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Janice McPhillips MAS 2018


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Presentation for 2018 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference in Plymouth, MA

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Janice McPhillips MAS 2018

  1. 1. Sustainable Lifestyle Education Holly Hill Farm April 27, 2018 Janice McPhillips Farm Educator - Holly Hill Farm Cohasset, MA
  2. 2. Sustainability – defined: Word Origin and History for sustainability Expand n.1907, in reference to a legal objection, from sustainable + ity. General sense (in economics, agriculture, ecology) by 1972. Sustainability is defined as a requirement of our generation to manage the resource base such that the average quality of life th at we ensure ourselves can potentially be shared by all future generations. ... Development is sustainable if it involves a non- decreasing average quality of life. [Geir B. Asheim, "Sustainabili ty, "TheWorld Bank, 1994]
  3. 3. Teaching students about sustainable living: •Economic - water, fertilizers, seeds, labor, wages, fuel, electricity, and more •Physical – workforce •Environmental – fossil fuels, chemical fertilizers or pesticides, soil
  4. 4. Food is a great way to introduce these concepts because EVERYONE EATS!
  5. 5. How we teach about sustainable living at Holly Hill Farm • Buy local • Grow your own food • Use organic practices • “Grow” soil • Teach kids to cook • Save on trash by making compost • Switch from Styrofoam to compostable lunch trays and plates • Save seeds • Use seaweed for fertilizer • Catch rainwater to use in the garden • Teach respect for the Earth and interdependence
  6. 6. Buy local: • Shop at the farm • Grow & eat from the school garden • Teach about “Food Miles”
  7. 7. Grow your own at home: • Shop at the farm for plants • Workshops at the farm - seed sowing, seed saving, garlic growing, season extension, etc.
  8. 8. Grow & eat from a school garden:
  9. 9. Food Day – October 24th Harvest party at school from produce grown in the school garden: • Garlic bread • Kale chips • Roasted potatoes • Tomatillo salsa • Hummus • Roasted carrots
  10. 10. Use organic practices: • Improve health of the soil, plants, water, & ecosystem • Improve pollinator health • Adding compost improves plant yields & increases disease resistance
  11. 11. Grow soil: • Cover crops • Add compost – increases soil microbial life, increases soil water holding capacity • No till
  12. 12. Food for 7 billion people from soil!
  13. 13. Teach kids to cook!
  14. 14. Save on trash by making compost:
  15. 15. EPA data from 2014 • About 15% of MSW is compostable food • Over 20% of landfilled and waste to energy material is food waste
  16. 16. Fool-proof backyard compost recipe: 3 parts “brown” 1 part “greens” water soil microbes stir to aerate wait 2 months = BLACK GOLD!
  17. 17. Composting at schools and at the farm
  18. 18. Hingham High School “GreenWeek” 2013
  19. 19. Switch from Styrofoam to Compostables at lunch
  20. 20. 2nd grade lesson about Styrofoam
  21. 21. Save seeds:
  22. 22. Gather sustainable and free seaweed for fertilizer:
  23. 23. Catch rainwater:
  24. 24. Teach respect for the Earth and interdependence
  25. 25. I LEGEND A St. Anthony’s Well Path B Beech Tree Path BC Brook Connector C Cushing Pasture Trail D Jane Doane Field Path DA Davison Path F Forest Avenue Trail FF Finger Field Path G Gallop Path H Hunt Field Path I Ice Pond Path IL Ice Pond Ledge Path IM Ice Pond Meadow Path J Justin’s Trail Jc Justin’s Trail Connector LF Long Field Trail L Lambert’s Lane Ls Lady Slipper Path M Morgan’s Barn Path MA Marsh Path MP Mink Pond Path N Neely’s Path O Ox Pasture Trail P Peck’s Meadow Path PL Pratt Lot Trail PR Peter Rabbit Path R Ridge Trail RB Richardson Brook Path S Sawmill Field Path SO Second Ox Pasture Trail T Two Bridges Trail U Upper Pratt Lot Path W Wheelwright Park Path WO White Oak Path Trails & Paths of Holly Hill Farm and Cornelia & Richardson White Woods On the map the names of trails and paths are indicated by letters which are identified in the Legend. In the woods and fields, the names of trails and paths are indicated by letters on green-painted markers which are also keyed to the map’s Legend. DA H H H T T T T G G RB I SO MP U U PL FF PR U FF U L L L L L L DA A A W W F F C C C C B B J J W LF LF LF Ls N N C M M IL IL C D O O O P P PL D I I T M M IM IM WO C R R MA H SO H UBC P WO Jc IL H LS RB P S S PL Stonewalls Grey areas indicate non-farm property Yellow areas indicate privacy zones around farm residences Orange line indicates farm’s right of way through non-farm property FORESTAVENUE WHEELWRIGHT PARK Ice Pond Peck’s Meadow Finger Field #1 Ice Pond Meadow Saw- mill Field Upper Pratt Lot Long Field Private Property Private Property HOLLY HILL FARM BOWSTREETJERUSLEMROAD Middle Pratt Lot Jane Doane Field Finger Field #2 Ox Pasture Mink Pond White Oak FieldRed Tail Field Three Angle Piece I Peck’s Meadow Salt Marsh Comprised of the lands of the Charles, Donald & Frank White families RICHARDSON BRO O K RICHARDSON BROOK RICHARDSON BROOK HHF Trail Map color.pdf 1 9/26/11 2:19 PM Contact me: Janice McPhillips . . 781-383-6565. ComeVisit Us!