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Craig mac donnell, gcc 2017


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Presentation at 9th Massachusetts Green Careers Conference on October 5, 2017

Published in: Environment
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Craig mac donnell, gcc 2017

  1. 1. For Love of Land and Wildlife Craig MacDonnell Chief of Wildlife Lands
  2. 2. The Big Picture of Conservation Job Hunting Craig MacDonnell Chief of Wildlife Lands
  3. 3. Sorting Out and Rambling: Various Thoughts on the Conservation Field Craig MacDonnell Chief of Wildlife Lands
  4. 4. Major and Minor Arcana of Conservation Jobs Craig MacDonnell Chief of Wildlife Lands
  5. 5. MAJOR ARCANA: All-Purpose Conservation Job Flow Analysis • Do you want to make lots of money? • If YES, pursue other fields. • If NO, continue to next question.
  6. 6. Flow, cont’d • Do you want a predictable 9 to 5 job? • If YES, pursue other fields. • If NO, continue.
  7. 7. Flow, cont’d • Do you want to go to heaven? • If NO, enter politics or go to law school. • If YES, continue!
  8. 8. Flow, cont’d • Do you believe in climate change? • If NO, go directly to hell. • If YES, continue!
  9. 9. Flow, finis. • Do you eat kale, wear hemp, carry a water bottle 24/7, wash your used plastic bags, drive a hybrid, or have a man-bun? • YES or NO, it doesn’t matter. • Get in line with everyone else! • In other words, conservation is for all of us.
  10. 10. MINOR ARCANA: What is your discipline? • Q: Are you trained in the sciences? • A: If so, pursue organizations where science drives most of the decisions. • Examples – MassWildlife – TNC – Manomet Center for Conservation Science – Union of Concerned Scientists
  11. 11. MINOR ARCANA: Discipline, cont’d • Q: Are you trained in economics, law or policy? • A: Think about where those fields predominate. • Some examples – Conservation Law Foundation – The Trust for Public Land – The Trustees of Reservations – Appalachian Mountain Club
  12. 12. MINOR ARCANA: Discipline, cont’d • More examples – Open Space Institute – MASSPIRG – Sierra Club – Environmental League of MA – Environment Massachusetts – Clean Water Action – Mass Climate Action Network
  13. 13. Passion – Opportunity - Persistence • In the conservation job field, these matter. • Passion is up to you. (Easy in this era.) • Opportunity: This field is still young. • Persistence is rewarded in such fields.
  14. 14. Passion – Opportunity - Persistence • With apologies to HAMILTON: – Are you “young, scrappy and hungry?” – Then say it: “I’m not givin’ away my shot!” – “How lucky we are to be alive right now!”
  15. 15. Practical Advice on Your “Shot” • Demonstrate credibility and experience – Skills: GPS, GIS, orienteering, map/compass, deed RSH, negotiation and mediation, public speaking, species ID – Volunteer (my story) • Outreach – Avoid the internet and social media – Meet other humans, regularly and shamelessly – Network multiple degrees of separation
  16. 16. Questions?