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Presentation at 6th Massachusetts Green Career Conference

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  1. 1. Andrew  Chabot   Program  Manager  –  Workforce  Development    
  2. 2. •  Accelerate  clean  energy  technologies,   companies  and  projects   •  Create  high-­‐quality  jobs  and  long-­‐term   economic  growth   •  Support  municipal  clean  energy  projects   •  Invest  in  residen;al  and  commercial   renewable  energy  installa;ons   •  Cul2vate  a  robust  marketplace  for  innova;on   Our  Mission  
  3. 3. Boston,  MassachuseAs   Wind  Turbine  Tes;ng  Facility  
  4. 4. •   First  port  in  the  United  States  equipped  to  handle  the   deployment  of  offshore  wind  projects   New  Bedford  Marine  Commerce   Terminal  
  5. 5. Workforce  Development     On-­‐the-­‐Job   Training     (Internship   Program)   Workforce   Capacity   Building     Pathways   Out  of   Poverty       Energy   Efficiency   (Formally   MassGreen)  
  6. 6. •  Internship  for  MassachuseAs  college  students  at   MassachuseAs-­‐based  clean  energy  companies   – Placed  over  871  interns  at  more  than  224   companies  since  2011   – 54  students  have  gained  full  or  part-­‐2me   employment  at  host  companies     – Record  number  145  companies,  1000  interns   applied  in  Summer  2014   Clean  Energy  Internship  Program  
  7. 7.   “Summer  2014  Internship  Launch”      Offered  by  MassCEC  and  the  New  England  Clean  Energy  Council,   the  [internship]  program  focuses  on  enhancing  the  talent  pipeline   for  MassachuseRs  companies  engaged  in  the  clean  energy   industry.      During  this  session,  MassCEC  will  provide  MassachuseAs-­‐based   clean  energy  companies  with  s;pends  of  up  to  $12  per  hour  for  up   to  10  weeks  for  each  full-­‐;me  intern,  with  a  cap  of  $4,800  per   intern.     “There  are  80,000  people  working  in  the  MassachuseAs  clean   energy  sector,  and  the  internship  program  helps  train  the  next   genera;on  of  workers  who  will  con;nue  to  grow  this  already   booming  industry,”  says  MassCEC  CEO  Alicia  Barton.                          -­‐Solar  Industry  Mag,  March  28,  2014  
  8. 8. •  Students  and  Employers  send  in  their  materials   via   •  Employers  reach  out  to  students  in  the  database   directly  and  confirm  student  eligibility  with   MassCEC   •  Employers  submit  signed  offer  leAers  for  interns   and  receive  their  award  leAers  in  return   •  At  the  conclusion  of  the  session,  Employers   submit  their  reimbursement  package  to  MassCEC   Internship  Program  Logis2cs  
  9. 9. How  Does  This  Work?   •  Outreach  –  Community  Colleges,  Four  Year   Ins;tu;ons  and  Graduate  Ins;tu;ons,  Clean   Energy  Employers   •  Marke;ng  –  Press  Release,  AAending  Career   Fairs,  Presenta2ons  made  by  MassCEC,   Internship  Events      
  10. 10. Internship  Data   Total  Applicants   Accepted  Interns   Companies   Spring 2014 Summe r 2014 230   75   48   1000   209   127               Summer 2013 Fall 2013 914   184   110   240   69   43  
  11. 11. Top  Majors  of  Interns   Summer  2013   Engineering                    40%   Business                                25%   Natural  Sciences    17%   Summer  2013   Engineering                              36%   Business                                          27%   Natural  Sciences              15%   Summer  2014   Engineering                        36%   Business                              18.9%   Natural  Sciences        16%   Summer  2014   Engineering                          29.6%   Business                                      13.9%   Natural  Sciences          14.8%   Total  Applicants   Accepted  Interns  
  12. 12. Summer  2014  Companies  by  Subsector   39   37   17   6   5   5   4   3   3   2   2   2   1   1   0   5   10   15   20   25   30   35   40   45  
  13. 13. Summer  2014  Employees  per  Host   Company   80   36   6   5   <10  Employees   10  -­‐  50  Employees   50  -­‐  100  Employees   >100  Employees  
  14. 14. Summer  2014  Employers  by  Region   11   7   5   53   46   5  
  15. 15. Summer  2014  Employers  by  Region  Western:    BPVS  ,  Berkshire  Photovoltaic  Services,  Co-­‐op  Power,  Cozy  Home   Performance,  Diversified  Construc;on,  Homestead  Engineering  Inc.,   NESEA,  Northeast  Biodiesel  Company  LLC,  Sandri  Inc.,  Solu;a  Inc.,  Sungage   LLC,  The  Day  Cycle     Central:      Boston  Power,  CellTech  Power  LLC,  Conserva;on  Services  Group,  Moss   Hollow  Solar,  Second  Genera;on  Energy     Northeast:    Cooperstown  Environmental,  GanneA  Fleming  Inc.,  Groom  Energy   Solu;ons,  Johnson  Controls  Inc.,  Nexamp,  The  Bioengineering  Group  Inc.     Southeast:    Clean  Energy  Innova;ons,  New  Power  Labs  Inc.,  Northeast  Windpower   Corp.  (Aerostar,  Inc.)        
