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Presentation at Massachusetts Sustainable Campuses and Communities Conference

Published in: Environment
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  1. 1. A Zero Waste Campus Is Possible! April 15th, 2016
  2. 2. When the Only Option is a Dumpster …Everything Looks Like Trash
  3. 3. T2T First 5 years 200 tons of waste diverted 2,000 electronics recycled Generated over $100,000 in revenue Saved UNH $12,000 Saved families $250,000 Donated over 6 tons of food and clothing to local shelters
  4. 4. “Waste” is Just Resources In the Wrong Place
  5. 5. A network of student leaders on campuses across the country working towards zero waste!
  6. 6. National Example: Portland State University Residential Clothing and Shoe Donating Sites
  7. 7. National Example: College of Charleston, Duke E-Waste Collection Sites Styrofoam Recycling
  8. 8. National Example: Indiana University & C of C Zero Waste Station Toolkit, ZW Event Kit
  9. 9. National Example: Portland State University Reuse Rooms
  10. 10. Campus Example: College of the Atlantic Compost Toilets Leftover Food Vending Machine
  11. 11. National Example: Clark University Student-Run Thrift Store
  12. 12. National Example: Ohio State University Zero Waste Football Stadium