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Angela Vincent GCC 2016


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Presentation at 2016 Massachusetts Green Careers Conference by Angela Vincent

Published in: Environment
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Angela Vincent GCC 2016

  1. 1. Creating a Resilient Career Massachusetts Green Careers Conference September 29, 2016
  2. 2. Introduction – Who is this Girl?  Planner  Long-Range Planner  Environmental Planner  Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Dir.  Municipal Management Specialist  Senior Sustainability Manager  Senior Resiliency Planner  Economic Development Planner
  3. 3. My Responsibilities Over the Years  Watershed Management/Wetland Protection  Fairs, Workshops and Conferences  Collaborate with volunteers/elected officials  Site Plan Review  Draft Resolutions  Develop Hazard Mitigation Plans  Present at Conferences  Facilitate Committee meetings  Master Plans  Grant proposals
  4. 4. The Planner’s Skills  Feasibility studies  Coordinating/collaborating w/stakeholders  Event Planning  Scenario Planning  Public Speaking  Meeting Facilitation  Technical Report Writing  Fundraising
  5. 5. Translation: Resilient Skills  Vulnerability Assessments  GIS Analysis of infrastructure and neighborhoods  Adaptation/Resiliency Plans  Short, medium, long term climate scenarios  Public engagement and education  Working with key departments and officials  Zoning regulations  Grant writing
  6. 6. Best Practices from MA and Northeast  MV Region: 8 Towns and Great Marsh Sustainability Planning in Northampton and Lowell  Adaptation Planning in Albany, NY and Keene, NH
  7. 7. BPs: 8 Towns and Great Marsh  Formed in 1992  Comprised of appointed citizens  MVPC = technical support, grant writing, & workshops  Diverse stakeholders to protect coastal watershed of upper North Shore of MA Bay
  8. 8. BPs: Sustainability Planning in Northampton and Lowell  1st Sustainability Plans in MA/New England  Spearheaded by Planners  Numerous public events  Engaged diverse stakeholders  Climate change  Creative plan writing
  9. 9. BPs: Adaptation Planning in Albany, NY and Keene, NH  1st Adaptation Plans in New England  Used Master Plan approach to create  Networked with peers to determine best model/data  Wide-scale engagement with stakeholders  Presented results/methods widely
  10. 10. Sustainability/Resiliency Related Jobs City Planner II – Land Use (Portland, OR) JOB RESPONSIBILITIES Planners in the Bureau of Planning & Sustainability generally do long-range planning projects, conduct planning studies, draft new or revised codes, and work with various stakeholders on planning policy.
  11. 11. Sustainability/Resiliency Related Jobs Principle Planner (Mesquite, TX) EXPERIENCE Four years progressively responsible professional experience in professional municipal planning or equivalent professional experience in community sustainability or healthy community design, including one year of administrative or supervisory responsibility.
  12. 12. Sustainability/Resiliency Related Jobs Municipal Planning and Development Officer (Lewes, DE) Like many coastal communities, Lewes is facing challenges from development, demographic shifts, and climate change. The Municipal Planning and Development Officer will help Lewes preserve and enhance its social, economic, cultural, and natural resources in the face of these and other challenges.
  13. 13. Tips  Join listservs & LinkedIn Groups  Professional organizations – diversify  Certifications (AICP, CFM)  Attend events – local and regional  Make your existing work resilient
  14. 14. Tips  Look at what State agencies are funding. Know what LGs are eligible for!  Check out existing positions and job descriptions  Update your LinkedIn Profile with key words
  15. 15. Tips
  16. 16. Angela Vincent, AICP Economic Development Planner Merrimack Valley Planning Commission