  16. 16. Summer  2014  Employers  by  Region Boston/Greater  Boston:    24M  Technologies  Inc.,7AC  Technologies  Inc.,  Altaeros  Energies  Inc.,  Boreal   Renewable  Energy  Development,  Boston  Green  Building,  Cambrian  Innova;on,   Clean  Asset  Partners,  ConEdison  Solu;ons,    Digital  Lumens,  Distributed  Energy   Research  &  Solu;ons  Inc.,  EnerNOC  Inc.,  FastCAP  SYSTEMS  Corpora;on,  First   Wind,  FloDesign  Wind  Turbine  Corp,  Free  Flow  Power,  Ginkgo  BioWorks,  Green   Guild  of  MA  LLC,  Greener  U,  HeatSpring  LLC,  Heliotronics  Inc.,  Iblogix,  Konarka   Technologies,  kWhOURS  Inc.,  Lime  Energy  Co.,  Manifold  Products  (OutSmart   Power  Systems,  LLC),  MassEnergy,  Mavel  Americas,  Metal  Oxygen  Separa;on   Technologies  Inc.,  Paradigm  Partners,  Promethean  Power  Systems,  Qteros  Inc.,   Resolute  Marine  Energy  Inc,  Retroficiency  Inc.,  Satcon  Technology  Corp.,   SolSolu;ons,  SunEdison  LLC,  Sun  Drum  Solar,  Sustainability  Roundtable  Inc.,   Sustainable  Edge  (Beebe  Engineering  and  Management  Group  LLC  ),  Sustainable   Energy  Advantage  LLC,  Transforma;ons  Inc.,  Wagner  Solar  Inc.,  WindPole   Ventures,  XL  Hybrids,  Zapotech  Energy  
  17. 17. 97%  of  employers  felt  their  interns  met  the  job  requirements   and  tasks,  stated  in  their  job  descrip;ons.       9  host  companies  have  reported  hiring  their  intern(s).   84%  of  employers  said  they  would  consider  hiring  their  interns   if  a  posi;on  was  open.   95%  of  employers  said  their  interns  received  training  and/or   mentoring  ,  focused  on  a  specific  area.   “Our  intern  is  a  high  caliber  worker.  He  was  very  proficient   and  we  are  offering  him  a  full  ;me  posi;on.”   “Both  Interns  exceeded  their  expecta;ons.  They  delivered   on  ;me,  the  correct  informa;on,  in  great  style.  Could  not  be   more  pleased  with  their  professionalism.”   “The  MA  Clean  Energy  Internship   Program  has  helped  our  company   significantly.  It  is  been  a  great   resource  that  has  enabled  us  to  work   with  and  mentor  some  of  the  best   and  brightest  students  in  MA.  These   dedicated  students  have  been   valuable  addi;ons  to  our  company   during  the  internship  program.”   “   “The  internship  program  has  provided  us  with  assistance   and  resources  we  would  not  otherwise  be  able  to  take   advantage  of.”  
  18. 18. QUESTIONS?   Andrew  Chabot  -­‐  Program  Manager,  Workforce   Development        MassCEC  Clean  Energy  Group   @MassCEC   MassCEC