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Presentation for 6th Massachusetts Green Career Conference

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  1. 1. For the Environment For People
  2. 2. About Us — Planet Aid is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that collects and recycles used clothes and shoes and supports international development projects, helping to save resources and lessen environmental impacts by reducing waste. Planet Aid supports community-based projects that improve health, increase income, aid vulnerable children, train teachers, and enhance the overall quality of life for people. — We started Planet Aid back in 1997 in the Boston area. The idea was to do something good for the planet and the poor. With only a few drop-off boxes and a rented storage unit, we started collecting clothes and shoes. It wasn't long before our small rented space began to overflow. Though we were growing fast, the aim remained the same: expand global environmental sustainability and mobilize resources to end poverty.
  3. 3. MISSION Planet Aid’s mission is to inform, mobilize, and inspire individuals and communities to work together to bring about worldwide environmental and social progress. Planet Aid recognizes that good stewardship is essential for the well-being of current and future generations. The projects we support thus aim to protect the environment, reduce waste, and increase the efficient use of vital resources. We work to strengthen and organize communities, reduce poverty and promote small enterprise development, support sustainable local food production, improve access to training and quality education, and increase health awareness and encourage healthy lifestyles, We embrace the principles of equality and self-determination. Disadvantaged populations are our priority, and we seek to empower them to create lasting positive change.
  4. 4. Planet Aid makes it more convenient to recycle and thus helps increase clothing and shoe recycling.
  5. 5. Job Opportunities — Account Representatives – B2B — Route Collection Drivers – CDL and non CDL
  6. 6. HQ - Office Planet Aid, Inc. 47 Sumner St Milford, MA. 01757 774-217-1647 Jackson Fernandes Market Manager Recycle Used Clothing for Development and Progress