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Presentation at 6th Massachusetts Green Career Conference

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  1. 1. BRIDGING EDUCATION AND CAREER GAPS Massachusetts Green Career Conference October 1, 2014 Jim Jolicoeur Superintendent of Schools Leominster Public Schools
  2. 2. Objective MA Green Career Conference - October 1, 2014 2 Discuss how a public school district has developed innovative strategies to provide students with essential skills that create a pathway to green career opportunities.
  3. 3. Innovate Educate Create…the Future MA Green Career Conference - October 1, 2014
  4. 4.  Getting to know every student, identifying their interests, and making every student successful.  Trust  Collaboration  Innovation  Risk Taking  Work ethic  High quality work and decision-making  Accountability Leominster Public Schools Expectations MA Green Career Conference - October 1, 2014 4
  5. 5.  Innovation schools have provided Leominster with a unique educational delivery system to prepare students for career and college opportunities.  Two innovation schools have opened in Leominster: The Center for Technical Education innovation The Leominster Center for Excellence MA Green Career Conference - October 1, 2014 5 Innovation Schools
  6. 6.  Vocational/Technical School  Instructional infrastructure of the school is based on STEM - science/technology/engineering/math  Instruction prepares students with academics, technical skills, professional skills and links these competencies to business and industry MA Green Career Conference - October 1, 2014 6 The Center for Technical Education innovation (CTEi)
  7. 7. Sustainability Curriculum Initiative MA Green Career Conference - October 1, 2014 7 Creative Change Educational Solutions (CCES) is a national leader in Education for Sustainability (EfS). Based in southeast Michigan, CCES supports K20 leaders and institutions to make EfS the basis of policy and practice. Our approach to curriculum transformation and leadership development places food systems, revitalization, and other sustainability issues at the center of innovation and reform.
  8. 8. Sustainability MA Green Career Conference - October 1, 2014 8 This curriculum initiative moves students towards a better understanding of sustainability, which is simply defined by: Living well for all (species), now and into the future, within the means of the environment. This touches upon every facet of social, political and economic life and links to green careers.
  9. 9. The health of people, ecosystems, and communities Food and water systems Land use, transportation and urban design Energy generation and distribution Globalization and the economy Consumption, life cycles, and design Governance and political structures Arts, aesthetics, beauty, expression Intercultural collaboration MA Green Career Conference - October 1, 2014 9 Sustainability
  10. 10.  Innovation school for a unique population of students  Transitioning into a Big Picture Learning (BPL) school  Principles of BPL: self-directed student academic plans, advisories, internships, student portfolios and presentations MA Green Career Conference - October 1, 2014 10 The Leominster Center for Excellence (LCE)
  11. 11. School to Career Facilitation MA Green Career Conference - October 1, 2014 11 Student Employment Opportunities Community Engagement District School to Career Vocational Technical Coordination
  12. 12.  Providing a flexible educational infrastructure where students can identify interests  Providing learning opportunities for students to build academic, technical, and professional skills  Provide business partnerships that promote internship and co-op opportunities for students to “leave the classroom to learn” for real world experience MA Green Career Conference - October 1, 2014 12 Pathways to College and Green Careers
  13. 13. We would like to continue to expand our portfolio of business partnerships with non-profits, businesses, and other industry leaders to expand our ability to provide more pathways for students to green careers. MA Green Career Conference - October 1, 2014 13 Summary