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Claudine Ellyin MAS2019


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Presentation for the Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference on March 29, 2019 in Cambridge, MA

Published in: Environment
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Claudine Ellyin MAS2019

  1. 1. MassArt Sustainability Claudine Ellyin Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) Sustainability/Environmental Health and Safety Officer
  2. 2. MassArt Waste Streams u Hazardous Waste u Non-Hazardous Waste u Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling u Single Stream Blue Bin Recycling u China Import Ban u u Composting Green Bin u Black Bin/Trash-Landfilling u Universal Waste and Electronic Waste Recycling u Aqueous Parts Washers (Painting) u Dorm Furniture and Textiles Recycling
  3. 3. National Sword: What Can We Do?
 u Educate Yourself u Don’t Wishcycle u Reduce! u Keep it Clean u Source: sword/
  4. 4. Pathway to Zero Waste u Reducing production of waste u Promoting more efficient use of materials u Increasing recycling of materials that have served their useful purpose u Reducing amount of waste requiring disposal u Reducing the toxicity of waste requiring disposal u Improving environmental performance of waste management facilities u Source: MASSACHUSETTS 2010-2020 SOLID WASTE MASTER PLAN
  5. 5. Campus Wide Sustainability Initiatives u Advanced Energy Efficiency Project u Potential for 25% reduction of GHGs u South Hall rooftop solar PV potential u Solar Hot Water Heater FS u Talks/Workshops/Projects u Climate Resilience Forum led by Faculty and Sustainability Fellow- Stephanie Cardone- April 1-4 u Climate Action Plan u COF Earth Day Events/MassArt ReStore u Global Single-Use Plastic Pollution u 5 120 volt outlets in parking garage u Bike racks and repair stations u Automated Logic Building Energy Management System u EnelX Demand Response
  6. 6. Sustainability Initiatives in Statewide and National Activities u Leading By Example Program u Executive Order 484 (Clean Energy and Efficient Buildings) u Executive Order 569 (Establishing an Integrated Climate Change Strategy) u Second Nature carbon accounting/GHGs/emissions reporting u LEED status for cafeteria, Design and Media Center, and Treehouse u MassDEP Rideshare Sustainable Commuting Survey and Reporting u MassDEP AQ Source Registration u Participation in annual conference PALS: Partnership in Academic Leadership in Sustainability