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  1. Conservation Solutions Corporation Water & Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy Systems Energy & Water Efficiency & Renewable Energy Presentation by: Daniel Cook President
  2. Conservation Solutions Overview — Small Woman Owned Business: Opportunity to wear many hats and learn many skills at a fast pace. — Manufacturer’s Representative: Reliable Leading Edge Technologies — Detailed Energy & Water Efficiency Studies & Turn-Key Services: Work with Building Owners, Energy Service Companies (ESCos) and utilities to Develop Energy & Water Efficiency Projects by Performing Detailed Studies & Managing Turn-key Project. — Customers: Commercial & Industrial buildings, Hospitals, Government Buildings - Municipal, State & Federal (U. S. Capital Building, Smithsonian), Institutional buildings, Schools and Universities. — Core Competencies: Comprehensive energy studies including Water Efficiency, Steam Distribution Systems, Metering, Filtration, Water Treatment, Lighting, motors/pumps, insulation, solar water heating, small wind, Building Analytics (Commissioning). Work with utilities to obtain utility incentives. Conservation Solutions Corporation 2 Water Efficiency Division
  3. Conservation Solutions Products & Services — Chemical-Free Electronic & Low Dose Ozone Water Treatment Provide monthly service for over 100 customers. Eliminate Hazardous Chemicals, Save Energy & Water, Guaranteed Bacteria Control & Water Re-Use Projects. Applications – Cooling Towers, Chiller, Evaporative Condensers, Hot Water Heaters and Process Applications — Steam “System” Studies - Steam system upgrades including standard steam traps, “long-life” steam traps, insulation, control valves, steam “system” troubleshooting and turnkey installation. — Small Wind Turbine – Provide business development/sales for small wind energy company. Brimfield, MA 3 Conservation Solutions Corporation Water Efficiency Division ! SAVE$
  4. Conservation Solutions Products & Services — Water Efficiency Projects - Domestic Water Savings - converting 3.5 GPF toilets to 0.8 GPF, Aerators, Showerheads, Zero-Flush Urinals, Supplier of long life urinal cartridges and enzyme, Water re-use, Irrigation, Process Water Savings. — Analytics – Maintain building energy efficiency - retro-commissioning, commissioning & on-going commissioning using building automation system data. Applies advanced data and visualization techniques to the existing energy and process data at a facility in order to measure, monitor and verify the energy efficiency & system performance. — FlowCon – Pressure Independent Control Valves save 15%-20% on energy use, improve comfort in buildings by providing precise control. 4 ! Conservation Solutions Corporation Water Efficiency Division
  5. Conservation Solutions Products & Services — Del Ozone (laundries & pools) — Energy Sage (Energy Monitoring Technologies) — FlowCon (Automatic Balancing & Pressure Independent Control Valves) — FlowMark (water treatment) — Griswold Water Systems (filtration) — Hybrid H2O (zero flush urinals) — ISTEC (metering fluids) — Niagara & Toto (water efficiency) — SolarUS (solar water heating) — Urban Power (wind) — Velan, Tunstall & SteamLoc® (steam traps) 4 Conservation Solutions Corporation Water Efficiency Division
  6. Case Studies 5 Conservation Solutions Corporation Water Efficiency Division SteamLoc® Venturi Nozzle Steam Traps, Thermostatic Radiator Valves and Isolation Valves THE PROBLEMS Dan Willis, facilities Director for the Jamaica Plains VAMC said “VA staff were responding to as many as 25 “hot & cold” complaints a day with the old leaky mechanical steam traps causing back pressure. The VA also had high energy costs and the radiator controls needed repair. Jamaica Plains VAMC - 2009 Boston, MA THE SOLUTIONS Conservation Solutions Corporation completed a detailed study of the steam “system” including the steam traps throughout the Jamaica Plains VA Medical Center and recommended a long-term solution to the on-going steam trap problems the VAMC was experiencing. The SteamLoc® Venturi Nozzle Steam Traps in conjunction with some high performance mechanical steam traps were recommended. The Jamaica Plains VAMC decided to proceed with the project and Conservation Solutions Corporation worked with a Disabled Veterans Contractor to complete the installation of the steam traps. After the installation was completed all trap were tested and found to be performing. Steam venting from the condensate receivers was eliminated. Approximately 1,465 ISTEC thermostatic radiator valves were installed. Over 1,525 SteamLoc® Venturi Nozzle steam traps were