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Barbara warren, coastal waters


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Presentation at Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference on March 17, 2017

Published in: Environment
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Barbara warren, coastal waters

  1. 1. One Coastal Community’s Solutions for Flooding and Water Quality Barbara Warren Salem Sound Coastwatch Executive Director MassBays National Estuary Regional Service Provider March 17, 2017 7th Massachusetts Sustainable Communities & Campuses Conference
  2. 2. Storm Surge Transportation Map Lots of Salem is threatened by flooding, storm surge and sea level rise. 1. Potential Site of a Living Shoreline 2. A Gray/Green South River Flooding Solution in the works 3. A Green Infrastructure Project completed last summer City of Salem’s Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment & Adaptation Plan 2014
  3. 3. SALEM LIVING SHORELINE PROJECT CZM Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience Grant COLLINS COVE LIVING SHORELINE DESIGN SALEM, MA PUBLIC MEETING February 16, 2017 Photo Credit- Salem Sound Coastwatch and LightHawk
  4. 4. Salem’s PROCESS Engineered design + permitting Implementation of Living Shoreline $$,$$$ $$$,$$$ Phase 2 Phase 1 Phase 3 1. Municipal Shoreline Survey 2. Identify up to 10 possible sites 3. Chose 3 sites 4. Develop 3 Conceptual Designs with a CZM Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience Grant
  5. 5. Matrix to Determine Site Priority
  6. 6. Selected Priority - Collins Cove Awarded 2nd Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Coastal Resilience Grant for design and permitting of Collins Cove Living Shoreline
  7. 7. Collins Cove – walking and bike path along the water 1. Municipally owned and actively used by Salem residents 2. Bike and walking path eroding from wave action and continually needing repair 3. Borders a row of houses and Webb Street – important road for SESD, Power Plant and residents 4. Filled tideland with lots of gravel deposited since 1800’s
  8. 8. Collins Cove – average tide
  9. 9. Collins Cove – After 11.8ft. King Tide 11/16/2016
  10. 10. Collins Cove – During hurricane Sandy 10/29/2012 some wave action but Nothing like Scituate……
  11. 11. SHORELINE CONDITION WITH ROCK SILL Existing Conditions – Collins Cove, Salem
  12. 12. Spartina patens (salt meadow cordgrass) and other salt marsh plants growing there now EXISTING VEGETATION Existing Conditions – Collins Cove, Salem Limonium nashii (sea lavender)
  13. 13. In this case, using bio-engineering with biodegradable materials and plantings to create a fringing salt marsh. Living shorelines can trap sediments and decrease erosion at low-moderate energy sites. Building a Living Shoreline
  14. 14. STA 8+00 (LOOKING NORTH) Existing Conditions – Collins Cove, Salem
  15. 15. Coir Logs Stabilize Marsh Plantings – Collins Cove, Salem
  16. 16. VIEW LOOKING WEST Summary - Existing Conditions Collins Cove, Salem
  17. 17. VIEW LOOKING WEST – Photo Rendering Creating a Living Shoreline with green infrastructure Potential to be a 20-foot wide Fringing Salt Marsh – 15 feet of marsh can absorb 50% of incoming wave energy
  18. 18. South River Flood Mitigation Project in Salem, MA South River Watershed makes up 2/3 of Salem’s land mass. Low lying areas flood now at extreme storms and high tides. Because of its lower elevation than most of the watershed, the Canal Street Area’s drainage is delayed.
  19. 19. January 31, 2006 Spring tide – 13 foot tide South River Meeting Salem Harbor
  20. 20. South River Goes Underground At Beverly Bank at New Derby and Lafayette Streets photo at mid tide
  21. 21. Canal Street - no place for the water to go Existing Flooding from the South River Drainage
  22. 22. Existing Infrastructure to Drain South River Canal Street Jefferson Street Salem State Univ.
  23. 23. South River Drainage Project April 9, 2007 Woodard & Curran Six major floods: October 19-22, 1996 June 13-14, 1998 March 22-23, 2001 March 31 - April 1, 2004 October 7-16, 2005 May 12-15, 2006 March 13-15, 2010 8.26 ~50yr March 29-31, 2010 6.49 ~10yr Salem State University affected. History of South River Flooding
  24. 24. RUNOFF Impervious surfaces do not absorb water - Finding Solutions for the South River Drainage but gray infrastructure technologies can be deployed to capture and detain the stormwater.
  25. 25. Parking Lots Can Become Flood Storage
  26. 26. Flood Storage Under SSU’s O’Keefe Parking Lot 4.0 million gallon subsurface storage on O’Keefe Parking Lot to be constructed in 2018 Pump station and force main to outfall at Salem Harbor through Forest River Park
  27. 27. To Forest River Park, Salem Harbor Bio-remediation 1. Plunge Pool 2. Grass Bioswale 3. Parking lot bioretention - rain garden 4. Relocation of Pond’s culvert outfall away from the Beach 5. Constructed wetlands 6. New basketball court & baseball field 1 5 4 2 3 6 City of Salem’s Canal Street Flood Control Project
  28. 28. Other “Green” Possibilities to Capture Water Where It Falls NOT THIS YES to THIS Water flows Water flows Water flows
  29. 29. More Ideas to Slow the Water and Soak Up the Rain Promote Low Impact Development Green Infrastructure with stormwater diversion. Plus stormwater is cleaned. Water flows
  30. 30. Improve Water Quality and Ascetics Commercial St. Salem had non-functioning raised planters between road, sideway and North River.
  31. 31. Built Rain Gardens – to Capture and Clean Rain Where It Falls Non-functioning raised planters removed and curb cuts made for water to flow into the depressed bioretention area with correct mix of gravel, sand and soil.
  32. 32. Maintain Rain Gardens – As with all living things, work in process Salem Sound Coastwatch invites volunteers to help us plant, weed, develop signage and keep the rain gardens clean for the North River and will do the same at Forest River Park and Collins Cove.
  33. 33. Barbara Warren Executive Director, Salem Sound Coastwatch MassBays Lower North Shore Regional Service Provider - 978-741-7900 – QUESTIONS