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Grant Berman GCC 2015


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Presentation at Massachusetts Green Careers Conference 2015

Published in: Environment
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Grant Berman GCC 2015

  1. 1. Grant Berman
  2. 2. Who Am I?Who am I? Senior at Newton South High School Owner of Dirty Boys Composting
  3. 3. Agenda What is composting? What my company does How I got started
  4. 4. Composting: A Natural Process In Nature everything organic eventually breaks down into humus. Composting is when we control that process & quickly convert kitchen & yard waste into a nutrient-rich soil enhancer-- “compost.”
  5. 5. Why Should We Compost? Decreases trash hauling costs which lowers taxes Good for you! Improves quality & structure of soil which helps plants grow Saves $ on expensive soil fertilizer
  6. 6. Why Should We Compost? Organic material produces toxic byproducts that seep into our ground water & pollute our air. Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide & Flourinated Gases Greenhouse gases deplete ozone layer & contribute to climate change. Average household throws out 650 lbs of compostable materials every year. Most of these compostable materials are trucked to landfills or waste treatment facilities which costs $ and increases auto emissions In Landfills… Composting removes garbage from the waste stream Good for the environment!
  7. 7. Why Should We Compost? Good for future generations! Preserves the Earth Children learn how to take care of the environment
  8. 8. Decomposers do all the dirty work Physical Decomposers Earthworms, Beetles, Roundworms, Mites, Millipedes Composting is Easy Chemical Decomposers Bacteria, Mold & Fungi
  9. 9. Create Environment Where Decomposers Thrive Carbon + Nitrogen Fruit & veggie scraps Coffee grounds Grass clippings Garden plants Dry leaves Newspaper Straw Cardboard 3 1 Food Oxygen Water Volume 3’x 3’x 3’min
  10. 10. We help customers compost successfully! Deliver, install & set up compost bins Educate customers about composting Check up on compost bins & provide written feedback with observations & recommendations Offer maintenance plans
  11. 11. How I got started Came up with idea to capitalize on sustainability trend Got input from others Got educated Research Composting & Business Workshops Composting side – Green Decade/Newton, Expert Composters, Newton’s Recycling Coordinator Business side – SCORE, parents
  12. 12. How I got started Marketing • Village Fairs • Farmers Markets • Town Events • Library Workshop One connection led to another connection and another and word spread and our customer base grew!