews, 2 in Hatfield, one in Hyde Park }  Develop infrastructure for Northeast Biodiesel in Greenfield, scheduled to launch in fall 2014 }  Develop Community Shared Solar Program for fall 2014 launch
  6. }  Supported the purchase and installation of the Brattleboro Food Co-op’s 32 KWH Solar array }  Facilitated 85 Solar Hot Water system installations
  7. }  Facilitated 10 Sustainability Summits, quarterly leadership retreats, and other capacity building events
  8. Green Jobs Program participants share about their experiences at the 2014 Sustainability Summit
  9. Began in 2009 with Roots Up Training Program in Holyoke Ø Collaboration with Nuestras Raices, a community-based organization serving Holyoke’s Puerto Rican community Ø Two 6 month training cohorts over 2 years §  GED training §  Life skills management & professionalism §  Hands-on technical skills in Weatherization & Solar Hot Water
  10. Ø  ALL 28 participants graduated from the training program in 2 years Ø 7 graduates hired by Co-op Power and Energia, a Holyoke energy efficiency start- up launched by Co-op Power and Nuestras Raices Ø Total employment placement rate of 63%
  11. }  Continued focus on target populations of low-income young people and out-of-work adults, with particular interest in addressing the needs of people of color in these groups }  Shorter trainings, more geared to the development of specific job skills }  Non-cohort based model }  Industry-driven }  Job-centered }  Currently, Co-op Power serves as a liason between qualified jobseekers and employers, providing referrals and trainings as needed
  12. Over 25 Women White 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Age Gender Race
  13. }  In-person career planning session }  Resume review & editing support }  Professional interview practice }  Intro to Green Jobs & Energy Efficiency overview workshop }  Referrals to employers with job openings }  Troubleshooting issues with transportation, childcare, job search process
  14. }  Community-based organizations and educational institutions refer potential GJP candidates }  (Career Centers, Adult Education Programs, Community Colleges, other Job Training programs) }  Participating employers inform Co-op Power about job openings, request referrals, and inform training schedule according to fluctuating needs }  Co-op Power provides trainings directly with support of expert consultants or facilitates registration through other training institutions
  15. 10/8/14   17   RESIDENTIAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY Wx work improves the efficiency of the largest energy user. Insulation and air sealing are two important steps in this process. Source: Dept. of Energy
  16. }  Communication }  Safe work practices ◦  PPE, first aid, OSHA compliance ◦  Hand and power tool use ◦  Lead-safe, etc hazard conditions identification }  Air sealing ◦  Material selection and application, access and/or repair of installation sites ◦  Use of blower door to quantify, qualify air leakage }  Insulation ◦  Material properties and installation techniques –  Attics, walls, enclosed spaces ◦  Hazards associated with installation (ie knob and tube wiring, structural damage)
  17. Weatherization Career Pathway MassCAP 2010 adapted from Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2009 Weatherization Installer Weatherization Crew Chief Weatherization Auditor Weatherization Contractor Competencies/Skills Competencies/Skills Competencies/Skills Competencies/Skills • Read & write legibly • Basic verbal skills • Basic construction knowledge • Basic computer skills • HS diploma/GED preferred Training/experience in: • Air sealing • Duct sealing • Insulation • Basic-load measures (Training is often done on the job) All Installer skills plus training or experience in: • Project management (specific to crew of installers) • Training (including adult learning concepts) • Diagnostic Testing • Combustion Appliance Safety • Code Requirements • Inspection & Measurements All Crew Chief Skills (other than project management) plus training or experience in: • Measure Selection • Work Space Development • May be required to have Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certification All Auditor skills plus training or experience in: Business Management (maintain required licenses, insurance, employment practices, bidding, negotiations, etc.)
  18. }  Good Green Jobs Program trained more than 170 individuals over 5 years in diverse range of offerings including: ü Intro to Energy Efficiency & Green Jobs ü Intro to Weatherization ü Weatherization Installer ü Crew Chief Training ü BPI Building Analyst Prep ü OSHA10 ü Lead-Safe Renovation ü Conservation Code Overview ü High-Performance, Energy Efficient Green Heating Systems ü Solar Hot Water Installation ü Advanced Air Sealing
  19. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 #Participants Trained #OJT placements Q2completed 2+yearswork #raises GJP Outcomes GJP Outcomes
  20. }  Of the 99 POP participants, 78 (79%) completed On-The-Job (OJT) training with an employer }  Of the 99 POP participants, 59 of them (60%) completed at least 2 quarters of unsubsidized employment following OJT }  42% of GJP participants continue to work in Green Jobs obtained during Co-op Power Green Jobs Program }  27% of participants placed in OJTs received raises and/or promotions during this period
  21. }  MassSAVE program offers free energy assessments, zero-interest loans, and incentives to homeowners to do energy efficiency upgrades }  There are more than 100 small contractors working in the MassSAVE program }  Constant demand and frequent employee turnover necessitate ongoing energy efficiency training }  Incumbent workers need additional training and certification to take on higher levels of responsibility
  22. }  ARRA Pathways Out of Poverty 2009-2010 (Roots Up training Program) }  Montague Community Block Grant }  Community Fund of Western MA }  Mass Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) Pathways Out of Poverty 2011-2012 }  MassCEC Pathways Out of Poverty 2013-2014
  23. Presented by Laura Porter Good Green Jobs Coordinator 413-349-4973