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Adam Chapdelaine GCC 2018


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Presentation at the Massachusetts Green Careers Conference on October 4, 2018

Published in: Environment
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Adam Chapdelaine GCC 2018

  1. 1. Municipal Careers – Sustainability in Local Government Adam Chapdelaine Town Manager Arlington, MA
  2. 2. Overview  Types of Projects Happening in Local Government  Positions/Careers That Make These Projects Happen  Other Public Stakeholders  Private Stakeholders
  3. 3. Types of Projects  Energy Efficiency  LED Streetlight Conversion  Efficient HVAC  Weatherization
  4. 4. Types of Projects  Building Renovation & Construction  Accountability Via Third Party Verification  Energy, Water, Transit, Building Materials
  5. 5. Types of Projects  Waste Diversion  Recycling Programs  Composting Programs  Community Collection Days
  6. 6. Types of Projects  Renewable Energy  Roof Mounted Solar PV  Parking Lot Canopy Solar PV  Ground Mounted Solar PV (Often on Landfill)
  7. 7. Types of Projects  Protection and Preservation of Natural Resources  Resiliency  Improving Open Space  Stormwater/Runoff Improvements
  8. 8. Types of Projects  Transportation Projects  Bike Infrastructure  Transit Priority Projects  Pedestrian Infrastructure
  9. 9. Types of Projects  Community Choice Aggegation  Green Energy for Residents  Cost Stability for Residents
  10. 10. Positions/Careers – Energy Manager  Responsible professional work managing energy consumption & related projects for the Town.  Bachelors degree from accredited college or university.  3 years of related professional experience, including monitoring energy management systems and energy consumption and managing construction projects.
  11. 11. Positions/Careers – Recycling Coordinator  Assists in the development, implementation, coordination and evaluation of various recycling programs focusing on curbside collection for businesses, municipal buildings, schools, and residences. Promotes program participation through the development and implementation of education materials and outreach campaigns focused on increasing commercial, residential and municipal recycling rates. Collects and analyzes data relating to recycling and solid waste percentages for the municipality and state agencies with the major goal being to increase the total municipal recycling percentage.
  12. 12. Positions/Careers – Recycling Coordinator Cont’d  Associates degree with five years of experience in a municipal solid waste or recycling field and; customer service experience; experience in applying for state grants and coordinate municipal, state and federally funded programs.
  13. 13. Positions/Careers – Environmental Planner  The Planner performs technical and administrative support functions for the Conservation Commission, and environmental planning functions for the Town. Assists with coordination of a range of sustainability and environmental efforts in town and assists the Conservation Commission in its administration and enforcement of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, the Arlington Bylaw for Wetlands Protection and management of property under Conservation Commission management or control. Outside of special projects or tasks, duties of the position will be evenly split between Conservation Commission-related tasks and environmental planning activities
  14. 14. Position Careers – Environmental Planner Cont’d  Bachelor’s degree in environmental science, urban or community planning, public administration or related field is required or minimum three years administering Massachusetts Wetlands Protection laws and regulations; or any equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience in neighborhood-based or community planning. GIS experience highly desired. MACC and/or AICP certification preferable. Possession of a valid Massachusetts motor vehicle operator’s license.
  15. 15. Positions/Careers – Transportation Planner  Professional, administrative, and technical work in the development and implementation of neighborhood-based and town-wide transportation plans. Develops and advances a number of short- and long-range transportation initiatives and goals, including decreasing congestion, mitigating neighborhood traffic related concerns and enhancing multi-modal mobility options in Arlington. Serves as staff to the Transportation Advisory Committee and coordinates with other Departments, Boards and Commissions on larger Town transportation projects. All other related work, as required.
  16. 16. Positions/Careers – Transportation Planner Cont’d  A Bachelor’s degree in Transportation and/or Urban Planning, Engineering, Public Administration, or a closely related field, and the knowledge typically gained through a Master’s program or professional degree program in a relevant field, and five+ years of transportation and/or public management experience in a municipal environment is strongly preferred.
  17. 17. Positions/Careers – Town Engineer  Professional engineering and management work relating to the design and construction of municipal infrastructure projects and management of capital program; all other related work, as required.
  18. 18. Positions/Careers – Town Engineer Cont’d  Bachelor of Science Degree in civil engineering; five years of full-time civil engineering, design, construction and supervisory experience on a variety of engineering projects; supervisory experience desirable; or an equivalent combination of advanced education and experience.
  19. 19. Other Public Stakeholders  Residents  Board Committee’s and Commissions  Conservation Commission  Planning Board  Sustainability Committee  Bike Advisory Committee  Open Space Committee
  20. 20. Private Stakeholders  Mystic River Watershed Association  Private Waste Haulers  State Agencies/Regulators  Private Contractors
  21. 21. Questions?