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Andrew Chabot GCC 2016


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Presentation at 2016 Massachusetts Green Careers Conference by Andrew Chabot

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Andrew Chabot GCC 2016

  1. 1. Andrew Chabot Program Manager - Workforce Development MassCEC Clean Energy Group @MassCEC
  2. 2. Workforce Development On-the-Job Training (Internship Program) Pathways Out of Poverty Workforce Capacity Building Job/Resume Board College Symposium
  3. 3. Successes to Date •  NaNonally recognized award-winning program (IREC/CESA) •  Placed over 1,925 interns at more than 315 companies since 2011 •  275+ students have gained full or part- Nme employment at host companies •  Record number 218 companies, 1376 students applied for Summer 2016 session •  Overwhelming parGcipant saGsfacGon with the program to-date Clean Energy Internship Program Paid internship opportuni/es for college students at Massachuse5s-based clean energy companies Program LogisGcs •  3 sessions offered per year. Spring 2017 session runs from Jan. 1st – May 15th. •  Companies may take up to 3 interns per session (one from a community college) •  Students work at a host company for up to 12 weeks •  Students and Employers apply via •  Employers find and reach out to students in our database directly •  Employers seek reimbursement from MassCEC at the conclusion of the session. $2,800/intern (spring/fall) $5,600/intern (summer)
  4. 4. 96% of employers felt their intern(s) met the job requirements and tasks stated in their job descripGons. 95% of employers would consider hiring their intern(s) aXer compleGon of the internship program. 98% of employers were saGsfied with MassCEC internship program. “The MA Clean Energy Internship Program helped us by allowing us to find a great intern who is now coming on as a full Gme hire.” “Interns have shown themselves capable and help manage some important tasks that would otherwise have to be performed by the company's full Gme employees” “The MA Clean Energy Internship Program is extraordinary -- it would be far more difficult to idenGfy and enlist talent without it. I can see the fruits of the program around me here where I sit at Greentown Labs, where I can see interns gaining experience at mulGple companies and in some cases entering full-Gme roles at them.” “We have been able to get some solid work accomplished with the help of interns. This is very helpful as we are a small organizaGon and having people excited to learn new things and work on projects has been a great benefit.”
  5. 5. ParNcipaNng Clean Energy Internship Host Employers
  6. 6. 61% 31% 5% 3% 1 to 9 10 to 49 50 to 99 100+ FY16 Internship Host Employers by Number of Employees •  Most employers are small •  Most are in the Boston or Worcester area •  Most have their interns work on high priority tasks •  Wide variety of job types represented
  7. 7. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 Carbon Trading Demand Response Geothermal AlternaNve TransportaNon Biomass Biofuel Fuel Cell Hydro ConservaNon Water Smart Grid Other Green Building Wind Services/Support Energy Efficiency Solar FY16 Internship Host Employers by Sector
  8. 8. Intern Applicants and ParNcipants What You Need To Know:
  9. 9. 1357 165 641 106 524 76 810 150 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 Applicants ParNcipants Engineering Business Natural Science Other FY16 Internship Applicants (n=3332) vs. ParNcipants (n=497) - Intern Majors
  10. 10. FY16 Internship ParNcipants (n=497) - Undergraduate vs. Graduate 42 43 68 153 0 100 200 300 400 500 Fall 2015 Spring 2016 Summer 2016 FY16 Total Undergraduate Graduate
  11. 11. 86 77 171 334 24 33 77 134 7 4 18 29 0 100 200 300 400 500 Fall 2015 Spring 2016 Summer 2016 FY16 Total Private Public Community College FY16 Internship ParNcipants (n=497) - Academic Background
  12. 12. Employer Internship Search Tool •  Get specific •  Only currently available students shown •  Database refreshed every session •  Search recent graduates and use for permanent hires
  13. 13. I’m not interested in hosNng an intern. I really need someone full-Nme, and I need them right now.
  14. 14. Jobs Board and Resume Board •  100% free •  Most viewed page on our website •  AutomaNc deleNon of posts aier 60 days if not refreshed •  Unlimited posNng
  15. 15. •  Very high numbers of individuals with Bachelors and Masters degrees •  Recent graduates, career changers •  Growing pool of very experienced individuals relocaNng from out of state •  No sector preferences – will work on any technology •  AdministraNve, Analyst, Business, and Engineering roles most sought •  93% (n=175) are able to work full- Nme •  90% (n=168) are able to work in the Boston area •  38% (n=71) are able to work in the Worcester area Resume Board Candidates (n=188) – 9/28/16 Demographic Data 51% 40% 3% 4% 2% Highest Degree Obtained Bachelors Postgraduate Associates CerNficate Not Specified
  16. 16. Learn and Earn •  Work-Preparedness Curriculum •  Academic and Career Alignment •  CompensaNon (Summer and Year Round) •  LocaNon (High School and Field Trips) •  Excellent way for employers to recruit for those looking for work post-graduaNon Prepares high school students for clean energy careers and higher educa/on
  17. 17. Clean Energy Symposium 2016 •  Over 175 students expected to be in anendance from a wide variety of universiNes •  Clean energy intern/career fair to commence in the aiernoon – find your interns! •  Panel discussion topics: Water InnovaNon, Solar (Photovoltaics) and Energy Storage •  2016 symposium agenda currently being finalized Clean energy panel discussions and student networking held at Boston University – December 2nd
  18. 18. Successful Women in Clean Energy (SWICE) •  Curriculum addresses work ethics, work habits, team building, self-esteem, communicaNon skills with gender focus, conflict resoluNon interviewing, strategies for surviving in a male dominated sector, proper work aqre and responsibiliNes of an employee. •  College preparedness curriculum addresses pathways to move through the clean energy pipeline and financial literacy curriculum addresses budgeNng and soluNons for achieving economic sustainability. •  Assessment tools are used in workforce programs for selecNng candidates that meet program criteria and elements (e.g., ACT – WorkKeys). •  Recruit a candidate to work for you for up to 6 months and be reimbursed by MassCEC up to $17/hr. Work-preparedness curriculum that addresses skills needed to gain entry-level employment in the clean energy industry
  19. 19. Andrew Chabot Program Manager - Workforce Development MassCEC Clean Energy Group @MassCEC