replaced or retrofitted, including equipment with varying loads such as Heat Exchangers, Air Handlers, Radiators, Fin Tube Convectors and Domestic Hot Water Heaters. Some Velan bi-metallic steam traps were installed in applications where the SteamLoc® Venturi Nozzle steam traps did not apply. THE RESULTS 1. Significant energy savings 2. Reduced “hot & cold “ complaints from 25 per day to 25 for the year 3. Improved comfort for patients and staff 4. Improved ability of staff to respond to valve or trap issues by installing isolation valves 162 Great Road, Acton, Massachusetts 01720 Phone: 978.266.1900 Fax: 978.266.1976 e-mail: Water Treatment: Cooling Tower & Heat Exchanger THE PROBLEMS The Comfort Inn & Suites was struggling with calcium scale build-up and high water use. These problems were increasing operating costs and affecting profitability for the Inn. Comfort Inn & Suites Logan International Airport Revere, MA THE SOLUTIONS A FlowMark Chemical-Free Water Treatment System was installed on the 300 ton cooling tower and heat exchanger. This system eliminates hazardous chemical use for the cooling system at the Comfort Inn & Suites Logan International Airport. The biological counts are consistently less than 500 CFU/ml, corrosion is controlled and the water in the cooling tower is crystal clear. The Comfort Inn & Suites has invested in a “greener” water treatment technology with significant financial benefits: Increasing cycles of concentration resulting in significant water and sewer savings. Eliminating biofilm & calcite scale saves energy, and Hotel staff enjoy a cleaner & safer working environment since biological control in the cooling tower is guaranteed without hazardous chemicals. THE RESULTS 1. Eliminated Use & Cost of Hazardous Chemicals 2. Significantly Reduced make-up Water Requirements 3. Improved Working Environment for Staff by Eliminating the Need to Handle Chemicals 4. “Greener” Building 162 Great Road, Acton, Massachusetts 01720 Phone: 978.266.1900 Fax: 978.266.1976 e-mail: FlowCon Automatic Balancing & Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV) THE PROBLEMS Precise control of the cooling and heating systems is critical to operating a high tech manufacturing operation. Dynamic balancing of flow rates and at the same time having precise control is the objective. Boston Scientific Natick, MA THE SOLUTIONS 200 FlowCon Automatic Balancing Pressure Independent Control Valves were installed in the new headquarters building of Boston Scientific. Boston Scientific wanted precise control of their cooling and heating systems and turned to FlowCon to achieve their objective. FlowCon developed the Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) technology over 20 years ago and controls 65%-75% of the market for PIC valves worldwide. The FlowCon Dynamically balanced PIC valves provided the solution for Boston Scientific to obtain precise control over their heating and cooling systems and at the same time reduced energy costs. The flow rate of hot water and chilled water matches the flow specifications for each coil within 2% resulting in optimal energy efficiency and temperature control. If for some reason flow changes are required the FlowCon “Green” Cartridge has an external adjustment so the system does not have to be shut down to adjust flow. Boston Scientific is pleased with their decision in selecting FlowCon to provide a complete dynamically balanced system. THE RESULTS 1. Reduce Energy Costs 10% - 25% 2. Improved Operational Control 3. External Valve Adjustment while System is Operating 4. More Accurate Flow Control ±2% 5. Reduce Environmental Footprint = “Greener” Building 162 Great Road, Acton, Massachusetts 01720 Phone: 978.266.1900 Fax: 978.266.1976
  7. Recent Hire — Account Executive — Responsible for Educating Mechanical Engineers on New Technologies - FlowCon & FlowMark — Responsible for managing customers – Engineers, Contractors & End Users — Account management and tracking using Sales Force — Managing utility incentive paperwork — Assist with marketing materials 6 Conservation Solutions Corporation Water Efficiency Division
  8. Hiring Plans — Account Executives - Requires sales skills to develop market opportunities for selling CSC Services and Products to engineers, contractors, ESCos and end users. — Technician - Energy & Water Audits requires knowledge of energy and water using equipment in buildings. Application of specific technologies represented by Conservation Solutions and Project Management. 7 Conservation Solutions Corporation Water Efficiency Division
  9. 8 Thank You For Your Time! Conservation Solutions Corporation! ! ! Phone: (978) 266-1900! !! !!