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John Sannizzaro & John Kelly GCC 2016


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Presentation at 2016 Massachusetts Green Careers Conference by John Sannizzaro and John P Kelly from Upper Cape Tech Regional High School

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John Sannizzaro & John Kelly GCC 2016

  1. 1. Training the Future of Green Careers John Sannizzaro, John P. Kelly, Jill Taylor, Benjamin DeMoranville Upper Cape Technical Regional High School
  2. 2. Dirty Jobs=Green Careers
  3. 3. Environmental Shop •Amphidrome Wastewater System •Black Soldier Fly, Aquaponics, Vermiposting, OSHA, etc. Electrical Shop Overview •Electricity Conservation •Career Training •Construction - Solar Canopy •Job Placement
  4. 4. Amphidrome Wastewater System
  5. 5. What is an Amphidrome System?
  6. 6. Classroom and Laboratory
  7. 7. Technology
  8. 8. Science: Field Trips and Guest Lecturers •Chatham •Falmouth •Marion •Wareham
  9. 9. Wastewater Licensing •Grant to fund wastewater exam for students
  10. 10. Black Soldier Fly Student Driven-based on a freshman year field trip Science Fair and SKILLS USA (Gold at Nationals) Developed into real world collaboration with: Composting Industry, Clam Industry, Cranberry Industry, Brewery Industry
  11. 11. Tilapia Student driven Maintaining water quality and breeding Developed into collaboration with Bill Mebane-Haiti project Reflects back into Black Soldier Fly Project
  12. 12. Aquaponics and Vermiposting Student Driven Grow Produce for Canal Side Café Basil, Beans, Tomatoes, etc. Developed into a curriculum builder
  13. 13. OSHA
  14. 14. How does it benefit our students? •Responsibility •Teamwork •Flexibility •Time management •Full school day-5 day work week •Allows for failure •Solving real world problems-engagement •Networking •Result-Job Readiness in Green Careers
  15. 15. Electricity Conservation •LED Technology •Remote operation •Automatic functions
  16. 16. Career Training •Hands On •Terminology •Co-Op Placement •Skills USA
  17. 17. Construction on UCT Campus •Training Structure •Ground Mount System •680 KW Solar Canopy
  18. 18. Solar Canopy •680 Kilowatts •Save over $28,000 per year •No cost to our sending towns
  19. 19. Career Placement •Electricians Union •Electrical Contractors •Military Electricians •Electrical Engineers
  20. 20. Questions? John Sannizzaro John P. Kelly Jill Taylor Benjamin DeMoranville Upper Cape Technical Regional High School 508-759-7711