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Karen schwalbe mas 2018


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Presentation for 2018 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference in Plymouth, MA

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Karen schwalbe mas 2018

  1. 1. Massachusetts Sustainable Campuses & Communities Conference Karen Schwalbe Executive Director Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership (SEMAP) Organic, Local, Sustainable Food
  2. 2. Our Mission To preserve and expand access to local food and sustainable farming in Southeastern Massachusetts through research and education.
  3. 3. Our Goals ● Be a responsive and trusted resource for local agriculture ● Continue to work with existing partners and develop new partnerships to bring more support and guidance to bear for our local farmers and growers ● Preserve and expand access to local food and sustainable farming in Southeastern Massachusetts
  4. 4. Why do we do it? ● Freshest and tastiest fruits & vegetables ● Support family farmers ● Protects the environment ● Promote humane treatment of animals ● Know where our food comes from ● Connect with our community
  6. 6. Twilight Events ● Workshops for farmers, gardeners, and those with a general interest ○ 2018 Events ÷ Strawberry Production ○ Spring Rain Farm
 Taunton ÷ Pastured Poultry ○ Copicut Farm ÷ Raising Alpacas ○ Golden Touch Farm ÷ Jang Seeders ○ Freedom Food Farm
  7. 7. Local Food Guide ● Local growers ● Farmers’ Markets ● Specialty Producers and Buyers ● Current issue available online ● Print issue will come out in the spring
  8. 8. Winter Networking Meeting ● Offers opportunities to connect with your fellow growers, new potential buyers, chefs, and eaters ● Allows attendees a chance to become familiar with SEMAP’s educational offerings and membership benefits ● Guest speakers present on a range of agricultural topics, helping to share best practices and innovation with our local farmers
  9. 9. Outreach ● Online presence (including social media & SEMAP Spotlights ● Farmers Markets ● SEMAP Potlucks ● Legislative Tours
  10. 10. Freight Farm – UMass Dartmouth
  11. 11. Ag & Food Conference ● In partnership with the Bristol County Conservation District ● Day long conference ● Workshops for farmers, gardeners, and the general public ● Includes a locally sourced lunch
  12. 12. Buy Local
  13. 13. Future Projects ● Developing a Southeastern New England FiberShed ● Resource guide ○ Create a small handheld book for farmers and growers with list of service providers for seed, fertilizer, equipment repairs, pesticides, etc ● Work with Farmers Markets to provide better access to low-income communities
  14. 14. Partners
  15. 15. Local Agriculture ● 1787 Farms in Bristol, Plymouth, and Norfolk counties Over 108,000 acres of farmland Bristol County 717 Farms Plymouth 825 Farms Norfolk 245 Farms
  16. 16. Agricultural Market Value ● The region’s agricultural market value is $157,222,000 ○ 59% is Fruit, Tree Nuts, Berries ○ 19% comes from nurseries, greenhouses, floriculture, and sod ○ 12% from livestock, poultry, and 
 aquaculture ○ 9% from vegetables, including 
 potatoes and melons
  17. 17. Direct Sales ● Direct market sales (sales from farmers' markets, farm stands, and CSAs) increased by 64% to $8,705,000 between 2007 and 2012 ● This only equates to about $5 per person per year on direct purchases of local foods If each household in the region spent just $10 a week on local food, this would result in almost $6.5 million per week spent on local food in the region.
  18. 18. Municipal Interests in Agriculture ● Preserving an historic vista ● Agriculture to protect open space ● Improve health outcomes of the community ● Preserve an historic working farm
  19. 19. Municipal & Local Resources • Local Agricultural Commissions • Local Land Trusts • Community Preservation Committees
  20. 20. State Resources ● Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources ○ Agricultural Preservation Restriction program ○ Questions on Animal Welfare ○ Questions on Pesticides ● Department of Conservation & Recreation ○ Conservation Restrictions for Agriculture ● Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs ○ LAND Grant program may now be used for agricultural as well as open space land purchases
  21. 21. Nonprofit Resources • Regional Buy Local Organizations • Massachusetts Association of Agricultural Commissions • Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation • Northeast Organic Farmers Association
  22. 22. Thank You!